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Example sentences for thorough

Do a thorough fall cleanup and remove all debris from the ground below trees.
Back into the pan they went for a thorough cooking over high heat.
But no species has been as thorough or as global about it as humans.
Despite a thorough investigation of the site, the cause of the catastrophe eluded everyone.
The idea of underground tourism might seem crazy, but she plans to give it a thorough testing.
Stunning photographs, action-packed stories, and thorough research complete the picture of these cagey cats.
Get in close with a telephoto and shoot thorough the clutter of flowers, focusing on a flower somewhat further away.
We hobble into the hospital for baths, breakfast, and a thorough examination.
It occurred perhaps the next morning, when after a thorough search, no one could find him to engage him in victory celebrations.
Many scientists engaged in high-stakes research will refuse to make thorough disclosures.
Pioneers should not be penalized for being thorough, cautious and for putting redundancy into any design.
Sad to see that this article wasn't nearly as thorough, and also that the online archive doesn't go back nearly that far.
Or perhaps a more thorough investigation is warranted in any worthwhile study of problem solving capabilities.
The quote was a good opener, but it was quickly dropped without a thorough examination.
The suspension is designed to provide time for a more thorough review and revision.
They were rarely given a thorough evaluation for addiction, mental illness, or other typical afflictions.
To top things off, for years he was a thorough and exacting editor of both fiction and nonfiction.
He tallies up such an thorough inventory of the rebel arsenal that he's practically auditing their quartermasters.
In truth, she had by then a thorough grasp of the engineering involved.
If you've got a disc that won't play, start with the simplest solution: give it a gentle, but thorough cleaning.
For each weighting, the test would be run thousands of times to get a thorough sense of how those stocks performed.
Only those containers flagged during the low-level scan would be subjected to a more thorough search.
Their management will enjoy more autonomy, but they will be subjected to thorough audits.
All three had a thorough technical competence in their scholarly field of scientifically oriented philosophy.
It is a page-turning if horrifying read and a triumph of thorough, fair-minded reporting and of empathy.
Either the government auditor isn't being thorough enough or the filing gets missed.
The premise behind the launch is that expensive, thorough reporting will pay for itself by attracting readers and advertisers.
Thorough scrutiny should reveal the true state of the books.
Executives say they cannot gauge the impact on delivery schedules of commercial aircraft until a thorough review is completed.
He says it did not properly consult residents or include thorough water studies.
If those boasts are true, then it should welcome a thorough inquiry into war crimes.
The museum's collection manages to be both thorough and surprising.
To begin with, more thorough fiscal reform is urgent.
The key to making any investment is thorough due diligence.
The agencies, of course, argue that they are impeccably thorough.
The government has set about a thorough reform of benefits.
So thorough was the army's victory that the risks of that seem tiny for now.
Because of this, the act of giving is even more poignant, deep and thorough.
Brought low by a thorough shelling from his opponents, he declined to bow out in the wake of his early losses.
The report is informative, thorough, sensible and revealing.
Above all, this shift requires a thorough redirection of the aims of these two industries.
Thank you for your thorough, if depressing, answer to my question.
Mitochondrial electron flow to cytochrome respiration is instead shorted thorough an alternative oxidase, producing heat.
Still, it would be better for everyone to conduct thorough tests.
These statements may startle those who have never made a thorough investigation of the problem.
Thus the time has by no means yet come for a thorough measurement of him.
To clear this up a thorough exposition is necessary.
The necessary crowding of the material also compels us to dispense with a thorough bibliography.
Not merely giving the mind a slight tincture but a thorough and perfect dye.
To get a thorough business education a two year course is necessary.
Help your interviewers out by being enthusiastic and thorough in your answers.
Have a few other people look at it, and ask them to be thorough.
They asked why the college's enormous growth and high withdrawal rates didn't trigger a thorough follow-up review.
Try doing the kind of talk described above without thorough preparation: you'll be boiled alive.
Dave, thank you for the thorough elaboration of the credentials of those involved in the study.
Tim gives an astonishingly detailed and thorough account of what happened.
No one should be committed to a nursing facility without a thorough workup.
In the long run, a thorough reckoning is a healthy thing.

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