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They helped people make moral judgments and hold people responsible amidst our frailties.
At some point in many professors' careers, they want to move.
They were also working much harder than they had to in order to enhance the economic rents of wealthy landowners.
They had rummaged around his thorax, trying to get close to the arrowhead and the tissue around it.
They were actively engaged with the community they wanted to mobilize.
So they had fed it, and it was in the process of digesting.
Before being eaten they must be allowed to ripen further to lose their puckery astringency and become as soft and sweet as jelly.
Those wagers alarmed investors when they were disclosed, prompting a crisis of confidence that led to the firm's demise.
They formed egalitarian societies so as not to have leaders who might sell them out to the state.
Those longed-for record contracts, when they finally appear, are seldom lavish.
But they sometimes disappear for weeks, diving more than a mile down and resting in the chilly deep for a spell.
They may try to explore whether the reactor can be restored because it's a significant investment.
They realized it was one of the governor's vessels, and they shouted for their crewmates to stand with them.
After flowering, they display fiery winter foliage.
They were too wrapped up in themselves to care about the five thousand people who worked for the company.
Bankers have an odd-sounding problem these days: they are awash in cash.
They think that graduate school is a good place to hide from the recession.
They employ one of the loudest songs per volume of birds.
Both spoke anonymously because they were not authorized to release the information.
They recorded who appeared in students' photo albums.
They are usually lower-paid, part-time or informal jobs.
They are apt to sing anytime and anyplace they happen to be.
They cannot study gods bec they are unobservable and imaginary.
They believe the culture thrived for hundreds of years, breaking up into settlements and living off the fruitful land.
Blueberries thrive under conditions that suit rhododendrons and azaleas, to which they are related.
In fact, that's how they became giants in the first place.
They are more interested in protecting their special interests than converting outsiders.
They have been ruinous for the people whose homes and businesses have been damaged and destroyed.
Wolves are legendary because of their spine-tingling howl, which they use to communicate.
And that includes the way they choose to express themselves through language.
When these elements come together, as they did with this story, the work of reporting and writing is a pleasure.
They slowly encase themselves in an epistemic cocoon.
In the vast majority of instances, they remain trapped at the bottom.
They also graze on land, feeding on grains and plants.
They also have an idea of what can be owned, and what can't.
Nor was the technology they attacked particularly new.
Try this out on those horticultural wizards who think they know it all.
Some cars are so beautifully designed and exquisitely engineered that they transcend mere transportation to become works of art.
He hopes that they can be turned into an influential lobby for reform.
In the fall and winter, they form packs for more effective hunting.
They will even give commands back to be in their own way.
They also eat such wildlife as deer and quail and feast on the eggs of endangered sea turtles.
Astronomers have witnessed a cosmic explosion so strange they don't even know what to call it.
They contracted into their own tight ring in the center of the park and locked elbows.
Bobcats are elusive and nocturnal, so they are rarely spotted by humans.
They are always there to answer my questions, to help out, and support me in my work.
Three or four times a day, they would take the water's temperature and record it on a chart.
Rooftop gardens require particularly unfussy plants since they get direct sunlight and sporadic water.
Unless, of course, they personally helped create them.
Everyone, be they doctors or central bankers or politicians, makes mistakes.
They immediately crawl into their mothers' pouches where they continue to develop after birth-usually for a couple of months.
They did not expose the bones in the field but kept it in a plaster jacket until they got it into a lab.
They easily breached that barrier by jumping onto the netting from a nearby tree and chewing their way through.
They are degraded and terrified, and they doubt their families or society will accept them again.
If they do fall significantly more, now would obviously not be a great time to buy.
In this new position, our innards were not as well supported as they had been in our quadrupedal ancestors.
But these guys still think they earned it all, and the rest of us should be grateful to have them.
They live near water and favor coasts and lakes where fish are plentiful, though they will also snare and eat small mammals.
Once they knew what they were looking for, paleontologists searched for medullary bone in other species.
