thoroughness in a sentence

Example sentences for thoroughness

Conscientious, ethical journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty.
Begin to take more pride in the thoroughness of your work.
In every case, the ideal carefully avoided any appearance of thoroughness outside the domestic arts.
German thoroughness manifests itself in requiring that applicants have a training in administration.
It maximizes security, thoroughness and accuracy while eliminating the need to remove shoes, for increased convenience and safety.
It is interesting that this thoroughness, which is a virtue, is often misunderstood.
But the thoroughness with which it showcases so many compelling restaurant trends goes beyond its fluency in unfussy dining.
Accuracy and thoroughness will aid in the prompt payment of the claim.
It is also my commitment that this office treats every legal matter with integrity, thoroughness and fairness.

Famous quotes containing the word thoroughness

The greatest felony in the news business today is to be behind, or to miss a big story. So speed and quantity substitute... more
Seventy-five million Jews deported or murdered, that's cleansing. I admire such thoroughness, such methodic... more
Scholars and artists thrown together are often annoyed at the puzzle of where they differ. Both work from knowledge; but... more
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