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Sheep and humans are both mammals and the technology used to clone one species could theoretically be applied to the other.
Her fans, theoretically, are welcome to take it or leave it.
As a result, the water would theoretically remain frozen for eons.
So theoretically, an exact replica of a particle can never be made.
Planting more cooperative siblings together instead of strangers could theoretically mean better harvests.
Theoretically, there is no upper boundary to this scale, but scientists believe the upper limit of the scale is about nine.
Theoretically, to an organism that can detect field intensity and dip angles, the field offers navigational information.
We seek an internationally recognized scholar whose work is theoretically informed and methodologically innovative.
It may not theoretically have to be this way, but it is, in practice.
Theoretically you could get that income from the endowment, but that would be eating seed corn.
Theoretically, he said, the way the ducts curve through the walls should stop people from hearing the conversations next door.
While you can theoretically use your fingers to operate the device, this is in reality a fool's errand of the highest order.
The test is taken online, meaning it'd theoretically be available in far-out regions where crews often operate.
The spacecraft can theoretically take off and land from any airport.
Theoretically, information-sharing should go two ways.
It seemed strange to me that they would continue to do this if it had been theoretically proven that these models didn't work.
Today, coins are government-issued tokens, and their value is theoretically unconnected to the metal they contain.
Theoretically, a movie can be profitable before shooting starts.
But capital punishment is not such a fearful thing as theoretically it could still be, and as undoubtedly it once was.
The results of the study may seem ironic, since telling people not to do something should theoretically work.
But if two-state diplomacy would be theoretically possible, it would not be likely.
Tax reform should theoretically be the easiest to achieve.
Theoretically, the bankruptcy judge has the authority to reverse the transactions which misappropriated the funds.
It is theoretically possible to pay for the program.
Some monetary damages could theoretically result from these reviews.
Individual sites could theoretically block out these epi-networks, but at their peril.
That's a reason for capital gains taxes to be lower, and lower investment taxes theoretically means more savings and investment.
Theoretically, anyone can become a member, as long as they profess a loose identification with the group's objectives.
Originally, other countries regarded the idea as theoretically absurd and practically dangerous.
Theoretically, a perfect photograph is absolutely inexhaustible.
Nobody thought he could do that this season, and while he could theoretically keep it up the odds are against him.
Theoretically this should flow more freely through rock than water, because it is less viscous than water.
Theoretically, a virus could attach itself to any executable program.
In fact, it's theoretically capable of being implanted into a welcoming womb and developing into a human being.
All forms of depression can theoretically be helped by recharging our batteries.
Measuring one of an entangled pair immediately affects its counterpart, no matter how far apart they are theoretically.
They are only interesting if they are the outcome of theoretically grounded research, and independently testable.
Theoretically the virus signatures should allow the plant to recognize and eliminate a potential infection.
Well according to our panel of physicists, it is theoretically possible.
It is then compressed into a liquid and, theoretically, pumped deep beneath the surface to be permanently trapped.
The current spatial periphery of the universe is, theoretically, unobservable and therefore not realistically conceivable.
Are they both capable of fusing the exact same nuclei together, theoretically.
Using bigger net meshes is better, as the small fish can theoretically escape.
Although it is theoretically possible to make money by outperforming the markets, it is extremely difficult in practice.
Theoretically, some of this disadvantage is offset by a rule requiring companies to announce meaningful events.
So theoretically it is the buyers on the other side of the ocean who must absorb the higher fuel surcharges on freight.
Theoretically, the new law allows for a cleaner break.
Theoretically, the two companies should not be a source of concern.
Theoretically the fall in prices should trigger a contraction of supply, as older ships are scrapped and new orders are cancelled.
Applications are theoretically reviewed by an admissions committee, which typically includes members of the faculty.
It is a national and permanent service, theoretically apolitical, and recruited and trained at the centre.
Being state-owned, it can theoretically call on the government if it needs cash-which it does not.
Theoretically, one or both of the navy's aircraft carriers could be cancelled.
Theoretically that limits their audience to sophisticated and affluent investors.
Theoretically, the smaller, private firms are more flexible.
In fact, it did not arrive until after midnight, meaning that the government was theoretically out of action for a brief spell.
While the market is exciting, and is theoretically the way to go, this proposition is not posited in a vacuum.
So theoretically, the yield should be in par with the government bond.
It may be theoretically dissected and condemned, but not changed as a whole all at once.
His attempts to argue this theoretically are weaker than his practical case studies.
Theoretically, this configuration would prevent fuel from overheating and breaching the reactor's containment vessel.
In a new environment, with no predators, an exotic plant can theoretically run riot.
Theoretically, either of those densities could be anything from zero to infinity, and their ratio could vary accordingly.
Theoretically, you could swap out engines and fuel depending on where you wanted to go.
The smaller containment dome would theoretically be less likely to get blocked by hydrates because it would contain less water.
Living galaxies is a really interesting idea, and not theoretically impossible either.
But ideas could flow easily because they were theoretically weightless for each marginal unit of meme.
Theoretically, three positions are enough to compute an orbit, but in practice one wants more to get down the error bars.
In modern management terms, the brand might theoretically be able to grow even if the physical product falls away.
Smell can theoretically be digitized, and there are researchers working to do exactly that.
Tissue engineering could theoretically help doctors grow tissues or organs for injured people.
The leap from our universe to another is theoretically possible, say physicists.
In the language of cryptography, quantum key distribution it is information-theoretically secure.
Theoretically, energy is only sent out from the transmitter when there is a resonant receiver within range.
In this case, the chemical-sensing bacteria are theoretically harmless and unlikely to survive long in the harsh open environment.
It is theoretically possible to do this by satellite, but it is completely unproven.
While theoretically possible, there seems to be some major things un-explained.
Theoretically, this system draws in the best-qualified answerers for each question.
The atmospheric changes discussed in the article could theoretically alter the appearance of a sunset in some subtle way.

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