When governments make promises they can't pay for, something has to give.
They are found cruising the shallow, warm waters of all the world's oceans.
When they met, they discovered that they cooked uncannily well as a team and became best buddies.
They have a highly developed sense of smell that males use to avoid each other and to find females for mating in the spring.
They usually have two to four eggs each year, which both parents care for.
They grow four or five feet tall and are generally self-supporting.
They are currently listed as vulnerable to extinction.
Some flowering plants can become so disfigured that they must be removed from the garden.
They prefer sun but need some shade where summers are hot.
They build huge nests to which they may return for several breeding years.
They should draw these routes on their maps in different colors.
As you learn about new mummies, find and mark where they were discovered on a world map.
The lines below connect raters to each of the measures they take into account.
They want entertainment and play in their work and education, as well as their social life.
Look, now, here's what they calculated-and it was a clever political calculation.
She hopes to figure out what they do all day and who their major predators are.
They sit balled up and stuffed into the one that hangs from the pantry door.
People reported being happiest when engaged in what they were doing versus allowing their minds to wander.
They bloom more and produce more plentiful and larger leaves.
Bats can subtly adjust the frequency of the sounds they use to do echolocation to adjust to particularly cluttered terrain.
They retain their body moisture efficiently, but they do not function without water.
As they stand huddled in a flock in what appears to be a grazing stupor, sheep may in fact be visualizing favorite flock mates.
They also queried the students about whether they were likely to make exercise a routine part of their day.
They grew up as the leftovers of an unpopular war, straddling two worlds but belonging to neither.
They decided against it for fear of harming the creature's tissues, so instead the animal will soften up in a salty bath.
They were supposed to have tried to stay true to her husband.
But conservationists say they still have a long way to go.
They often looked as if they were on another plane of existence.
These stealthy cats avoid humans and hunt at night, so they are rarely seen.
They believe their deities are living things, with the same needs as other beings.
Climbing roses are almost as popular as their shrubby counterparts, and they likewise need regular water and fertilizer to thrive.
They could be brutal, but what that stereotype overlooks is the organization and the willpower they had.
They were huddled and sweet, and seemed a little dazed.
They can do this activity in groups, or individually.
They can be made ahead, and they take well to either buffet or plated service.
They then tickled and stimulated the skin on the arm.
Apparently they used the new tender shoots and leaves in salads.
But they still suffer from disrupted sleep, interrupted feeding and the energetic costs of flight and resettlement.
Many species don't mate until they're in their teens, and then may bear small litters only once every two years.
She simply couldn't believe they were about to be reunited.
They're the subject of best-selling books, workshops and exhibitions.
The secret to efficient swimming, they found, was vorticity control.
They have a red bit that sticks out from the top of their heads-the comb-and another that dangles beneath their chin-the wattle.
They congregate on the far side, running back and forth, crowding along the bank.
Standing waist-deep in muddy water, they chew coca leaves to stave off exhaustion and hunger.
It's not simply because they need to find greener pastures after eating everything in sight.
There, they feed on plankton and other microscopic fare pulled in through tiny pores.
They have groceries to buy, kids to take care of, and cars to keep running.
They want to upgrade to a more-prestigious university, a bigger salary, and better facilities.
When people are alone with their own thoughts, she said, that's when they have great epiphanies and get to discover who they are.
But it also drew out the many challenges they face as they seek deeper, broader and more sustained collaboration.
They think graduate school will continue that romantic experience and enable them to stay in college forever as teacher-scholars.
They are unlikely to achieve that, though fear may stop some from going to the polls.
They hold out bravely during the whole of the action.
Hundreds of authors and works are quickly accessible to all the pages on which they appear.
They languish, because none feel with them their common nature.
They perform best in sun but will also succeed in light shade.
Set the crowns of the plants high, so they won't become saturated and rot after watering.
While they won't tolerate as much foot traffic as a lawn, a few low-growing ground covers can take some traffic.
The plants produce less fruit as they age, so replace them every three years.
