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But those gathered outside were waiting for one sprinter and one sprinter only.
Researchers have taken only the first steps toward finding definitive answers to both of those questions.
Interesting, though likely not enough to satisfy those baying for bankers' blood.
Names don't last forever, including those on desktop globes.
City dwellers may handle pressure differently from those who live in less populated areas.
Those who don't have power tend to make fun of those who do.
Try this out on those horticultural wizards who think they know it all.
Nobody else is likely to match those prices or features any time soon.
The rich among those target groups are talking about going abroad.
Then compare those characteristics to those of your home region.
Those technological advances have been truly extraordinary and have revolutionized every aspect of our lives.
But this post is not a lament for a bygone politics, because lord knows there are enough of those.
Programs that help the needy are among those at risk.
They've got those headphones in their ears and a gadget in every hand.
Here, an update and audio outtakes from some of those accidental celebrities.
Feathers developed differently in dinosaurs' life cycles than in those of modern birds.
And you begin to think in terms of all those years that you have worked.
All those movie vampires set impossibly high standards for appearances.
But different applications of those regulations by the country's nine provinces have created problems.
The brains of chimpanzees show a number of similarities to those of humans, the results of two new studies suggest.
But you have to be a pilot for that, and those are retired, too.
Electronic money is one of those pie-in-the-sky dreams that everybody and everything but the market believes in.
But those scholars also became intrigued by the range of individual variation they found.
Damage to those big, bold, fleshy leaves is highly visible.
Freshwater animals are vanishing faster than those on land or at sea.
What's been learned from those events, and how they have shaped our lives since.
Oddly, the survival rate of those near wolves was four times higher than those in wolf-free areas.
Cool down those hot summer days with these fruity sorbets.
Those networked fashion sharers are hot on your heels.
Those are the main vessels that come off of the aorta, the main artery in our body.
Then choose flowers, paint, and furnishings that mirror those colors.
Those who spread corruption should be tried and prosecuted.
Near the edges of the paper, draw pictures of animals and/or plants native to the country, particularly those that are endangered.
All those resinous plants releasing their aromatic oils in the warm air.
Those farmers and artisans may be the only other people you see for days.
Those who ate more fruits and vegetables had a yellower hue to their skin.
Those who know the rocks from which the bones came were not so sure.
But if you're looking for some tried-and-true fall bloomers, you'll find those too.
Those reductions will create whole new industries in the areas of clean energy and energy efficiency.
Those who live in fear of such a tragedy are engaging in magical thought and behaving irrationally.
Those are lofty ambitions, but they have been achieved with considerable success.
Although there are dozens of varieties, pumpkins fall into two categories: those for carving and those for cooking.
Judgment as to the acceptability of those costs requires an understanding of environmental opportunities and constraints.
But those findings didn't hold up for antioxidant supplements.
Those quirky, bendy straws that make the satisfying crunching sound when flexed.
Plants in partial shade are less compact and produce fewer flowers than those in full sun.
Museums resisted those claims, demanding evidence that the contested artifacts had indeed been spirited away.
Mobile banking offers a more reliable alternative, he says, and could have economic benefits comparable to those of mobile phones.
But those songs were written in the days when touring was a way of marketing recorded music.
But those who care beyond their own self-interest will never find themselves short of committee work.
Ask students to name some common behaviors of house cats that resemble those of their larger relatives, tigers.
High ratings in those categories are regarded as the core attributes of a great academic workplace.
Understanding cultural groups prepares us to better listen to, respect, and celebrate those who seem different at first glance.
Social games have also become extraordinarily popular because they cleverly exploit those relationships.
Mariners fear those driving winds and the monster waves they produce.
In mild-winter climates, you can also sow at intervals in fall and winter for harvest during those seasons.
His finding contradicts a number of other studies and those differences will have to be sorted out.
Some of those stars exploded, spewing the heavier elements out into space.
Those who lost loved ones wrestled grief and futility.
Those in cultivation have showy clusters of tubular flowers attractive to hummingbirds.
