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For the mayor, the test will now be how to make certain these important protests can go forward.
These are the greenhouse-gas emissions from two universities.
Still, there is a risk that these careful leaders will eventually lose control of the street.
These tasty gifts can be eaten once the spirits have had their fill.
However, eradicating mosquitoes to solve these diseases is akin to having a surgeon use a sledge hammer to remove a brain tumor.
These are cool earphones that are still moderately priced for such excellent performance and customized comfort.
Professors who use these puppets argue they have a serious purpose.
Yes, these viral pictures of goats clinging to an impossibly steep rock face are real.
Sometimes these interviewees aren't well known, and sometimes they're famous.
These structures create privacy with artful elegance.
The last thing to say about collecting these figures is to avoid being forced into buying doubles.
These vocabularies made people aware of how their weaknesses manifested themselves and how to exercise discipline over them.
These changes would produce substantial economic benefits to the nation and financial benefits to the student.
It was always a dream to be able to work with these super predators.
Yet these are the places that will also require nuclear power, if as according to you, nuclear power is the only option.
Fascinated by the graceful gliding of these mammals with.
Make and package these exquisite chocolates yourself.
There is bipartisan agreement that these cuts make no distinction among meat, bone and fat.
These archetypes are real people and real careers that are ended.
Around the world, however, these services are rapidly disappearing.
In the immediate sense, making these connections and tying things down diminishes the emotional disturbance or arousal.
In these southern continents there were three major groups of large, predatory dinosaurs.
Flavor and color treats are hiding inside these familiar-looking fruits.
But the price of these drugs has already stirred concerns about the costs of care among patients, providers and insurers.
These undertakings have been in the exploratory stages for a while, but the last few days have seen a rush of announcements.
Fortunately, officials have started to address these problems.
Unfortunately these potentially huge constrictors are often poorly cared for and are frequently released into the wild.
But as clear and detailed as these memories feel, psychologists find they are surprisingly inaccurate.
These moths are toxic and unpleasant to taste, and their bright colors serve as a warning system to predators.
When you read the accounts of recruiters at these firms, you get a sense of why they might choose these metrics.
They may need to conduct some basic research on these cultures before making their lists.
Photo book captures magnificence of these shapely trees.
As deadly boring as these commencements can be, they can also be quite charming.
These are designed to operate in greenhouses adapted to automation.
Virtually all these criteria, however, are based on the patient's history and the clinical encounter.
Plant these six basil varieties together for delicious harvest all summer.
These fast meals will also work great with regular pastas too.
Unhealthy conditions, which give rise to disease, are usually the end products of these disruptions.
In addition, these artificial oxygen carriers can be stored for long periods, greatly simplifying the work of the blood bank.
These storms bring destruction ashore in many different ways.
Studies of fireflies and fish suggest how these drugs really work.
Many of these aquatic monsters are thought to be seriously threatened by overfishing and habitat destruction.
To escape predators in the ocean, these cephalopods will speed away by shooting a jet of water.
The pyramid shape of later tombs could have come from these mounds.
These information-packed guides offer savvy advice and the in-depth information that sophisticated travelers demand.
These websites are always full in stocks which would meet your each and every needs.
These depressions, they discovered, corresponded with increases in chlorophyll at the sea surface.
These findings suggest humanity's closest extinct relatives might have been capable of symbolism, after all.
Look back at the history of these catastrophic storms and examine the science of hurricanes.
These neurons are then presumably available to aid in situations that tax the mind.
Knowledge is the key to appreciating these reclusive creatures.
We need a better scientific understanding of these pervasive systems failures.
The only way that companies can prosper in these markets is to cut costs relentlessly and accept profit margins close to zero.
With lower endowments and less financial support from state governments, universities need all the help they can get these days.
Farms aren't the only place where these animals may be found.
These efforts address a reality often lost in the open-education rhetoric.
Make it clear that these are copies of your electronic app.
