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Barely a decade ago scientists who study how planets form had to base their theory on a single example-our solar system.
But that theory lacks legs, according to a new study.
But one theory is that they used maquettes, or small models, made to cast shadows in abstract shapes.
It's fine to talk in theory, but freezing does work to keep the jeans from smelling gamey.
As per these studies, the theory of memory reconsolidation is unproven.
But as support for some vast conspiracy theory, this is simply pathetic.
The theory was put to the test the following day, when the ladder saved him from another dark plummet into ice.
And so, that theory is tested experimentally and written up.
Now, new research seems to confirm the theory that they rafted there.
That's all driven by theory and my previously published papers on this topic.
The proof of a theory is its ability to predict the future.
It's not simply a matter of literary criticism turning into literary theory.
Physicists have long sought to find one final theory that would unify all of physics.
Understanding the relation between cause and effect is a key part of attempts to construct a unified theory of physics.
Physicists have long tried to reconcile them in a theory of quantum gravity-with only limited success.
But on its own, the big bang theory would leave us in a curved universe where matter and energy aren't well mixed.
The fitful evolution of bacteria supports a controversial theory.
And according to a new theory, it holds a key to the emergence of language.
According to another theory epics were derived from strophic lays, though never actually composed in strophic form themselves.
What has been said of his moral doctrine applies, also, to his theory of poetical style.
But the experience he had undergone modified his theory of life and his character.
Attempts have sometimes been made to explain the distribution of these fundamental structural features by the theory of diffusion.
The whole theory of the special and supernatural and all that was twined with it or educed out of it departs as a dream.
As a matter of fact, the difference lies more in his way of stating his theory than in his practice.
While this is only a theory, the technical evidence for it is stronger than one might suppose.
He has never found time to explain how the fact fits into his general theory that life is not unbearable in the tenements.
The whole theory of the supernatural, and all that was twined with it or educed out of it, departs as a dream.
These and other objections, however, scarcely slowed the theory's acceptance.
Out with every theory of human behavior, from linguistics to sociology.
Storms is not an antiestablishment pseudoscientist pursuing a crackpot theory.
My own field of research, the quest for a unified theory, is no stranger to uncertainty.
Almost every major event in history automatically gets a conspiracy theory attached to it.
Another theory held that auroras were actually atmospheric phenomena, that is to say, weather of a particular type.
But scientists have never been able to verify the theory from such small pieces of bone.
Common game theory has held that punishment makes two equals cooperate.
By leaving more costs for a patient to cover out-of-pocket, rapidly rising insurance premiums will moderate, the theory goes.
If the graveyard shift theory eventually proves correct, millions of people worldwide could be affected.
It's an alternative estimation of national output which in theory is equivalent to the spending-side measure.
Until recently, the widespread expectation was that some version of an idea called string theory would prevail.
Build theory about groups from the individual theory.
No economic theory suggests you should value mortgage derivatives on the basis that house prices would always rise.
Between them, they came up with the ethical theory known as utilitarianism.
And the challenge was the theory of evolution by natural selection.
The next couple of months should be a good time to investigate this theory.
In theory, and perhaps only theory, the approvals are highly significant.
What is needed is a better understanding of the theory of the winds themselves.
Moving the capital would reduce delays and hence costs-in theory.
To grasp why big listed firms are different requires a bit of theory and some history.
In theory, chief financial officers spend idle moments admiring charts of the idealised firm's optimal capital structure.
Scientists have been looking for a unification theory that will explain a number of phenomena.
Of course, there is a big gap between theory and practice.
Most of management theory is inane, writes our correspondent, the founder of a consulting firm.
Most listeners will not know about the theory of rhyme schemes or the structure of refrains in poetry.
What was theory before the war has been made fact by the war.
If you hold a certain theory of education, that answer is not as circular as it sounds.
Perhaps the stage theory of grief caught on so quickly because it made loss sound controllable.
His subjects include aesthetic theory and the philosophy of film and visual arts.
The germ theory of disease dates to the mid-eighteen-hundreds.
He was rejected twice before getting in the back door, as an auditor in the theory program.
There's a lot of good material on the broader history and theory of price wars.
To prove their theory, laboratory experiments had to be conducted.
On the other, she was rejecting any theory or system that was predisposed to build a canon.
Dangerous in theory, but not to you or your family and friends.
There's no need to abandon conservation of energy to make his theory work.
Iterative ranking algorithms have since become an important part of network theory.
New physics theory could cut the cord on power chargers for gadgets.
But this pairing theory does not hold for high-temperature copper-oxygen materials.
In theory, such batteries could store three times as much energy as conventional lithium-ion batteries.
In theory, they say, these machines could be scaled up to make energy-generating pumps directly powered by the sun.
No matter how established the theory is, nothing should be taken for granted, and everything should be verified.
And in theory, they could be made using inexpensive printing processes, leading to much less expensive solar power.
One theory for aging is that our stem cells eventually wear out, thanks to intrinsic changes within the cells.
The theory was you go to business school to learn entrepreneurship.
The theory is that this happens because of a mechanism called photoconductive gain.
Having a platform, in this geopolitical theory, makes you a superpower.
Economic theory-and historical experience-long ago proved the need for regulation of financial markets.
Unfortunately, the theory was not in accord with the reality.
New controversy over whether a single theory can explain everything.
By mining the vacuum's riches, a true theory of everything may yet emerge.
Such a theory might provide us the tools for gaining a clear understanding of the origin of the universe.
In fact, quantum theory suggests that random events are rampant at the subatomic level.
He then published two papers on his special theory of relativity giving us a new view of reality itself.
Theory and numerical simulations are gradually making progress on this tough problem.
We know better now, and a mature theory has a lot more hoops it needs to jump through.
No theory exists that predicts that these methods should give the right phylogeny.
The story of the drum language illustrates the central dogma of information theory.
The cluster is in fact a textbook example of constructing your empirical evidence to fit your theory.
The nature and depth of the financial crisis is forcing us to reconsider some of the basic tenets of financial theory.
The original version of social learning theory posited that behavior is influenced by modeling processes.
The theory of reasoned action and the theory of planned behavior.
Researchers long ago rejected the theory that vaccines cause autism, yet many parents don't believe them.
There is also the theory that being distinctive gets you noticed.
One theory is that sleep allows the brain to review and consolidate all the streams of information it gathered while awake.
The general-intelligence theory says that our bigger and more complex brains give us an overall edge.
But a true scientist will throw out the existing theory if they have a lot of data that cannot be explained.
Typically, scientists use animals to study a new theory before they try it out in humans.
The less that the cloning process has to undo, the theory goes, the more successful the technique will be.
The research didn't provide a definitive reason, but the authors offer an intriguing theory.

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