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It's early research, though, and the technology needs to be developed further.
Though injection is a time-honored means of delivering the goods, it has significant drawbacks.
We'll still have to qualify this as a rumor, though.
Direct calls would be cheaper, though the study did not say by how much.
Collecting and processing more of the radio spectrum requires more power, though, because more frequencies must be sorted through.
It's almost as though you're not capturing an image, so much as you're capturing a piece of reality, which contains many images.
Getting doctors to accept the new tool will be key to realizing that vision, though.
Touchscreens have one other feature though--they're smart.
Once the crisis is over, though, apathy breaks up this cohesion.
The technologies using heat, though, require vast amounts of energy.
Probably more important than ease of replacement, though, is the potential for cost savings and increased safety.
So far the materials are rare in business jets, though they've become common in small, home-built kit planes.
It has not yet been widely used, though, because it's expensive to implement: it requires a lot of energy and large facilities.
Though it still has a large audience, its star has steadily faded.
Strain though a fine-mesh sieve into a food processor.
Earthquake prediction is a future possibility, though.
But even though candy doesn't pose much of a threat, trick-or-treating does carry safety hazards.
Once again, though, people slowly but surely got smart.
He loved listening to atonal jazz, and though it drove her crazy, she now listens to little else.
It wasn't as though he was hiding them from my sister.
Tragically, though, someone appears to have convinced him that he is some sort of expert on foreign policy and military affairs.
Tim had a really big heart, though it now hurts to say that.
What they didn't give her, though-what was natural to her-was her incredible zest to play at life's every possibility.
Though their spirit was high, a grimmer reality was settling in-that things are only going to get less comfortable.
In the case of the flowers, though the new big vase did wonders for the window, it threw off the balance of the room.
Even though she's all over the place, and that's unfortunate for her.
Though it was ruthless, it was also judicious and cool.
Even though you're always in recording studios, this past year you retreated from the spotlight.
Seriously, though, each of us must decide to what extent to defer to corporate sensibilities in our language.
Apple's share price shrugged as though the resignation of the company's visionary leader hardly mattered.
The tone in which he discusses popular culture gives him away, though.
It is not reasonable to blame them for this, though.
What is more relevant to our times, though, is that the rich of today are also different from the rich of yesterday.
Allowing the violence to go on could have worse consequences than an intervention, though only one that meets certain conditions.
He had a big band, but he handled it as though it were six pieces.
At his creative peak, though, it almost seemed possible.
Don't worry, though-one of my friends brought over his father for you to play with.
If it was the spectacle that made the movie work, though, it was the speculations that made it last in people's heads.
Though they're usually called djs, these acts typically use computers and play their own music.
The occasion is an indication, though, of what has and has not changed in the music industry.
Bob: a name once of heavy significance to her, though surely she's rid herself of that load of luggage by now.
It appears so-even though both writers live elsewhere.
Indeed the narrator converses with his old self as though he were two people.
The exile is essentially a political figure, though the offense he has committed may have been in the sphere of morals.
Sometimes, though, geneticists head off in search of stranger stuff.
One hopes that if the fish is approved, though, the companies building the tanks make sure to avoid floodplains.
As scientists peered at bits of brain under their microscopes, though, they encountered other cells that did not fit the profile.
One aspect of the article, though, leaves me confused.
One thing that isn't clear, though, is how the infection is transmitted.
Though this time it is a destination, and not a source.

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