While these pavers are beautiful and quite popular, they may not be the best to complement a contemporary home and living space.
They emerge about now, breed, then nest in holes whose entrances they seal with mud.
They draw you into the garden and give you a reason to celebrate the long nights of winter.
Click ahead to see what they did, mixing some old with the new along the way.
These branches should be well spaced along the trunk and should radiate in different directions so they don't shade each other.
As far as our real, three-dimensional chickens, they are not crazy about the rain.
And, because they're tall, for counterbalance they especially need vertical plants.
As they bond over its preparation, dinner becomes entertainment and the meal rolled into one.
As long as the leaves are green and growing, they continue to manufacture food for the plant and for next year's flowers.
And they last longer, which endears them to florists and fall gardeners alike.
But one thing lovers have little control over is how they'll turn their heads when they go in for the kiss.
They are social birds and typically travel in flocks, often strung out in a line.
National parks are inviting places, especially for non-native species that can cause havoc once they move in.
Then they open their cavernous maws to let the currents sweep food straight in.
They live to be about four years old, with both males and females dying soon after breeding.
But the animals dramatically modify the abundance and diversity of plants and animals in the ecosystems they invade.
The criminals were quickly caught and brought back to the mainland, where they were hanged.
As students learn to read maps, it is important that they learn how to compare maps that show different types of information.
Early birds may be chipper in the morning, but they mentally wear out faster, a new brain-scan study reveals.
They'll be fattened for the sushi market, where their buttery meat fetches high prices.
But there may be a method to their meander-ness: they're making sure they get it right.
They could crush native mosquito populations and block the spread of disease.
Astronomers believe they may have discovered the first planet ever detected in another galaxy.
They may wear flip-flops to the office or listen to iPods at their desk.
Little do they know that teams of scientists are eagerly watching them trying to find it.
They apparently don't know what they're supposed to know.
But, on their own, they often don't do much to make poor countries richer.
They have tailored their churches to meet the needs and desires of the people they serve.
They would pound him with their fists the way flies pound themselves against windows.
They do not attempt the six-inch heels they routinely send down the runway.
Addicts were always borrowing against royalties, and they were always behind on paying back the money.
They tend to be small and to include smaller percentages of special-needs students.
Following instructions from an emergency physician on the phone, they began cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
They don't want to die any more than the rest of us do.
Don't define me by my school, they seemed to be saying, which implied that their school actually could define them.
They might have the expertise required for the trip to succeed, but the captain called the shots.
But when they asked her about her decision to run she looked scared and panicky and couldn't talk about it.
Specialized transistors track hardware bugs as they happen.
Researchers show that they can make more efficient use of the airwaves than previously thought.
They're potentially cheaper to make than conventional solar cells and can be quickly printed.
They can choose from several plans, much the same way mobile phone owners subscribe to minutes.
Unfortunately, they didn't keep the promise: consumers often found setup difficult and performance poor to nonexistent.
Polymer solar cells are inefficient compared to silicon solar cells, but they are much cheaper to make.
They also get tax breaks as manufacturers that is intended to keep them from sending jobs overseas.
They point out that two wires become maximally twisted when no more rotations can be added with deforming the double helix.
Heat engines are the mainstay of our transportation system but they are huge.
They swallow and cough as areas controlling sensation to the throat become active.
They are used in niche applications such as power generation on spacecraft and temperature-controlled car seats.
Shell is always looking for ways they can improve, including how well they communicate with you.
They focus on the way that interlocutors copy each other's use of certain types of words in sentences.
They might find a niche for lightweight, flexible solar cells in aircraft and drones.
So far the materials are rare in business jets, though they've become common in small, home-built kit planes.
The birds learned to identify an aggressive researcher and ignore the others-and eventually they dive-bombed the malefactor.
How tiny little insects get us to do exactly as they wish.
People are saying her left side is paralyzed, and she knows they are wrong.
In doing so, they are disrupting alliances between fish and plants that have been going on for millions years.
