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Example sentences for thickness

Rake them into a layer of even thickness and run over them with the lawnmower.
But the layers can be alternated to any thickness desired, and inconvenient antigens thus hidden from view.
The number of pins raised reflects the thickness of the line.
Glaciers are shrinking not only in area but also in thickness.
Likewise, in colder years average exoskeleton thickness shrank.
When the syrup is dripped from a spoon it will have the thickness of about two threads.
Normally the highest part of a tropical glacier gains thickness from snowfall during the wet season, making up for melting below.
There seems to be an epidemic of thickness on this question.
Whatever you produce joins dozens of other efforts in a stack whose growing thickness doesn't exactly thrill your professor.
Pick a smooth stone that fits in your palm, has a uniform thickness, and is neither too heavy nor too light.
By varying the thickness of the membrane, the insect can reflect a rainbow from its wings.
So the universe has a thickness being from the no space region thru the space region to the no space region.
As thickness of each cell in the layer decreases, efficiency increases.
The trick is to optimize the number of layers and to optimize layer thickness.
So the genetic fragments cannot tell us the color or thickness of this particular animal's fur.
The outside sheets need to be the same size as the inner ones, plus the thickness of two sheets.
The hexagonal cross-section keeps it from rolling away, and the thickness makes it comfortable to hold.
Many trees grow a new ring each year, and the thickness of the ring reflects how good the growing season was that year.
But to a colony of ants crawling around the wire, the rope has a second dimension: its thickness.
It does add some thickness to the keyboard, but no more than a laptop does already.
It varies in thickness in different parts of the body.
The central portion occupies the middle of the palm, is triangular in shape, and of great strength and thickness.
The rods are cylindrical, of nearly uniform thickness, and are arranged perpendicularly to the surface.
Cook one hour, strain through double thickness of cheese-cloth.
Toss on a floured board, pat, and roll out to one-half inch in thickness.
The surrounding walls, of amazing thickness, kept off all sounds behind them.
The flap is cut much thinner than with a metal blade, and the thickness is customized for each patient.
All you do is strain some of the water out of yogurt, until it reaches the thickness you want.
These pieces of wood must be spaced apart so they are the same thickness as the header in the entryway wall.
They suggest that an artery to the heart is blocked, and that the full thickness of the heart muscle is damaged.
The thickness you need is still several minutes away.

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