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Solar thermal systems use heat energy from the sun to warm water.
One guaranteed way to chill out these days is in a hot spring at a thermal spa.
Remarkable is the thermal gap between day and night.
Another technology that archaeologists are taking to is thermal imaging.
People typically don't think of installing solar thermal when they build or retrofit their homes.
Thermal annealing of these thin-film devices often leads to improved power conversion efficiency.
Because hillsides are never as cold in winter as the hilltops above them or the ground below them, they're called thermal belts.
The hotter they are and the bigger they are, the more thermal energy they have.
Thermal comfort always rated poorly compared with other categories.
All the progress your correspondent has witnessed since the early days of thermal airships leaves him wanting more.
Thermal imaging uses a heat-sensitive camera to detect increased blood flow around the eyes.
In search of the ultimate lie detector, researchers turn to thermal facial scans, brain wiring and eyeball tracking.
Built-in safety and thermal circuits help it to run cooler than some other laptop batteries.
Some thermal coatings are as thin as a coat of paint, so they can be applied to aircraft.
Yet another city is offering incentives to homeowners to use thermal energy storage for night time wind power.
Thermal management in lithium-ion battery packs is critical to the long-term performance and quality of the battery.
Laser light and thermal heat could help improve the accuracy of mammograms.
The reason they are smooth is the thermal structure right below them.
There is your problem as the thermal energy increases, the temperature increases.
The reason for the difference here is simple: thermal design.
These new photovoltaic thermal hybrid panels presently exist only as prototypes.
The low thermal conductivity of the polyester blocked his body heat from reaching the sensor.
The next step is to look at the chemical composition of these planets, their cloud structures and their thermal properties.
Solar thermal installations are used to provide hot water for various uses.
Things do look more hopeful for this utility-scale solar thermal project.
Concentrated solar thermal plant with molten salt storage does the job today.
There simply is not enough time to disperse evenly the effects of such huge thermal disturbances.
As these are printed on thermal paper, they fade unless kept cold.
People come cheerfully to sit in the hot thermal pool, but first they have to cover themselves with healing mud.
Solar thermal is the utilization of the sun's radiation to heat water.
Carefully, he lowered the thermal box to the ground on ropes.
The result is unbalanced thermal radiation that produces a small acceleration.
But a fluffy layer of condensed water vapor returns thermal energy back to the ground.
Each is operated by a crew of three, has thermal sighting, night vision and an automatic loading system.
The air conditioning is usually running and every joule of additional thermal load is a direct air conditioning cost.
Thermal emittance determines how readily a surface gives up heat.
Thermal anomalies have been imaged at the vents of both volcanoes, although no lava has been seen thus far.
They also said thermal expansion would raise the world's oceans, though they did not know by how much.
Distinct colors in the canyon walls indicate thermal spots where the rock has essentially rusted.
Although they can swim almost from birth, they need the thermal insulation of a thick blubber layer to survive in frigid seas.
It s probably stronger than aluminum and it s already space-qualified for fixing thermal blankets.
The greenhouse would consist of a thick skin providing thermal insulation, with small transparent windows to admit sunlight.
Instead of using a mechanical compressor running on electricity, thermal coolers are powered with hot water.
In these dark depths, chemosynthesis-based on thermal and chemical energy from the vents-is the primary mechanism sustaining life.
The gold cylinder absorbed the laser energy and converted it into thermal x-ray energy.
Observe the whales in their natural habitat and relax in the famous thermal waters of the lagoon.
The devices then function as thermal batteries, capable of giving back the energy when it is needed.
Solar thermal plants use the sun's heat to create steam that drives electricity-generating turbines.
The chemical is also found on thermal register receipts, which people receive at checkout at nearly every retailer.
The entire outer third of the sun is a seething ocean of gas, constantly churned by thermal convection.
Once the bot has its thermal fill, it makes its way to wherever you are and emits the stored heat.
They should throw the scanners away and invest in thermal imaging security scanners.
And this has caused some rise in sea level due purely to the thermal expansion of the water.
Meaning that such solar thermal power plants could be swapped in for fossil fuel-burning ones.
Ideally tapping into magma centers would allow increased thermal diversion through tectonic overlapping.
HP printers have a protective circuit called a thermal breaker.
Another energy tower idea incorporates heat pumps and solar thermal panels to store summer heat in boreholes.
Engineers focused on increasing thermal efficiency and reducing friction, especially when the engine is warming up.
The final descent involved skittering down the snowy hillside to get to thermal area.
One of the main advantages of solar thermal power, in addition to the cost benefit, is the potential for power storage.
The thermal cameras will also pick up any changes in temperature.
But this method, along with others, has thermal side effects that cause damage to the surrounding tissue.
Knight says that the electronic process is faster than a thermal process.
New wool has a scaly cortex for excellent thermal insulation and pleasing texture.
And perhaps there's changes in thermal conductivity as well which make it possible to eliminate the need for motion.
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