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They self-diagnose, search out a therapist, or share illness stories.
But she would never ask to quit, her physical therapist says.
My mom worked full-time as a physical therapist, yet prepared dinner each night for our family of five.
Short story about a divorced, lonely attorney's brief relationship with a therapist he meets at the jail.
Typically, the therapist encourages patients to expose themselves to a situation that provokes an obsessive response.
He referred me to a physical therapist because he suspected that my back pain was caused by a knee problem.
Even the therapist agreed that my mind was in good health.
Empirically supported therapies seek to bring the power of research-proven techniques to the therapist's office.
Her therapist has helped lift her out of a debilitating depression that began when she was trying to console a grieving friend.
It may turn out that seeing a therapist is more effective than drug treatment.
The world of the therapist is a world of the unenlightened self-deluded pseudo-scientist.
Unfortunately, many a therapist isn't trained to counsel and treat addiction or similar disorders.
The power of positive thinking is touted in the popular press and the therapist's office.
May draws on his extensive experience as a therapist to offer a blueprint for breaking out of our patterns of creative stagnation.
It's too late to be the national therapist on the economy.
The advantage of a therapist is that your insurance might pay for some of it.
If your therapist hasn't returned your calls, you need to take action in some other way.
See a therapist, maybe one at the university counseling center.
Oh the exercises that the physical therapist told me to do were funny.
She's a therapist and professional organizer who works with chronically disorganized people.
To his left there's a pink foam ball his physical therapist has told him to roll beneath his feet as he trades.
To be a respiratory therapist officer you must meet these professional and academic training requirements.
Covers issues to consider when choosing a therapist, and how to find a therapist or support group.
To that end, more and more nursing homes and hospitals are finding that working with a music therapist can make a big difference.
Sometimes a therapist or clergyperson needs to referee family meetings.

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