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Something has been added this time around: dashing yachting caps, sailor hats and chic variations thereof.
Curving is usually a result of poor planning or the complete lack thereof.
Not to mention the increases thereof for any major decontamination of living areas due to the water.
We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof.
No prize or any portion thereof is transferable or redeemable for cash.
But let me highlight one piece of the report: the inflation, or lack thereof.
Failing to grade each paper based on its merits or lack thereof is a failure to teach properly.
It is quite probably rather true anyway and anyhow, so perhaps there is no point in any further denial thereof or thereto.
Science proves to the best of its ability, where as religion proves with information or as it really is, lack thereof.
The same can be said of the government's economic policy, or lack of implementation thereof.
In autisms its often all about over attention and under attention and results thereof.
Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.
From each according to his ability, to each according to his lack thereof.
Accountability, or rather the lack thereof drives this situation.
You're the professor who values knowledge, critical thought, and the marriage thereof.
No bond-buying or threat thereof is necessary in such a case.
Affordability or the lack thereof also makes this city unliveable.
The elastic shaping band fits between the wearer's buttocks to produce the desired cheeky relief thereof.
Sufficient unto the seminary would be the evils thereof.
There's much hand-wringing over students' foreign-language abilities--or lack thereof--even after years of study.
Reviews should be based on experience and not the lack thereof.
The next question touched on my athletic interests-or, rather, my apparent lack thereof.
And then the results are somehow considered to be proof of effective teaching or the lack thereof.
He's a supreme study of the writer as public figure and the hazards thereof.
Their attendance-or lack thereof-has been controversial recently.
And it's not a problem of awareness, or lack thereof.
The latest theory proposes that the craftsman should thank the sun's rays--or lack thereof.
Now biologists have the testosterone-or lack thereof-to prove it.
The article is simply a statement concerning relevant scientific studies and the results and observations, thereof.
For all of those topics, the suffering or lack thereof during life is only one of many considerations that factors into morality.
The abstraction is based purely on the size of the input data set and expresses time and memory performance as a function thereof.
According to the lot shall the possession thereof be divided between many and few.
Pack ample water in a water bottle, bladder or combination thereof.
The priorities were lower taxes, ballistic missiles, and the defense thereof.
The adequacy, or lack thereof, of this concept is a discussion worth having.
One cannot have a religious belief, or lack thereof, without it either being a political stance or perceived as one.
Everyone in the workforce produces goods, services, ideas or a combination thereof.
But such logic, or lack thereof, is not limited to politicians.
The obvious driver is water and the lack thereof in the investing countries.
Finally, there is the profit motive, or lack thereof.
Popular acceptance, or the lack thereof, does not prove or disprove an artist's worth.
Here's what happened and the latest on the talks, or rather lack thereof.
Then there's the adjustability, or impossibility thereof.
The only glaring difference were the facilities or lack thereof.

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