One by one, three bee-eater chicks hatch in their underground nest, and they are all about to die.
When neutrinos change from one phase to another, they tell us something about their mysterious nature.
They have no obvious eyes among their purple spines, but they can still respond to light.
Now they will be motivated to find a way to hook up electrodes to the unborn to see if they get the same reaction.
Clearly, they are triggered when something goes wrong in our brains.
They open up questions, collect a few, and send them to the interviewee to answer via email.
The medical elite thought they knew what caused ulcers and stomach cancer.
But they were wrong-and did not want to hear the answer that was right.
Plants have more than thorns and thistles to protect themselves-they can cry for help.
To achieve that, they have sacrificed mobility around their elbow joints.
They could clearly recognise themselves, but still the illusion worked.
After the chimps picked off their neighbours, they eventually took over their territory.
If you scaled them down to the size of a piece of paper, they'd actually be far thinner than a single sheet of that paper.
The program is supposed to be monitoring the animals and how they fare within city limits.
Both spirals, they are caught in each other's gravitational claws.
Only occasionally do they rise above broad parody, though.
They aren't three-dimensional, either, or you could make a structure.
They have these huge windows and they open them out so that people on the street are walking right by you.
They're basically eating up the first-rate urbanism.
Indeed, they are frequently dissatisfied even with their sizable fortunes.
They had no practical effect except as reminders that the authorities were on guard and in control.
Indeed, they help with media and other calls and are sometimes quoted in the press as company spokesmen.
They talked at length about his diet, his physical activity, his responsibilities and how they weighed on him.
There are a few reasons, but they all boil down to something simple.
He could give them that much vault material whenever they wanted.
They act as though the words they write and pictures they post and texts they send vanish into the ether.
Anyone in the theater can gain admittance to this secret section so long as they are wearing one diamond stud in their left ear.
They were looking to populate their fantasy world with new and more lurid characters.
They slept in their body armor and helmets and kept their hands wrapped around their guns.
They had to put us in an armored truck to get us out of there.
The significant majority of affluent people follow only those professional sports they themselves can successfully play.
In the process, they become more distant from ordinary people, losing whatever empathy they may once have had.
These are people who want to be rewarded as if they were entrepreneurs.
They said the middle lot alone would have seven retaining walls.
Finding out where-or if-they land is part of the fun.
But they are never out of fashion, since these clothes set their own fashion.
They identify with the executives, the push-button executors.
They always did, but they were meant as guides for him before the actual shoot took place.
Oddly enough, the newspapers under-played it, even though they gave it streamer headlines day after day.
Clams are excellent on the grill and they pop open when cooked.
But don't worry-they are surprisingly straightforward to put together in a muffin pan.
The good ones made it well, and they were relatively inexpensive.
Eventually they were forced out by judicial order, and today they are appealing their removal in court.
They live in trees around the house and make a big noise if strangers come around.
Most veggie burgers must have self-esteem issues, since they're always pretending to be something they're not.
Most food manufacturers start small, and if they expand into industrial-scale production they don't turn back.
The pecans are simply toasted, but once they're coated with vinaigrette, you'd swear they were candied.
They are a perfect meal for lunch or dinner because they can be complete nutritionally and aren't heavy.
The nuts are speckling the sidewalks of our tree-lined streets, and they're carpeting the ground under our park benches.
Grind up the scallions in the food processor until they're about the same size as the ginger.
All writers have some secret about the way they work.
They often admire them and hold them in high esteem.
Once they find the right card, they are faced with the problem of what to write on the other side.
And what they are seeking is information, not more slogans.
They had to do this without engaging in divisive attacks or counter-attacks.
They realize that these are serious problems and they want them solved.
They had been derived from drugs meant to treat infections, and were found only serendipitously to alter the mental state.
They both came to see, in a time of bitter political division, some shared values with the other side.
They are helpless abstractions of what they were always going to be.
They can use its cost to say that domestic needs are too expensive to be met-health care, education, infrastructure.

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