thew in a sentence

Example sentences for thew

Thew thing that is bugging my colleagues and me is how bacteria in a chondritic meteorite could fossilise in the first place.
The production company owns the gas as it comes out of thew ell and through the three-phase hydrocarbon separation unit.
Thew suggested the standard include all participants of the skill panels.
Then umber generally represents the sequence of thew ells drilled on the lease.
Thew discussed the amendment contract he drafted with the proposed changes.
Thew said the burden of proof is on the taxpayer to present evidence to the referee to support a request for reduction.
Cloudy water that clears quickly from the bottom up is caused b y tiny air bubbles in thew at er similar t o gas bubbles in soda.
If you look closely at thew rock outcrops, you will see they are not without life.
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