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He creates what amount to relief structures by laying the paint in dense, thick layers on canvases that project from the wall.
Packed with sawdust in the thick-walled, partially buried building, the blocks would stay frozen well into summer.
The sauce is ready when it is as thick as applesauce and the oil forms a dark, deep pool on the surface.
Parts of the city, which is packed with displaced people, are still covered by a layer of purplish rock up to twelve feet thick.
And naleds are already quite thick in their natural form-in some cases more than twenty feet deep.
The result is a flexible transistor a few millimetres thick.
Drawing the roll out produces long threads a few hundred microns thick that can be as reflective as gold.
Older males' chests are covered in thick carpets of scar tissue from countless tussles.
Its crisp, thick flesh comes in a rainbow of colors.
Fog fluid is a blend of glycerol or glycols and water that can easily be vaporized to form a thick white cloud.
The cloud was so extensive that in a short time it had spread over the entire area and so thick that it caused darkness indoors.
Fairly short tail, thick at base, gradually tapering.
Now, after a hundred years of our putting out every fire, the woodlands are thick with combustibles.
Chowders are thick soups, hearty dishes that are filling and delicious.
Over the past five months public-relations disasters have flowed thick and fast.
Many people use fertilizer because they want their lawns to grow thick and green.
In animals with a thick hair coat this rising of hair expands the layer of air that serves as insulation.
We headed out in a truck along narrow red dirt trails through thick scrub.
Some pupils he dismissed as too thick to consider new ideas.
At times the mist was so thick visibility dropped to two or three yards.
But it is tiny, being the size of a credit card and about a centimeter thick.
The plastic in the seat is three-sixteenths of an inch thick.
Gray latex paint and paintbrush, or a thick permanent marker.
Loosely wrap reserved peach and nectarine pits in a thick towel.
It is four feet thick at the bottom, tapering to two feet at the top, with concentric layers of steel reinforcing bars.
He straps on a pair of steel spurs and hefts a coil of thick rope.
Produces thick thatch, must be cut with a power mower.
No one ever said it better: the spirit that fights on no matter how thick the darkness.
Its lava crept down the slope at about the speed of thick honey.
If plant is too thick and tangled for selective thinning, cut it to the ground before spring growth begins.
My skin gets thicker and thicker, but never seems to be quite thick enough to protect against the sting of rejection.
When almost as thick as condensed milk, add butter and chocolate powder.
Pots made of thick plastic or glazed terra-cotta retain moisture well as do wood tubs.
If they have thick hair and don't come around right away, get scissors and cut it off to help them cool down.
They are insulated by thick hair, and their wide, fur-covered feet act as natural snowshoes.
Thirty years ago, he recalls, the tide pools here were thick with oil.
They can be power hungry, tend to produce washed-out images in bright sunlight and are often thick and inflexible.
The air is thick with dust and the pungent scents of trampled sage, manure, and sweaty hides.
But not if your plan is to sell several years of your life in exchange for a thick bank book.
Libertarians, of course, always worry about the thick end of any wedge.
Many people cover up fear with a thick layer of bravado.
Aurora's facility has bullet-proof windows and thick walls.
It isn't always obvious when you are in the thick of it.
The distinction between thick and thin versions of the rule of law overlaps another distinction between legal traditions.
But the casualties came in thick and fast, as did the ambulances that carried them away.
At times the smoke was so thick that you couldn't even see across the street.
To do so, she hiked steep hills and crawled through thick forests.
Let the snow pile up on the sidewalk while you wend your way through thick drifts of needless words.
It has the leaden consistency and gaseous redolence of a diet thick with potatoes.
He's trying to get the message through a few thick skulls before they sign on for the ride.
It can close its nostrils to keep dust and insects from invading its snout, and its thick skin protects it from bites.
The animal's thick, bony skull usually prevents serious injury.
Snowshoe hares are forest-dwellers that prefer the thick cover of brushy undergrowth.
Their strikingly colored carapace is serrated and has overlapping scutes, or thick bony plates.
It is a thick brown sludge, gritty and triggering an immediate gag reflex.
One is a thick, shaggy coat that protects them in winter and falls away as seasons change and temperatures rise.
They even boiled starch from some of their clothes to make a thick soup.
Drainage from swollen or infected sinuses may be thick or discolored.
For years, no high-end hotel room or spa was complete without thick terry bathrobes for the guests.
Moisture-conserving thick, typically furry or hairy leaves are lance-shaped.
Blend ingredients in a blender until smooth, adding small amounts of filtered water only as needed to make a thick paste.
They won't be quite as thick as jams made with added pectin, but they will have a lovely silken texture.
The inch-thick pipes help insulate plants from desert heat.
Hot and cold running water leads to a newly enameled green tub set on a thick stone slab.
The building's nine-foot-thick walls hold human remains.
Large macaroni noodles smothered and baked in a thick white sauce with aged white cheese grated and browned on top.
The painting was done with a palette knife-its thick, crude slabs of paint suggesting the handiwork of a mason or plasterer.
Flat speakers can amplify sound with panels that may be only millimeters thick.
The wedge-tail triggerfish protects itself with two sharp dorsal spines: a large, thick one and a shorter spine behind it.
And our planet's atmosphere is thick enough to vaporize the vast majority of these intruders.
By the fifth month the lower part of the gubernaculum has become a thick cord, while the upper part has disappeared.
Set in pan of ice-water and beat until thick enough to hold its shape.
Pound veal until one-fourth inch thick and cut in pieces for serving.
