thoroughgoing in a sentence

Example sentences for thoroughgoing

He carried out his orders, both to his and my satisfaction, in thoroughgoing fashion.
Which is to say, the gendering is pretty thoroughgoing here.
There have of course been plenty of materialists, many attempting to be thoroughgoing.
The sort of thoroughgoing changes required will take government action, which in turn will require strong public pressure.
If so, that would seem to preclude thoroughgoing commitments to war or peace or grand causes.
It has also brought economic collapse, political repression and thoroughgoing corruption.
And so, ten years ago, conservationists started to put in place a thoroughgoing eradication campaign.
Tenth-graders get a more thoroughgoing five hours focused on it.
Her studies have resulted in several books notable for their original thought and thoroughgoing research.
Many are extremely devoted and conscientious and do their best to do a thoroughgoing job.
They were thoroughgoing and fully controlled as a matter of routine.
Thoroughgoing reform of the insurance system was necessary.

Famous quotes containing the word thoroughgoing

De Sade is the one completely consistent and thoroughgoing revolutionary of history.... more
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