These conclusions seem specious, or the writer left out some crucial elements.
Employments cannot discriminate on these grounds either.
Many of these students transferred from community colleges to senior colleges.
With both of these methods you can achieve progressivity by either excepting certain goods or providing a rebate.
To lose many of these programs is a disaster in the making.
These days there is rarely nothing good on television.
Because these fora are a way to be rebellious that isn't normally open to us.
These were the long-necked, small-headed precursors of the later, gigantic sauropod dinosaurs.
These colors are more widespread in the bottom image, which shows functional links and not anatomical ones.
Nothing is more ordinary than a paper bag, which is why these hats are so extraordinary.
These employers have provided in-depth profiles full of information for prospective candidates.
These can include efficient management, likeable candidates and objectionable opponents.
Storm chasers risk their lives to discover the secrets of these awesome winds.
One of our readers anonymously sent in these photographs.
Think about using these questions as you move through a unit in your course.
Cavities in the roof of the fish's mouth sheath these natural daggers when they're not embedded in prey.
It's not unusual for plants to produce mutant fruit that lacks seeds, but these fruits are usually the end of their line.
City officials seem awfully meddlesome with our weight these days.
Some people are able to control anger or frustration and channel these feelings to nondestructive outlets.
Nursery pots and planting paraphernalia stay put in these cleverly constructed garden shelves.
Light and airy, these soufflés are the perfect finale for a romantic evening.
These quick and easy dinners will fit in perfectly with your busy schedule.
These quick sauces and dry rubs are delicious whether you're roasting, pan-frying, or grilling.
Serve these enchiladas in individual ramekins and guests can layer their own choice of toppings.
These easy slow-cooker dinner recipes make hearty meals.
These near-the-ground vents are another place embers can get in.
Try these fresh, flavorful recipes using ripe fruits and vegetables from summer's harvest.
These are breaking down political and geographic barriers faster than the politicians ever could, he argues.
These basic models are also influential because of their simplicity.
Whether these new legal forms will change business that much remains to be seen.
Further, we've written before that these franchises can have positive externalities for the university.
None of these facts brook disagreement, but here the unity ends.
The snag, from society's point of view, is that all these drugs are horribly expensive.
These funds typically back businesses that dabble in clean tech or hire locals.
After all, these are the brains of every digital device.
But these problems are of a different order to the one of suspected criminality at the top.
When electrons jump between these energy levels, they absorb and emit light of particular frequencies.
The more closely you follow these conventions, the more easily your readers can locate the information they seek about you.
These may be projects you want to do or projects you need to do.
These people will be your partners and/or your adversaries.
These may be fine courses in their own right, but an undergraduate student has time for only so many history courses.
However, none of these traits were reflected in my transcript.
Perhaps faculty members have failed to communicate a belief in these students.
The work to be done in order to lift these people up seemed almost beyond accomplishing.
Ultimately, after the lapse of centuries, these sub-breeds would become converted into two well-established and distinct breeds.
We would call these encroaching or interposing concealing memories.
From these ganglia postganglionic fibers arise and conduct impulses to the different organs.
But these words, so magical to the official mind, have no weight when these same officials are adjusting their own private lives.
Each of these principal arteries gives origin to two different systems of secondary vessels.
And these legends have practical applications for paleontologists.
When and why these people left their native land remains a mystery.
When these skinks encounter cane toads, they eat them without consequence.
People obviously cooperated with each other to build these monuments.
Long before pre-schoolers have mastered more conventional vocabulary they can rattle off the multisyllabic names of these beasts.
Each of these cosmic messengers might herald extraterrestrial life.
Together they appear to represent the upper limits of how large these predatory dinosaurs could get.
Made of wood and rawhide, these traditional snowshoes go back to prehistory.
As with the cookies, you can have fun with fondant-these folks sure did-but the decoration doesn't have to be elaborate.
Although becoming less common, these are still woven in countryside villages.
