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Think outside the firebox for a sleek and stylish look.
Normally, wine tasting does not make me think of this movie.
The third is merely to sit and think about the question.
We barely give a hoot about what minorities in our own country think.
Introspection suggests that gesturing not only helps people communicate but also helps them to think.
At first, anthropologists were inclined to think this a modern pathology.
Their advice to today's venture capital firms: think small.
Thoughts kept coming into his head and he did not want to think.
So if you want to help your kids think out of the box, give them a box.
Game designers don't often think of themselves as learning theorists.
Think of the propaganda on all sides that bias the eye witnesses.
Indeed, looking at these monuments of sport from above makes you think differently when you're visiting down below.
Think of all the positive reasons you want this job.
So, think of it that way: don't come up with a perfect answer to a question they might never ask.
Well, let's think of it this way: other good people will have taken jobs by then.
They were simply machines, robots programmed to react to stimuli but lacking the ability to think or feel.
Robots are being created that can think, act, and relate to humans.
But instead of hailing the find as possible evidence of the monster's existence, scientists now think it a hoax.
Ask students if they think piracy has been completely eradicated.
Students will be asked to think of their favorite place or a place they find particularly interesting.
Ask students to volunteer to bring in items, both edible and inedible, that they think represent the season.
Ask students to contribute words that come to mind when they think of pirates.
Ask students how they think leopard seals might catch penguins.
Ask students to think about some other reasons people might move from one place to another.
Ask students to think about why a group of people would leave one place to go to another.
Low energy made me think of the coldness you can feel from fear.
Such shuffling, they think, may free up space in the hippocampus and increase its capacity for taking in something new.
Know what others think and contribute your own thoughts.
Many people don't think advertising influences them.
The odds are good that you don't understand the market quite as well as you think.
It urged its draftee readers to think about the message and then-if they so chose-to act on it in a lawful and nonviolent way.
Another spice that some people think of as a health food: turmeric.
People think of you predominantly as an actor, but you've done a lot of other things.
It's not easy to think happy thoughts this time of year.
We think the public will tire of mechanical music and will want the real thing.
Most economists surveyed think the recession will be short and shallow.
Take a look at the sample page linked on the left and let us know what you think.
If you think gardening is all about sunshine and beetle-free flowers, think again.
If you think potatoes are improved by contact with some hot fat in a skillet, try short-grain brown rice.
Sometimes it can be easier to think in the dark, or easier to yell.
Owning your own mechanical servant may happen a lot sooner than you think, say our expert panelists.
People who kept their pesticides in the house were more likely to think suicidal thoughts.
We used to think that extra dimensions must be enormously smaller than that, if they exist at all.
Now think about one thousand times that much energy.
If you think that physical appeal is strictly a matter of personal taste and cultural bias, think again.
Let's think about what good purposes a college or university might serve.
Think about, no longer will you be worries about what the farmer fed the cow before it became your steak.
It's easy to think that the motion of the satellites is irrelevant.
It's unproductive to think of security as a series of threats to be overcome, a computer scientist argues.
Think of all these people who were in his house, who knew him well.
Its worth taking a few moments to think about horseshoe orbits.
We think there a number of ways that semantic models will evolve search.
Having more electrical energy, you can always think of that as having more energy to dissipate.
It may not be particularly useful to think of depression as a response to external events.
If you're in any doubt the significance of this so-called morphological computing, think about how the human body walks or jumps.
They think that systems emerge in the brain that can predict the outcome of these natural computations.
When you're personally successful, you tend to think that things are going well.
Next, think about how these executives managed their businesses.
No wonder my friends began to think of me as being a little weird when it comes to movies.
But it is wrong to think that whenever you define something that has a history, you must make history part of your definition.
But few people have the will or ability to think the universe through from scratch.
The way they weep and vomit without warning, it's tempting to think that preschoolers are incapable of rational thought.
From that point on, there's no reason to think computers would stop getting more powerful.
Think about the information you want to share before you share it.
Think how your online actions can affect your offline life.
Soft drinks, candy, and fast food: what parents and teachers think about the middle school food environment.
But when you win, you don't think about any of those things.
And you need people who can write and who can think.

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