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Example sentences for theorize

Some people theorize mites, but our other chickens don't have mites.
He was a pioneer, but he did sometimes theorize far, far beyond the evidence.
People are always going to theorize about the unknown, and in less open societies there is more to put in the category of unknown.
The managers theorize that the problem is a rising number of coyotes, which prey on antelope fawns.
When it comes to these matters my ability to theorize is quite limited.
Pop psychologists theorize that tells are unintended actions birthed in the subconscious.
Astronomers theorize that the gaseous knots are the results of a collision between gases.
Researchers theorize that there could be an evolutionary explanation for the frog's ultrasonic hearing.
The crocs may have climbed trees to escape predators and to leap on prey, scientists theorize.
Some scientists theorize that orcas are turning to bottomfish that dwell in contaminated sediment.
However, some scientists theorize that aeolian dust may have beneficial effects.
Scientists theorize that this material built up along the boundaries of tectonic plates during a process called subduction.
Others theorize that it was invented at a time when lemons weren't so ubiquitous in grocery stores.
Now for some specifics for the ten percent who will contribute, and the one percent who will actively theorize.
Any attempt to theorize across the whole field of different types of discourse is disclaimed.
He and other scientists theorize that pulling one of these triggers sets a specific sequence of events in motion.
It can only look at what it can test, theorize and prove via experimentation.
Some scientists theorize that people strain their eyes reading at close range, but the evidence linking this to myopia is meager.
They theorize that the cosmos was never compacted into a single point and did not spring forth in a violent instant.
It should not surprise us that he could theorize that the peninsula had been an island.
Researchers routinely theorize about how the human brain evolved its remarkable knack for language.
The authors theorize that poor nutrition earlier in life may have contributed to both shorter limb length and cognitive decline.
If you theorize too much, you can find only the things that you understand.
As astonishing as it may seem, many evolutionists theorize that fish evolved into amphibians and amphibians into reptiles.
They can theorize, but they can never actually prove it cause they weren't there.
Or maybe, some theorize, the guys pulling the strings aren't concealed in shadow at all.
Some experts theorize that the process begins in the womb.
Doctors theorize that liposuction removes only superficial fat, not the deeper deposits that threaten health.
Some scientists theorize that they may serve as starting material for the evolution of new genes.

Famous quotes containing the word theorize

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