Those patterns are indicative of people trying, but struggling, to keep up with their payments.
The avalanche path pulsed not only with the signals of the buried but also with those of the rescuers trying to find them.
Frittatas are a great solution for using up all those leftover vegetables at the end of the week.
Those who judge us also have to recognize that, for community colleges, graduation rates are not the sole indicators of success.
Those who do seek treatment have more severe alcohol and related problems than those who do not.
Those lines and colors, so clear and confident on the final product, reflect a host of difficult choices and compromises.
It would be years before those fights would play out in the political ring.
Without requiring much memory, it would be able recognize changes in the environment and consider those before taking action.
Rustic, regal, it is one of those public spaces that make everyone look their best.
The capsule quickly sank and those remaining inside died.
In fact, reams of research have been produced, much of the results showing gains over those old-school methods.
But often, those decisions arose out of personnel actions that compelled the department heads to observe strict confidentiality.
Those send signals to the brain, which conceptualizes smells as spatial patterns.
Those started before the recession, for example, are collecting more in gifts and pledges each month than those that began later.
Those informational tax returns are publicly available but do not contain current data.
Those laws still live, legal monuments to ignorance and to oppression.
Much may be hoped for from the earnest studies of those who advocate the outlawing of aggressive war.
Whereas those that be strongest by land are many times nevertheless in great straits.
Bounties, it is allowed, ought to be given to those branches of trade only which cannot be carried on without them.
Those who judge of a work by rule are in regard to others as those who have a watch are in regard to others.
Fermentation is no longer one of those isolated and mysterious phenomena which do not admit of explanation.
The underlying and principal of those origins are yet singularly ignored.
Most of those can't be cultured in a lab but they can be transplanted.
Almost a third of those with diabetes suffer gum disease severe enough to endanger teeth.
Those with plates that matched the color of their food helped themselves to much more than those who had plates of another color.
But if those viewers live in a housing project for the homeless, that booze could get them booted back out to the street.
But to interpret those clues, scientists need to consider living animals.
Veterinary medicine has a number of those same specialties, one of which is zoological medicine.
These ancient environments were quite different from those found farther south.
And despite its shaky scientific foundations, phrenology is enjoying a measure of respect from those who study the brain today.
Eventually, the colony admitted the trials were a mistake and compensated the families of those convicted.
We had poems there about war and peace-and those seemed timely.
Still, some people are determined to try, if only to protect those waters which haven't yet been invaded.
The park buildings, fences and vehicles match those from the movie, and the dinosaurs match their big-screen counterparts.
My fingers are crossed that there will actually be pounds upon pounds of delicious spuds inside those lush towers.
In mild-winter areas, choose those with a low chill requirement.
It's been said that menudo cures the aftereffects of those multiple champagne toasts.
Finally, a pumpkin pie for those who can't eat dairy products.
So those tasty leaves aren't around long, especially in warm weather.
Flat roofs are common on adobe houses and those with a modern architectural style.
Those tiny stickers on loose fruits and vegetables at the market have a worthy purpose.
Get creative with those holiday leftovers filling up the fridge.
If you get those nasty fine spines in your hand, she says, you can remove them by painting over the area with rubber cement.
Both groups are well represented here, with the lists skewed toward those that are in the shrub or small tree category.
Tomato varieties that excel in all those categories also tend to be great varieties for container culture.
All those circles around the pots and acting as a decorative mulch are pressure gaskets and seals from industry machinery.
If it is to perform well the next year, those nutrients must be replenished.
And wear those goofy minimalist shoes while you're at it.
Those who survived endured unimaginable hunger, thirst, and brutality-and an epic trek across the unmapped desert to freedom.
However, there is now strong evidence that suggests neither of those species was the ancestor of the orangutan.
Those weird and wonderful creatures can be awfully noisy.
Currently, the only means of extended space travel is by chemically propelled rockets, similar to those used today.
People's perceptions of places and regions often influence what happens to those places.
All those wrinkle-causing winces, smirks, and sneers may have been the product of evolution.
