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The idea that language influences thought is a profound, exciting and possibly disturbing one.
The collection is complemented with thought-provoking discussions of the context and connection among its objects.
But the city thought that perhaps it was a bad idea to allow them to be sold in pharmacies.
And you thought being a federal bureaucrat was boring.
The thought of making anything as fragile-looking as a tall soufflé can terrify cooks.
He remained at the table while everyone stood, dishes were washed, and the thought of cold roast-beef sandwiches faded.
The flights are carefully thought out, with generous pours.
Their answer: wastewater likely holds a lot more than was previously thought.
The essence of memory is linking one thought to another.
Brain cells thought to be bystanders communicate using chemicals.
The ability to make tools was once thought to lie solely within the purview of humans.
Somehow, though, he learned how to jam his brain with more random information than he ever thought possible.
It's a spectrum of behaviour which is thought to be produced by a wide variety of genetic mutations.
The division of labor by the two cerebral hemispheres-once thought to be uniquely human-predates us by half a billion years.
Apparently, putting emotional experiences into language changed the ways people thought about their upheavals.
For some, the thought of abandoning antiperspirants gives them the cold sweats.
Wild giant pandas may be much more common than previously thought, scientists announced this week.
Rogue waves-eight or more stories or higher-are freaks of the ocean once thought to be tall tales told by sailors.
Volcanoes shook up the far side of the moon for far longer than scientists thought.
It's been long thought that the ancestors of ostriches, emus, and other flightless birds that once flew were flightless too.
Tetrapods are thought to have evolved from lobe-finned fish, such as lung fish and coelacanths.
The new findings show that marsupials have a much more complex immune system than previously thought.
One can find out what they thought by reading their books.
The regulatory response, though quick at first, became sluggish once politicians thought a crisis had been averted.
The subject of the study is challenged with thought experiments involving a runaway railway trolley or train carriage.
Quakers, who know how to laugh at themselves, thought it was hugely funny.
The moment was so charged with emotion that he thought he might collapse.
And a new paper suggests that at highly selective colleges, they may count even more than was previously thought.
Words matter because they are not merely an expression of thought but the way to thought itself.
That's also been seen in chimpanzees, but it was thought that chimps could be an aberration.
She had kept that in her memory, and thought of me as a friend of a long while ago.
Now that nearly everyone has been nearly everywhere, it might be thought that travel writers have lost their purpose.
But nobody ever thought to stop us or suggest that it was perhaps unwise to be scampering through choking clouds of insecticide.
Rock concerts aren't generally known for their thought-provoking tranquillity.
At first the dog seemed frightened of the city's noise, and he thought he'd made a mistake in accepting her.
Volcanologists thought that the buildup to a major eruption would take centuries.
These defects are thought to trap electrons in such a way that they interact with the light to produce pink and red colors.
Initially, researchers thought the males sang to attract females.
When she told him the price per week, he thought for a moment that she meant per month.
He's able to glom on to something someone said and repeat it as if it were his own thought.
Perhaps he thought her doctorate in zoology was a doctorate in medicine.
He also thought there was a temporary and less responsible realm called privacy.
It is thought to clear the reader's lungs of the transient and fill them with a deep breath of transcendence.
She thought of herself as a goddess, in possession of a great strength that would allow her to achieve anything she wanted.
Still, my thought is that this sort of media choreography cannot survive for long.
With an intuition and courage that were typical of her, she even thought she would get the part.
And over everything, over all the thought and the earnest planning, lies a weight of uncomfortable caution.
Ethanol derived from corn consumes up to three times more water than previously thought, according to a new study.
Researchers show that they can make more efficient use of the airwaves than previously thought.
And it's making truly enormous gambles offshore, in water depths once thought all but impossible to conquer.
Solar power advocates thought that their technologies would be the correspondingly next big thing in the energy business.
Perhaps you thought that the shoe, that ancient yet humble piece of technology, had reached its ultimate form long ago.
New research suggests that such bacterial evolution occurs even faster, and in a more predictable fashion, than anyone thought.
Ironically, the victory comes when the computer-chess community has long abandoned any pretense of mimicking human thought.
The project could shed light on the evolution of human traits, such as language and complex thought.
And much of the plumbing and wiring was thrown together to meet immediate needs-with little thought to the long term.
If he thought that citrus fruit would do him good, he would suck one lemon after another.
At the time, he probably thought they would give him leverage.
The authorities thought that nobody would care about these long-haired musicians.
He could change the thought behind the dialogue with an inflection-and make a scene come alive.
They tossed around ideas and thought about what they liked.
If you thought breakouts were only for teenagers, think again.
The medical elite thought they knew what caused ulcers and stomach cancer.
Early humans were able to plan and knew more about chemistry than we'd thought.
Until recently, long-term memories were thought to be physically etched into our brain, permanent and unchanging.
Stocker's first thought was that the place desperately needed reorganization.

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