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You've seen the game of pachinko-a small metal ball dropped into a thicket of horizontal pegs rattles its way to the bottom.
Spreads by underground runners to form a thicket add to my plant list.
We head for a low forest, only to find it's a tangled thicket of bushes and bamboo.
It was half-covered in a thicket of overgrown trees.
Eventually, spruce trees begin to grow under the alder thicket.
In a thicket of words lies plausible deniability when the time for horror's accounting arrives.
Information about eligibility is hidden behind a thicket of complicated paperwork.
In wetter areas, the thicket is tall and interwoven and in some places almost impenetrable.
The botanists forged through a thicket and crossed a rocky ravine bed.
The white bear lumbers into a thicket and disappears.
It's such a thicket that scientists and philosophers can't even reach consensus on a definition of consciousness.
The thicket of microphones was off-putting at first, and the gold-and-silver costumes looked a little garish.
Any attempt to find a clear definition of a country soon runs into a thicket of exceptions and anomalies.
Stalking through the forest, an early human hunter might have glimpsed an oversize ape through a thicket of bamboo.
Home entertainment without the thicket of cables and wires.
The report was unremarkable except for one recommendation that shone brightly through the usual thicket.
The chances of a mayor disappearing into this thicket are high.
The voice from the thicket seemed to convey almost nothing but purblind certainty and impatience.
Bill has placed a speaker in the thicket below and broadcast a territorial intrusion call.
Due to the thicket of government regulations heavily manipulated by the food industry, all this is opaque to the consumer.
Around this silence, a thicket of rumor, gossip and conjecture has grown.
Its opinion balanced every party's needs without getting the judiciary into the thicket of artistic criticism.
Wading through that thicket of story lines wasn't easy.
Still, untangling the thicket of regulations built up over decades will be difficult.
But the piece is a thicket of symbols and archetypes rather than a story line in the usual sense.
Dead ahead lies a heavy thicket, an ideal spot for an ambush by drug smugglers.
Before us, a crush of seething villagers jostles at the edge of a thicket, ignoring two policemen attempting crowd control.
Bright yellow flowers poking their heads out of a streamside thicket.
It has one of the highest nominal rates in the world and is an impenetrable thicket of exclusions, deductions and credits.
These latter in a short space entirely disappeared, and the plains were left without a thicket to cover their nakedness.
Tackling that thicket proved too much for the colonial government.
The warmth of a bright sunrise reveals shimmering jewellike dewdrops upon thicket and fence.
It had begun to fall, and where a thicket of brambles obscured the collapse, the cows found a place to cross.
Sans-serif types, in contrast, present a thicket of vertical strokes that slow down the eye's horizontal movement.
But e-commerce presents a way to cut through the bureaucratic thicket.
The pockets of savanna that remained became forest or thicket.
The physiognomy of this community is similar to that of the dry thicket but it occupies the wet sites.

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