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Example sentences for thickener

It is a fat and flour base used as a thickener and flavoring for many recipes.
The chemical is used as a thickener in many processed foods.
Again the usual line-up of seasonings okra the thickener.
To keep these juices from turning the pie into a soup as it bakes, a thickener is added.
There was no thickener, but the oyster crackers you crumble into the broth will do the trick.
If a thickener is needed for someone that is unsafe with food or thin liquids, determine which type of thickener is to be used.
Wastewater sludge is thickened through a gravity thickener, anaerobically digested and stored in two sludge holding basins.
In addition to the digestion facility, a utility tunnel would be constructed between the facility and the thickener gallery.
Given pertinent data, calculate the solids loading to a gravity thickener.
The sludge is then pumped to a gravity belt thickener.
New thickened sludge feed pumps to convey thickened sludge from the gravity thickener to the aerobic digesters.
Copper concentrate from the copper cleaner flotation cell will be pumped to the copper concentrate thickener.
Here the sludge falls into a pit where the primary sludge is collected and pumped to a gravity thickener.
The existing gravity thickener will be converted to a primary sludge thickener.
Thickener products and premixed ready-to-eat thickened beverages, all package sizes.
The inner bark was roasted and grounded into a meal and then used as a thickener in soups or mixed with cereals when making bread.
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