These irregularities make some parcels of air buoyant, which results in the transport of pollutants throughout the atmosphere.
The subsequent hopping and leaping of these grains is called saltation.
Unfortunately, these markers can only be viewed during postmortem investigations.
These differences could affect how the brain develops, and so explain why only humans are capable of language.
When the body develops a resistance to these messengers, people become more prone to overeating and weight gain.
Once these genetic memos outlive their usefulness, they end up deactivated in repositories known as processing bodies.
These novel materials could help unravel one of the biggest mysteries in science-how exactly the high-temperature versions work.
Scientists said tracking these climate changes can help officials anticipate and plan for surges in illnesses.
But to work, these effector proteins need to first make their way inside of a cell.
Regulation of these activities presents special challenges.
Underneath the skin of these areas are unique vascular structures designed to deliver large volumes of blood to the surface.
The reason is the size of these systems and their seemingly inexorable growth.
The team noticed that in the daughters of fat fathers, these islets had shrunk, compared with those of the control daughters.
Of these, only the muons have enough penetrating power to reach the ground unscathed.
The light from these energetic galaxies is absorbed by the dust, which heats up and reradiates it in the infrared.
Antiaging products are big business, but the marketing of these products often misrepresents the science.
These precious rocks occasionally contain impurities trapped inside during formation billions of years ago.
Moms outrank barren females in these snub-nosed societies, and males with multiple mates gain high status.
It boasts rabbitlike ears and a kangaroo tail-yet the aardvark is related to none of these animals.
Some of these animals are prized in the hobby trade for their smaller and more manageable sizes.
Ask students to write brief essays answering these questions.
To demonstrate their understanding of these terms, ask students to write or state sentences that use all three of these words.
These high-speed introductions to extreme sports showcase the skills and share the secrets of these sports.
These two adorable grizzly juveniles were playing and having a great day.
List these same key events, in order, on a piece of lined chart paper.
Cameras on these subs sometimes catch glimpses of deep-sea creatures.
Wrap one of these gingery meatballs with shredded vegetables in lettuce, then dunk in a tart-sweet-spicy sauce.
The relationship of these figures to each other, and to the frieze on the adjacent wall, is among the great enigmas in cave art.
Photographers today must be jealous looking at these intimate pictures.
Universities don't seem to breed much civil courage these days.
Because these figures have no responsibilities, they cannot disappoint.
But it's a small price to pay, considering how much joy these cats bring into my life.
The world has enough of these tunes to last until the final bar band turns to dust, but you admire the acoustics here.
The in-house advance publicity for these broadcasts was lavish.
There are a couple of peculiar things about these tax breaks-which have been around as long as the federal income tax.
In all these categories, few other nations of comparable size and economic development even come close.
Many of these books come in series, spinning out extended narratives in intricately imagined worlds.
But you have to go pretty far afield to find something people would call abnormal these days.
It will often turn out that these people have never seen a reality show.
Goldsmith, who is seventy-two, related these and other data the other day over an early lunch in midtown.
These days, the word appears in reference books and museum exhibits.
Even more intriguing is that the activation of these pathways appears to be regulated by the animal's sense of smell.
These spiral generators scavenge power when the beetle beats its wings.
The whole point of these studies is to link genes and disease.
The universe is well stocked with these lovely cherry-red nebulae, thanks to hydrogen's omnipresence.
Today these transgressions are inspiring great science, too.
We might imagine that these people really know that they're deceiving themselves, and that their words are mere bravado.
Floating in the water among all these things are myriad bacteria-there are perhaps a billion cells in every liter.
They christened these objects planetary nebulas, or planetary clouds.
In all of these areas there's been quite a lot of progress, but huge gaps remain.
Breaking a single one of these connections usually crashes the computer.
Surprisingly, these changes didn't unfold in a smooth, linear process.
Malignant tumors continually shed cancer cells into the bloodstream, and these cells can spread the disease to other tissues.
