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He cannot be called a great thinker, and his reflective power is decidedly inferior to his observation and memory.
How to become a rational, powerful and original thinker.
It has undoubtedly arisen in the witty thinker's mind as an imitation of the familiar proverb.
He was a reader and a thinker and a social observer, and his mind produced ideas, not opportunities for commerce.
Regardless of the quality of the end product, he was nothing if not a deliberate thinker.
Most importantly, he is a bold thinker on a wide range of subjects.
Political theorists dismiss her as a shallow thinker whose appeal is restricted to adolescents.
One can tell a lot from a thinker's constants and variables.
If you're really a future thinker, you're worried about that.
He's even more influential as a lateral thinker, adept at making connections across seemingly unrelated disciplines.
But he is too creative and original a thinker to be surrendered to the vulgar stereotypes of his enemies.
Defining the question in absolute terms does little other than identify the questioner as a sloppy thinker.
They want to know what kind of researcher, thinker, and teacher you are going to be.
S/he will be a strategic thinker with strong planning and financial management skills.
He may not be a genius but he writes clearly and elegantly and is a creative thinker.
Not that she had learned something, or become a more critical thinker, but that he had changed her beliefs.
Maybe one member of your group is unusually creative, another is highly organized, and a third is a sharp strategic thinker.
The reason they're valued in academia is that they represent years of work and development as an independent thinker and scholar.
But in the discussion of ideas and in the deep questioning and hesitations one recognizes a fellow thinker at work.
Chas is an unusually deep thinker who doesn't hesitate to state his views, even when he's a minority of one.
Every serious thinker knows that emotional transformation of the individual through education is impossible.
He is a deliberate strategic thinker-ham-fisted at times, but also capable of tactical brilliance.
Combat makes you much more of an out-of-the-box thinker when facing issues in policy or in life.
But idler he was not, and hardly a dreamer: he was an observer and a thinker.
Rice, to be sure, is neither a great thinker nor a great manager.
He was a clear thinker and a great adviser with a keen sense of humor.
The measure of a thinker is not the correctness of his views but their fruitfulness for later research.
In this book, no less than in the biography, he brings to life this great thinker and rare human being.
But there can be little doubt that his own dependence on art dealing caused him to ossify as a critic and thinker.
He's read a million books and remembered them, but he is not an original thinker.
The holidays bring out the wishful thinker in all of us.
White was a progressive thinker who insisted that these collections be available to the public.
While known as a thinker and writer, he hasn't actually built much, but that will soon change in a big way.
Also, taking the counter point of an argument does not qualify you as a free thinker.
Lovely writing by a seemingly sensible and sensitive thinker.
Those in positions of authority are easily threatened by a verbally astute free-thinker, because it appears threatening to them.
He is really a philosopher, or what used to be called a free thinker, devoted to figuring out the world.
And it converts automatically to a pillow during the frequent and sudden naps that litter the workday of the professional thinker.
He was a careful thinker, resistant to dogmatic answers, and a relatively sprightly writer as philosophers go.
Society can accommodate itself to the humble laborer, but it justifiably mistrusts the mad thinker.
Unfortunately, it means you are either a sloppy thinker or are purposefully trying to confuse the reader for your own agenda.
He was a successful lawyer, but no one has ever accused him of being a deep thinker.
Hitch is a great writer and thinker, but he's as much allowed to make mistakes as any of us.
Perhaps you shouldn't pretend to be a sophisticated and thorough thinker when it comes to matters of religious faith.
Though he was a respected teacher and thinker, he had never built anything.
He's a free thinker and they come to him often and at unique times.
He was an innovative thinker that challenged many of the traditional viewpoints of petroleum geochemistry.
He is an avid listener, a common-sense thinker and relies on us still being a government dependent on the rule of law.

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