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Physical activity also helps the body use calories more efficiently, thereby helping in weight loss and maintenance.
Economists and other busybodies chide them for not spending more, thereby stimulating the economy.
If there are other such symmetries, they connect more bosons and fermions and thereby unify more aspects of our universe.
Religion placed immortal supernatural beings at the top of the clan, thereby reducing everyday violence between adherents.
Many vessels were wrecked, and the lose of life caused thereby is considerable.
The company's goal is to reduce the costs of borrowing, thereby.
Thereby the bubble creates a rapid swirling motion of the fluid, attracting the cells and tearing apart their membranes.
The new income figures exclude these mutual funds' distributions, thereby sharply lowering the personal savings rate.
Rain barrels capture water that would have swept over a paved surface or lawn, thereby minimizing runoff pollutants.
Such findings as these could dramatically reduce the guesswork involved, thereby leading to the proper prescription from day one.
On the one hand it insists on prohibiting cocaine, thereby increasing its price.
The technique involves fastening miniature video cameras to animals, thereby turning them into unwitting cameramen.
Feathers on their forelimbs enhanced lift, thereby allowing the creatures to take wing.
The idea is to beam radio signals into the ionosphere and thereby stimulate or heat small, well-defined volumes of ionosphere.
The device teaches kids how to exert control over what they are watching, thereby improving their focus and concentration.
Some human activities reduce the occurrence of fire and thereby reduce the region's diversity and number of wild species.
During the day, the effect of blocked incoming radiation tends to outweigh that of trapped heat, thereby cooling the atmosphere.
We need to change zoning laws so that work is nearer home and thereby reduce transport needs.
The liquid is added gradually to the pasta, which absorbs it completely and thereby retains its starch.
What's more, electric drive trucks are easier to control, thereby increasing operator safety and reducing the risk of accidents.
Upon emerging, it hits its earlier self, thereby preventing it from ever entering the wormhole.
Such a hijacker virus uses cellular machinery to control the process of building proteins and thereby replicates itself.
Share prices should therefore adjust relatively smoothly over time, thereby avoiding a meltdown.
These open and close to control the amount of light entering the building, thereby regulating the internal temperature.
It thereby undercut the main funding source of local governments, especially school districts.
Aced out by other amino acids, tryptophan thereby has a tough time hitching a ride to the brain.
Turning off the heat lowers the pressure, causing that liquid to evaporate back into a gas, thereby creating the cooling effect.
Wetlands thereby increase their elevation and can even slowly migrate inland as the water rises.
Finally, improved animal husbandry reduced disease among domestic pigs, thereby reducing the incidence among wild hogs.
They eat the drier forage that other animals don't eat, thereby helping reduce the danger of wildfires.
Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.
Nay, it may even reduce it to nothing, without nature thereby failing of her purpose.
And seeing the present was bad, he made it yet worse, that thereby the future might be better.
Clean water and sanitation could raise the quality of human capital, thereby lifting labour productivity.
One also has to remember that the unemployed often head back to college, thereby rooting themselves.
Operator-friendly apps open fewer connections, thereby consuming fewer resources on the operator side.
During a severe earthquake, each beam will absorb the shock by crumpling, thereby preventing serious damage to the tower.
One need not evaluate her as a philosopher and thereby dismiss her.
First, too often autism is defined as a series of impairments or life failures, thereby ruling out high achievers.
Those with pets stay on the first floor of the hotel, thereby avoiding steps or elevators.
Normally, the neurons transport the glutamate across their membranes, thereby removing the prompt to fire.
We thereby accelerated the erasure of entire ecosystems and the extinction of thousands of million-year-old species.
But they don't take advantage of all that solar heat, thereby missing out on the majority of the solar energy reaching the cell.
Such piles have strong odors and thereby attract flies, resulting in maggots.
Newer models use less water, thereby decreasing energy consumption.
These are groups of solar panels that are connected in a parallel fashion to maximize current, thereby increasing wattage.
Diuretics cause the kidneys to remove sodium and water from the body, thereby alleviating pressure on the blood vessel walls.
The naturalistic fallacy is thereby reduced to the naturalistic problem.
But its potential-candidate pool is thereby lowered for the next midterm election.
Different citrus fruits vary in flavor intensity and acidity, thereby requiring differing amounts of sugar.
Although the press is loath to admit it, a disciplined campaign can drive a message and thereby shape how it is covered.
She thereby launched a myth that time turned into a cliche.
Pedestrians would thereby learn which ones were safe and use them.
Whether she thereby sold more clothes is open to question.
Also, she was clearly having a good time, and thereby helping us to do so.
Your life returns to you, the hotel was a prison in which one was not allowed to be locked up, worse thereby than the others.
Farmers have justified their practice on the grounds that antibiotics help fatten up the birds, thereby increasing profits.
The change in the heating of the atmosphere by the storms helps shift the jet streams, thereby affecting weather around the world.
It thereby reduces the amount of heat the body absorbs.
The computer sends a stimulating electric signal to the neuron, thereby instructing the cell which state to adopt.
It would seem the ship was dashed against the wharf, thereby shattering both, presumably by a storm or a flood.
They wait until they have tenure and are thereby better able to withstand their colleagues' hostility.
Proteins can alter other proteins, thereby carrying information.
In the atmosphere it condenses again, releasing energy that fuels updrafts, and thereby forms clouds.
The phosphorus combines with the serine, thereby clogging the enzyme and preventing its function.
Less regulation thereby letting health care compete in a free market.
Don't loiter on the street corner after the light has turned green-thereby becoming an obstacle for those in a hurry.
She becomes a vampire, and thereby they become social pariahs and their marriage breaks down.
For one thing, their companies' stock prices would go wild, thereby undermining the agreed-upon exchange ratio.
Heating the solid turns it back into a liquid, thereby recharging the hand warmer.
The benefit is that only a fraction of the semiconductor material is used, thereby reducing costs.
It can also speed customs processes on both ends, thereby reducing delays.
These hybrid materials will now be applied as a coating to fabric, thereby trapping and killing deadly agents such as anthrax.
Their trick is to make it look as if light is reflecting off this surface, thereby hiding any object that they cover.

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