Roll puff paste one-eighth inch thick and shape, using circular cutters of different sizes.
Mix ingredients in the order given and cook in double boiler until thick enough to spread.
Add one cup chopped cooked chicken, and stir until the mixture begins to thicken, then add one cup cream beaten until thick.
Roll pastry one-eighth inch thick, and cut pieces three and one-half inches long by three inches wide.
Chill, toss one-half mixture on a floured board, and roll one-eighth inch thick.
Your friend even to the horns of the altar-ie through thick and thin.
If a thick crust is desired, dredge bird with flour two or three times during cooking.
Beat the yolks of the eggs until thick and lemon-colored, and add sugar gradually.
Through thick and thin, attention drought and scandal, there's no doubting the commitment of the candidate's supporters.
When the chain reaches the water, it throws back a clear, arcing fount as thick as my thumb.
The housing recovery is locked behind a thick wall of vacancies.
The files holding the data are as thick as unabridged dictionaries.
Gather up the dough, wrap tightly in plastic wrap, and press down to flatten into a disk about one inch thick.
Through the thick brown smog, people were going about their afternoon business.
The sauce should be thick, smooth, and fully emulsified.
It is true that no one on either side of the studio's thick window expresses or even alludes to any of these objections.
Instead of wearing thin they wear thick, and in their stratification have no small geological significance.
The crabs came over the side thick and fast-and huge.
The result is thick and sweet, with a warming ginger kick backed by a smooth honey and lemon coat.
Yet promoting human rights in thick-skinned countries is not a hopeless cause.
Technology magazines today are as thick as telephone books.
These react with nearby metal atoms and form tough, protective films a few molecules thick to ameliorate the damage.
Your progress along the pavement is slowed by a thick mesh of street vendors.
So thick is the gloom pervading the rich world that the once-regular emerging-market crises have almost been forgotten.
And much of the country is covered with virtually intact tropical forests, thick with valuable hardwoods.
On the sidewalk, the air was thick with the dispiriting smell of frying fat.
If you're going to laminate your luggage tags, print the tags out on thick, white card stock.
The cuisine is comprised of many spicy vegetable and meat dishes that are usually cooked in a thick stew.
The mixture initially will be thick, but tomatoes will release their juices once heated.
Roll dough out on floured work surface to one-half inch thick.
They know the lies that permeate the thick, self-important memoirs by amoral statesmen who make wars but do not know war.
Every day of his life is scripted, his days mapped out in thick three-ring binders.
Guacamole is practically an afterthought, hidden under thick, unsalted chips freshly fried in corn oil.
It's a foot thick, too thick she thinks for a car to go through.
When the shaking stopped and emergency lights came on, the air was thick with a chalky haze of dust and concrete.
It's a big, thick stone wall that has stuff growing out of crevices and a pyramid-shaped top.
And while a reactor core is isolated by thick layers of steel and concrete, a spent-fuel pool is largely unshielded.
The poet notices an unusually thick book under the critic's arm and asks him if he's reading it.
After about fifty or sixty yards, the way was blocked by thick bramble bushes and other undergrowth.
Farther up the hill, one could see yellow lace threading the fringes of the woods, marking a wilderness thick with mines.
Mussels swam in a thick brown peppercorn sauce that congealed after a few minutes on the table.
Following the first grading period, the air was so thick with smoke you could barely find your way across campus.
Whisk together yolks, sugar, and flour until thick and pale.
Tightly roll up layers away from you into a short thick cigar.
It was from cuttlefish-the squid's larger, thick-fleshed cousin.
Additionally, the company is only seeking approval for growing the fish in large, land-locked tanks with double-thick walls.
Whales are wrapped in fat-a thick layer of blubber-as vital insulation against the cold.
Its leg bones were unusually thick, a feature shared by other aquatic animals including hippos, sea otters and manatees.
The bones of its skull have extended around its eyes and brain to create a thick helmet.
Through its thick coils, a boa can sense the tiny heartbeats of its prey.
Soon the ravine echoes with the sound of the chain saws cutting disks a few inches thick from logs two feet in diameter.
Cloak a living area in a thick enough blanket of it and it will enable astronauts to live radiation-free.
The one on the left is one-tenth of a micrometer thick and is made of a porous support with a thin coating of the membrane.
But fabricating a polymer layer a mere micro-meter thick can be ex-pensive.
The keyboard is only a few millimeters thick, made from a fabric woven with tiny conductive fibers.
To make a practical read head, the layers in the sensor stack will have to be two to three nanometers thick.
Thick bands of scar tissue can form in the wound, leaving the muscle severely and permanently impaired.
Some homes are in coverage shadows or have thick apartment walls that impede transmissions.
Your base, essentially a bechamel sauce, must be thick and aggressively flavored.
To stand behind them requires patience and thick skin.
Some don't even bother with lawyers and pore over thick legal tomes so they can file their own lawsuits.
In a typical shampoo commercial, a dark-haired beauty pulls her fingers through a thick mane of glossy hair to showcase a brand.
The poems are thick with metaphor, high diction, and compulsive allusions to myth.
Trump appears to have covered his head in a thick layer of billiards chalk before recording this video.
They wore thick-soled shoes, usually in a brown suit.
Shrewd and alert, her unnaturally wide eyes are ringed by a thick fringe of false eyelashes.
Usually, the mothers say, he paid tabs by peeling hundreds off a thick wad of bills.
He had the body of a wrestler, and a long thick face, with a mouth slightly open and a protruding lower lip.
But when you're in the thick of an individual episode, it can get awfully sluggish.

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