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If a thief steals one, they'd be able to sell it for a lot of money.
The marginal cost of time vs the marginal gain of the item the thief steals.
The thief who steals your newspaper is admittedly a scuzzball, but mostly elicits annoyance and contempt.
If you think you face difficult times, imagine you're a car thief.
The thief did not even bother to re-copy the report.
Of course, it is open to a thief who believes his swag might have been so marked to attempt such cleaning himself.
The alleged thief was taken into custody but no charges were brought for lack of evidence.
He apparently believes this is a question of moral right vs moral wrong, righteous property owner versus thief.
Or perhaps cities with more guns might be better as the thief is unlikely to know about any given household.
It turns out the thief has entered my pocket, and left with my goods, through the phone itself.
If my neighbour is a thief, that is not a justification for me being also a thief.
The thief walked out of the gallery with the picture under his painter's smock.
Motions falling outside the learned patterns will be considered to be those of a potential car thief.
Within hours, not only had people caught glimpses of the car, they had photos of the thief.
The thief immediately begged for the video to come down and turned himself in.
Ah, let the thief steal, the tick suck and the baker bake.
So park in a busy area where a thief can't work without raising suspicion.
If a thief gets caught after robbing a bank, the thief is not allowed to keep the money.
In some inner-city neighborhoods, a thief will smash a window for a dime.
The setup is guaranteed to stop any thief without access to either a pair of scissors or a small screwdriver.
For example, the newspaper thief can become a spy against the enemies of peace and freedom.
The big business, greed gods, and the corporate thief don't want to loose.
Always a boss and never a worker, always a liar, always a thief and never caught.
One could plausibly argue that an individual book-thief is simply slightly lowering the eventual supply of remaindered books.
But it's unclear if having bad credit means you'll end up being a thief or a bad employee.
It incorporates handheld computers connected to the museum's wireless network, which the students are using to catch a thief.
Belike the price of a jackal's meal were more than a thief could pay.
He who cheats a cheat and robs a thief, earns a dispensation for a hundred years.
As a bankrupt thief turns thief-taker in despair, so an unsuccessful author turns critic.
He wants to steal her stores, and he first encourages her to steal his, then follows the thief home with her booty.
It takes a thief to catch a thief meaning that a thief knows how a thief thinks.
And certainly no thief was to be seen scurrying across the half-empty concourse with a bulky laptop bag slung over a shoulder.
As with a caught thief, there will be consequences- how many other thieves are out there notwithstanding.
They appear as guilty as any thief caught red handed.
Therefore, if a would-be thief picks up your dead phone, they won't be able to start jacking up your credit card bills.
No matter how scarce fuel is, there's always enough for the thief.
He was a boastful lout and a petty thief, who was a great source of pride to his father, despite his many shortcomings.
When tagging bottom with the thief, the graduated trip rod must be set accurately.
The thief is charged and prosecuted in your name so your name now appears in court records.
These prevent the thief from gaining access to your engine, security system or battery.
Licenses, registration cards or other identifying papers that a thief could misuse should never be left in the car.

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