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Example sentences for thievery

The keeping of such items is thievery and should be consider a criminal act, no matter for what reason.
His crime: petty thievery to support his drug habit.
Many individuals who are considered wealthy have proven to be the biggest culprits of thievery.
Though illegal, skilled thievery is regarded with respect and even admiration.
The business community has no use for mere thievery as a means to make money.
He was not only the patron of commerce, travel, and thievery but also the messenger of the other gods.
He cut off hands for thievery, splitting people's tongues for talebearing.
Through genetic thievery, it has become a solar-powered animal and a beautifully green one at that.
Flower's observations revealed the extent of the drongos' thievery.
By the time they get their spacecraft far enough out to notice our thievery, we'll be long gone.
Power thievery is believed to be worse here than in any country in the world.
It was the government that allowed the thievery to take place.
Gone was the daily barrage of panhandling, public urination and car thievery.
That's really the best-case scenario for luggage thievery.
It beats thievery and is more honest than many other marketing ploys.
Meanwhile, he's dealing thievery that has him thinking of installing cameras near his grease bins.
Get ready to pay for the thievery that's going to take place.
Petty thievery is commonplace, and certainly does not warrant a lot of attention.
Regardless if they report to the public or don't, will not change the thievery being orchestrated in our financial market today.
The new proposed rule is desperately needed in order to put an end to this thievery.
The group was open to anyone annoyed by the thievery.
Any type of gear is susceptible to raccoon thievery.
Anything the good, honest people of this country can do would be greatly appreciated by anyone affected by this thievery.
The city could have zero tolerance for bicycle thievery and it would be a deterrent for all thievery.
The thief was deprived of the hand which committed the thievery.
Unfortunately, thievery didn't go over well with my parents.

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