Also these compact florescent light bulbs do not give off the light they claim, nor do the last as long.
These materials can improve a process called adsorption chilling, which can be used for refrigeration and air conditioning.
These objects are rotating neutron stars emitting radiation from their magnetic poles.
Given the technological nature of these crimes, some unique challenges are involved in tracking down the perpetrators.
The techniques for making these electrodes, however, would be expensive.
However, the panoramic photos these services offer provide only a limited perspective.
Spiders make many varieties of silk, and many of these fibers are stronger than steel.
These simple structures may prove to be useful as containers, perhaps for drug delivery in the body.
He has demonstrated that these ribbons, once incorporated into transistors, show excellent electronic properties.
These are cancer cells that have broken away from the main tumor and begun to circulate in the blood.
But these gatekeepers of the technology business are now being challenged themselves.
These include quantum memory buses, quantum error correction circuits and quantum key distribution relays.
All and all, these switch stations seem to finely engineered.
By the time the disease can be diagnosed, these processes are already well under way.
The majority of these patients also have a drug-eluting stent put in at the time of the procedure.
These devices are designed to counter the uncontrolled electrical storm of a seizure with an externally delivered current.
These kinds of trades appear to generate emergent behaviour that has nothing to do with the actual value of a company.
And finally, these effects must switch on at a specific critical temperature.
The technique involves making latticed sheets from ceramic ink, then folding and heating these sheets to create intricate shapes.
These delicate, lightly spiced cupcakes are reminiscent of carrot cake.
Elegant and deliciously buttery, these golden fantails are an obvious choice for entertaining.
These pancakes capture the sweetness of corn from the cob.
These hearty, highly addictive pancakes are an ideal start to an active day.
Hot-wing aficionados will flip for these grilled shrimp, seasoned with bottled hot sauce and melted butter.
In these margaritas, frozen watermelon takes the place of ice.
Small producers think these priorities are misplaced.
To be sure, many of these songs do hold a strong connection to the era in which they were recorded.
And the number of these being approved as drugs has declined.
But should you keep these people from drinking, you risk their draining rubbing alcohol from your medical cabinet.
Of course it's a small nudge one way or another, but these sorts of nudges add up.
Now there are all these gorgeous stores on the plaza, and it looks amazing.
The perfection of these pacific instruments should be the first objective of our scientists as they emerge from their war work.
The poem speeds up and slows down many different ways in the course of these five lines.
It's an impossibly dubious thing to try to quantify, but hats off to these researches for giving it a shot.
These instructions should provide a clear introduction to this challenging world.
There is more than historical curiosity behind these new efforts.
National politicians usually have years to build these homunculi of themselves.
While the odds may not be in favor of these actors in the arena, they certainly were in the casting room.
But these, worthy as they are, have lacked scale and resources and the capacity for growth.
But they are never out of fashion, since these clothes set their own fashion.
In the meantime, check out some of the music from these trendsetting artists.
He's holding on to his high standards, which have never wavered through all these years.
With tens of thousands of elephants dead each year for their tusks, extinction looms on the horizon for these majestic creatures.
Usually these ventures are short-lived: the rhymes disserve the beats.
These are different worlds, which require different skills and training.
The concerns of some of these groups are largely about the ways they will live.
Today tens of millions of people take these serotonin-enhancing antidepressants.
These pages are alive with pain, heavy with human misery.
These different measures coexist and often blend but are not always rationalized in experience under one central system.
Each of these items is cited in the source notes for these pages.
The prose is scrappy, disorganized, and full of these parentheses and cancellations.
Hence it would be wrong to deny these events a revolutionary status.
But meanwhile a voice is heard above these waters, speaking with precision and in tones of quiet reason.
And then these forms, far from crystallizing or sharpening experience, can falsify or be felt as a burden.
For this reason, it is important to follow national trends data to monitor the reduction of these risk factors.
These commenters also stated that maximum payment limits to corporate farms should be enforced.

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