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The people in the labs and offices do enjoy air so thoroughly filtered that there are virtually no pollens.
Granted, nearly six and half liters of displacement is old-school huge, but everything else about it is thoroughly modern.
All the expected functions of a thoroughly modern alarm clock.
The capsule needs to be thoroughly cleaned and tested before its contents are known, which could take several months.
Dissolve yeast cake in water, add remaining ingredients, and mix thoroughly.
Turn into a shallow pan, first dipped in cold water, and let stand until thoroughly chilled.
Mix ingredients in order given, and beat thoroughly.
Cook in a slow oven until delicately browned and thoroughly dried.
Drop mixture by teaspoonfuls on a thoroughly greased inverted dripping-pan one inch apart.
Cream the butter, add sugar gradually, and beat thoroughly.
Bake until potatoes are well browned, when fish should be thoroughly cooked.
Mix remaining ingredients, pour over nuts, and serve as soon as thoroughly heated.
Cook rice in boiling salted water, drain, and pour over hot water to thoroughly rinse.
Place in granite-ware pan and bake until thoroughly heated.
Turn into coffee-pot, pour on boiling water, and stir thoroughly.
The case referred to furnished an apt illustration of how thoroughly corrupting pauperism is in such a setting.
The goal is to thoroughly challenge any new paving techniques and see how the road surface holds up.
To create the film, bring the filaments together and open the hose clamp to wet them thoroughly.
She cleaned her house thoroughly several times a day.
Despite some experimental signs of such fitness reversals, researchers had not tested the effect thoroughly in the lab.
Too bad taxpayers have to pay for the mistakes of now thoroughly debunked free market ideology.
In the past decade business education has globalised more thoroughly than business itself.
It will end up thoroughly discredited-and quite possibly dead.
They cultivate a strong second-in-command, build enduring executive teams and thoroughly engage their boards.
The university built a new science building, and the old space was thoroughly renovated.
It already strains morale when research trumps service so thoroughly.
Many of these people said they had trashed the email without reading it thoroughly.
Carry sanitizing wipes in your pocket and use them thoroughly and immediately upon exit.
Water the plants thoroughly before placing the bags over the plants.
Add the pumpkin puree and whisk to combine thoroughly.
Squeeze the rubber mouthpiece to trap the water and shake the snorkel to rinse out its insides thoroughly.
Wash the leaves, then dry thoroughly, preferably in a salad spinner.
The soap and hot water will thoroughly sanitize them.
We want to prevent agencies from imposing new regulations without first thoroughly considering their costs and benefits.
Clean your helmet shield thoroughly with a mixture of one tablespoon of ammonia to one cup of water.
We have all thoroughly reviewed the video evidence from a variety of sources.
It feels thoroughly conventional, thoroughly uninspired.
He believes that there isn't a single reproductive-cloning case in which the entire genome has been thoroughly reactivated.
The current scholars are reverse-engineering if you will to figure these lang thoroughly.
For example, samples of ancient atmosphere reside in ice cores and have been thoroughly studied.
Any utensil or surface that comes in contact with raw meat should be washed thoroughly with warm, soapy water.
Frog toxins engage the nose and make them thoroughly unappetizing to humans, and presumably predators as well.
The frogs' lifestyle is so thoroughly arboreal that, instead of laying eggs in water, the frogs deposit their eggs in trees.
These are even more efficient in some cases as they spend longer times on the flowers and manipulate them more thoroughly.
Dunk your mop or sponge in the bucket and wring it out thoroughly.
Rescue workers wash, thoroughly dry, and warm birds before they are released back into the environment.
That's because only the tropics' particular wind patterns are able to carry volcanic material so thoroughly around the world.
Rinse what you're wearing thoroughly after you've gotten out of the water.
Mix the remaining ingredients well, add to the chopped eggplant, and mix thoroughly.
The engine warms up more thoroughly when it is driving.
Refrigerate or compost overly ripe fruit, and wash soda and beer bottles thoroughly.
Thoroughly clean the window screen, which must fit inside your cold frame box.
Another custom is to clean the house thoroughly and burn juniper to rid the house of evil spirits in the coming year.
Even plain water, when used in a steam cleaner, can thoroughly clean any carpet.
Rinse the beans thoroughly in a strainer under cold running water.
Add salt and flour and mix thoroughly to eliminate lumps.
How thoroughly the soldiers carried out this command is a mystery.
It's not only wonderfully written, but it is thoroughly researched.
When you're swimming in an ocean of information, you absorb it more thoroughly.
Sprinkle flour over meringue and fold in gently but thoroughly.
Blend thoroughly, and add to the flour mixture, beating briskly.
Wash the pieces well, rinse them in several fresh waters, and drain thoroughly.
Simmer the sauce for a few minutes until it is thoroughly blended, pour it into a sauceboat and serve it with the hearts.
Coat thoroughly with bread crumbs and remove to baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
Chill the punch thoroughly, pour it into a chilled punch bowl, and set the bowl in another bowl half filled with crushed ice.
Drain noodles in a colander, then rinse thoroughly and drain well.
It resembles a large beach pebble and is a thoroughly handsome addition to salads.
Break cauliflower into small pieces, and wash thoroughly.
If thoroughly dried and properly stored, shallots will keep all winter.
Once everything is frosted and thoroughly chilled, it's time to build.
He does tell a wonderful story, he does teach us many subtle and intricate things, he does thoroughly enchant.
To cope thoroughly with the fireworks in short space, or perhaps any space, seems impossible.
At any rate, this matter was diligently and thoroughly investigated by the commission.
Rub the paste on the affected areas, then rinse and dry thoroughly.
Yet no-one expected the team to come through so thoroughly and so enjoyably on the biggest stage of them all.
However, as the police started to interrogate her more thoroughly, she was forced to seek legal advice.
The introspective nature of the isolation tank really makes you thoroughly process all of the ramifications of your actions.
The carefree spirit in his eyes is thoroughly crushed as he looks for his leg and can't find it.
Electrical contacts have ceased to stick when thoroughly understood.
Combine the garlic and herbs in a small food processor or blender and blend thoroughly.
Rinse the rabbit in cold water and dry thoroughly with paper towels.
It's rare that so much of the country agrees on anything so thoroughly.
Nostalgia is now thoroughly entwined with the consumer-entertainment complex.
Pancake syrups proliferated, redefining themselves as thoroughly modern improvements on an outdated favorite.
He returns to his state with his tail between his legs, thoroughly humiliated on the national stage.
Lo and behold, once the researchers accounted for fees, private equity thoroughly outperformed stocks.
By any conventional academic measure, these laborers were thoroughly unintelligent.
Anything that the juices of ground beef touch needs to be thoroughly cleaned, and that includes your hands.
Western cultures are thoroughly dominated by literate thinking, but retain some pieces of their orality.
Stir for five minutes or so, until the onion is thoroughly wilted.
The reaction on both sides was thoroughly dignified and self-respecting.

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