There's a big difference between people from forests and those from arid lands.
So over time, those variations even out, and the contribution of warming from water vapor is steady.
People with severe weight problems sometimes say their cravings for food feel as powerful as those caused by narcotics.
So bring on those dreams, now free to be filled with uninhibited actions and labile emotions.
The more he learned, the more his views diverged from those of mainstream psychiatry.
Yet despite those bad actors, you will rarely get an infection by biting the inside of your cheek.
Suddenly, and to the collective horror of those in attendance, he began to laugh.
Our initial suspicion was that those who were being attacked were lower-ranking than those who were not.
Natural selection should therefore encourage mothers in poor condition to bear daughters and those in prime shape to have sons.
If scientists can pinpoint the epigenetic changes that our experiences impart, it may be possible to reverse those changes.
Those caves are waiting to be explored, but clearly no human would be the first one in.
Those of us in computer science have known this for several decades.
So more of those materials remain dissolved when the groundwater reaches the sea.
But those watches and flashlights aren't highly efficient at generating power.
Those in pursuit of the ultimate home theater face a dilemma in choosing a large-screen display.
By activating only specific neurons, a specially engineered light switch could limit those therapies' side effects.
Those who order the genome kit can indicate whether they are willing to participate in future research studies.
The malicious code must avoid detection if those sites are to remain useful to the criminals.
Those nodes that are closest to the center are connected to more well-connected nodes than are those on the periphery.
It also said that it would start to invest in some of its customers' projects, perceived as a move to keep those projects going.
More than half of those caught in the grip of acute kidney failure die.
Tumors completely disappeared in three of those patients.
It is a relief, then, that those supplying much of the book's content are aware of and enthusiastic about their participation.
By featuring our inner demons, rather than the better angels of our nature, humor helps those demons remain inside.
Those civilian-aid programs were largely successful.
Those not killed for their meat or hides or oil got a bullet on general principles, because they competed with humans for fish.
Those small groups are incredibly vulnerable, and complicated to manage.
Suddenly, all those issues are trampling all over your artistic concept.
He was always thinking of ways of helping people, and was wondering how he might do some of those things when he died.
Using oils or liqueurs can cause flare-ups, which shouldn't harm the fruit, but be careful of those fingers and eyebrows.
It's cherry season, and those sweet-tart little fruits are so alluring.
The producers must adhere to humane-treatment standards that are stronger than those in the cattle-industry guidelines.
Watch how smart and asthma-free those toddlers will grow up to be.
Those vegetables give the soup roundness, finesse, an extra dimension that is enriched with olive oil.
Almonds and walnuts provide those crunchy little matters for the teeth to touch.
If you're one of those freaky people who can cook rice perfectly on the stove, do whatever it is that you do.
Those coals beneath the grill aren't the only things smoldering.
Apple crisp is one of those desserts that will never, ever go out of style.
Or make a double recipe of those irresistible chocolate croissants and share them with friends.
The dining room was greenish under florescent light, empty but for two tables, one of those empty but for spent pitchers of wine.
Peas and asparagus, and lemon-all those bright and happy harbingers of summer.
OB's political prisoners are kept in a row of small cells, next to those of the police station.
In hindsight, especially if one was not alive in those days, it is easy to moralize about the behavior of people under occupation.
Those within the administration who tried to make this case were marginalized or removed from power.
There are set budgets in those countries, and there is much less motivation to game the system, which is what's going on now.
Much of what stands between those who are ill and the treatment that could help them is stigma.
They seek authoritarian control over those whom they do not consider part of the mainstream or sufficiently patriotic.
The text of that statement follows, together with a partial listing of those who have signed it.
Those who are now suffocating in cynicism and despair will be able to breathe freely.
But in the meantime, raise a cheer for those flip-floppers who actually got stuff done.
Use this root concealer to cover up those unsightly patches, allowing you to go longer between color treatments.
Those were also at the core of our relationship off the screen.
There are two types of hams: fully cooked and those that need cooking.

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