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Example sentences for thoughtfully

Two sets of windows add balanced daylight, and thoughtfully placed downlights accent the room at night.
Cozy furnishings and thoughtfully selected accessories make an outdoor space as inviting as an indoor room.
Thank you for a thoughtfully reasoned and carefully stated presentation.
They should be positions that one can thoughtfully support with evidence appropriate to the subject matter.
It is thoughtfully organized and exhibits a respectable balance between data and interpretation.
Relaxing on a couch left thoughtfully for tired travelers.
Most clinical trials are thoughtfully planned out and conducted with close attention to detail.
These colors can make or break a photograph, so use them thoughtfully.
Store snacks and cell phones in thoughtfully placed zip-closed pockets.
She looked at him thoughtfully, and turned back to the divan.
Firms are more likely to collect information sensibly and thoughtfully if they know why they want it.
To see something you thoughtfully and responsibly produce vanish without a trace is a heart-sinking experience.
Right now, there's only one tried-and-true system: a human being thoughtfully and consistently engaging with a community.
It would be comforting to believe that decisions will be made thoughtfully and well.
Then maybe you should blog infrequently and really thoughtfully.
The best way to alleviate the stress is to prepare thoughtfully and practice presenting yourself, so you're on the right track.
It may be that such answers really do reflect the thoughtfully considered priorities of the candidate in question.
Thank you for pointing out so thoughtfully that the reality is so often much more complex than a single statistic can convey.
Submit drafts of well-organized, thoughtfully-written, thesis-based essays for peer review on the days specified in the syllabus.
But used thoughtfully, strategic finance can help to identify opportunities.
It does not come from having your efforts praised or your accomplishments thoughtfully reviewed.
If the editor wants to send around an intro and if you have time to comment thoughtfully on it, double that.
Taking the time to write the evaluation carefully and thoughtfully means that your words will also carry more weight.
Thanks, my friend, for remembering to thoughtfully let me know in enough time to make alternate plans.
Then you haven't thoughtfully read the whole thread.
The point is to use it consciously and thoughtfully.
She spoke thoughtfully about the ways in which the system has failed the students, rather than insisting on her own superiority.
There were two other thoughtfully placed bins: one for paper towels and one for composting the discards.
B ut there are ways of thoughtfully shaping policy that can walk a fine line and help us get out of our current predicament.
After thoughtfully studying her performance twice in a little over two months, this reviewer is still puzzled over one thing.
All have found ways to use their time more thoughtfully.
Views from the suites are made all the more engrossing by the telescopes that the management thoughtfully provides.
Thoughtfully, he'd also provided rain slickers for us.
From this basis students can compare and contrast antiquity and the present and thoughtfully contemplate the future.
All of these challenges provide us the opportunity to thoughtfully plot the course for tomorrow's wildlife.
Reading is a stable and progressive community that thoughtfully plans for its future.
One of the hallmarks of education and literacy is the ability to read thoughtfully and flexibly.
The footing has been thoughtfully engineered to create an exceptional base for everything from livestock events to trade shows.
Ensure all students master the skills they need to participate thoughtfully and productively in their work and their communities.

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