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One treatment commonly administered with a catheter is cardiac ablation therapy.
Images of a human heart showing increased blood flow after treatment with shock wave therapy.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was long called a treatment in search of diseases.
Radiation therapy may be used as an initial treatment for localized prostate cancer.
Exposure to light, or light therapy, is a basic treatment for seasonal affective disorder.
Increasingly, family courts are ordering a treatment called reconciliation therapy.
Lin thinks fibronectin therapy is worth pursuing because it might help people with spinal-cord injuries.
But how maggot therapy heals has long been a matter of debate.
Her team and others are gearing up to look at gene variants in stroke patients, hoping to find new targets for drug therapy.
If they test positive, they should remain in service until set therapy goals are met.
In the next few years, a new form of therapy will likely play a critical role in treating injuries for athletes and patients.
IT is not surprising that gene therapy is getting mixed reviews.
My heart goes out to them, but a course in military history is not an appropriate place for a therapy session.
Nothing that a few courses of therapy couldn't cure.
The beneficial effects of art therapy sometimes seem immediate.
Psychologists have known for some time that it is difficult to treat fearful memories with therapy.
Her gait was stiff and awkward, yet the therapy was going better than she had expected.
Wendy undergoes cognitive therapy to confront her fear of heights.
Doctors have few pharmacological remedies for addiction and no standard drug therapy for cocaine dependence.
Going online for therapy is not such a good idea, according to a new survey.
Five years after the first human being received gene therapy to correct an inherited disease, the results are in.
If this trial is successful, then further testing is planned to see how well the new molecule performs in combination therapy.
But researchers still understand relatively little about why and how this alternative therapy works.
If the therapy isn't meeting reasonable goals, consider changing course.
When so much darkness gets people down, bright lights can be used as therapy.
For everyone who's blown out their ears with loud music, a bit of good news: gene therapy might rejuvenate your hearing.
Mud bath therapy has been clinically acknowledged for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.
The challenge today, supporters say, is to bridge the research gap to better understand the promise of this alternative therapy.
Psychiatrists are optimistic about the potential of a new therapy for treating tough cases of depression.
And if the therapy and drugs don't work, invasive brain surgery is the only remaining option.
Eventually they determined that gene therapy didn't cause the infection.
Investment bankers and gene therapy researchers gather to discuss the likelihood that the technology will ever make money.
Scientists cure diabetes in rats and mice using gene therapy.
He agreed to take the case and put his patient on hormone-replacement therapy as they prepared for surgery.
Getting a gene inside cells to cure disease is the essence of gene therapy.
It's also the biggest obstacle to making gene therapy work.
Thanks for your questions on therapy pets and autism.
It took therapy and time to disentangle from these relationships.
Let the professional take over the medications and therapy piece.
The best solution to this problem is to get into therapy and learn how to beat this anxiety on your own.
Making matters worse, these research tools have proved difficult to use in therapy.
Eventually, discharged to a nursing home for physical therapy.
But then he became sort of an icon, and his job on the pile was almost as important as a therapy dog as it was as a search dog.
Maybe you can start with some kind of family therapy.
Psychopaths have traditionally been considered untreatable, but novel forms of therapy show promise.
To alleviate the symptoms of this disease, doctors typically recommend medication and physical therapy.
Gene therapy has generated much hype but little clinical success.
She is absolutely fine and will be going home after a few more days of physical therapy.
For the first time, a therapy had been proved to reduce dysfunction caused by spinal cord trauma.
Not long ago, gene therapy seemed troubled by insurmountable difficulties.
All methods are good which produce the aim of the therapy.
He thus probably concluded that she was suffering from anxiety neurosis and felt justified in recommending her a somatic therapy.
In such a case the physician will try different ways of therapy.
There is no philosophical science of therapy which could be made practicable for your medical purpose.
To the end of her life she used writing as therapy, not caring whether she was published.
The first makes sense, the second less so-particularly when it comes to gene therapy.
Other projects include training for job interviews and a virtual-therapy app to help treat stress and phobias.
All they can have is cognitive behavioral therapy and graduated exercise therapy.
Gene therapy, say a host of researchers, three of whom call for more oversight of the technique's use in athletics.
The six two-hour therapy sessions covered the relationship between thought, mood, behavior and physical feelings.
Eva's letter-writing is an act of delusion, or therapy.
She was saved by an experimental clot-busting drug that has now become part of standard therapy.
Art is a therapy for those demons, and the government has some ability to encourage and facilitate that therapy.
In addition to saving people from drowning, their sweet disposition and gentle nature shines through in therapy work.
Also the gene-therapy viruses that might lend themselves to cheating don't work as easily as had been hoped.
Through art exploration and therapy, the project will focus on the lives the students have made for themselves.
He has also worked wilderness therapy, carrying his own pack and spreading his calmness to the kids.
The system is not sophisticated enough yet for the complex linguistic and physical interplay of actual therapy.
Some have even gone on to become therapy animals, bringing joy to people in hospitals and nursing homes.
With the right medication, the pain and swelling diminished, and she began physical therapy.
It is possible that this could actually work, through gene therapy.
For years, gene therapy produced tons of hype but no results.
After years of setbacks and failures, gene therapy begins to produce some viable cures.
Therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder, it seems, can change not only behavior but the chemistry of the brain itself.
It might be worth trying one or several of these out before turning to therapy.
Samuels also maintains a private therapy practice, focussed mainly on issues of addiction, in the guest cottage behind his house.
Eventually there were sixteen radon-therapy mines operating within a thirty-mile radius.
There are no limits on call times, and the resulting sessions occasionally resemble protracted talk therapy.
But by age five, after extensive outpatient therapy, she had recovered her faculties completely.
If telomere therapy cured cancer, it might cause expanded morbidity, and considerable cost in medical care.
Maybe it wasn't the best therapy, but it was cathartic.
Normal tissue often gets caught in the crossfire during radiation therapy.
Neurologists urge caution upon reports of a successful therapy.
The good news is that physical therapy can help many regain lost abilities and even walk again.
Until recently, the promise of stem-cell therapy has centered on stem cells' ability to morph into virtually any kind of cells.
Chelation therapy has been the subject of clinical trials, with no evidence for effectiveness found.
Then they can use the transgenic mice to figure out appropriate therapy for people.
But as in gene therapy, immune reactions are a major problem.
In practice, gene therapy remains difficult and the methods crude.
In fact, however, the manual has never stated or implied a preference between talk therapy and pills.
Electro-convulsive therapy abated his depression, along with the last vestiges of his desire to write.
The files on this web page contain the list of codes indicating whether they are sometimes or always therapy services.
Once a target has been identified, a therapy must be developed.
Includes information about the effect of menopausal hormone therapy on the body.
Radiation therapy is used to treat cancer in the human body.
It is the nature of journalists to complain, and the city room of a newspaper is really a therapy session.
She says she spent years in therapy working to move beyond what had happened.
Halfway through therapy, my white-cell count dropped so low that they had to stop for several weeks.
We had a disproportionate interest in diversion therapy and too little interest in discovery.
She receives physical therapy and dental care, and her hair is washed and set twice a week.
Which may be a reason to launch a proxy fight, or it may be a reason for couples therapy.
For years scientists doing gene therapy have had to rely on viruses to do their heavy lifting.
They sent in truckloads of occupational and physical therapy and emotional support.

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