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Example sentences for thereon

Those routes and the conditions encountered thereon will affect how the engine works, but one only needs to know the generalities.
If they were at a perfect understanding in any part, no words would be necessary thereon.
Now a huge swath of west-facing slope-and the pesky stone structures thereon-have been cleared to make way for a small farm.
He was now dressed in white, and carried a little tray with some coffee and boiled vegetables thereon.
Thereon the other sat him down again on his polished settle.
So as he thought thereon this seemed to him the better way.
And she so endured the wronging of her bed as never to have any quarrel with her husband thereon.
Participants are immediately vested in their voluntary contributions plus actual earnings or losses thereon.
Each participant's account is credited with contributions and earnings thereon and charged with withdrawals and losses.
Participants are immediately vested in their contributions, plus actual earnings thereon.
Surveying is the art and science of measuring the land to locate the limits of an owner's interest thereon.

Famous quotes containing the word thereon

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