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Those theoretical days were long past by the time explorers and settlers crossed the desert.
Don't accept theoretical replacement parts: ask the dealer if they keep them in stock.
His plans called for a punch-card system that would command the functions of the still-theoretical machine.
How rarely one can come to a theoretical agreement with anyone else on a fundamental principle.
So much for the theoretical distinction between the three tendencies.
Some sort of far-fetched theoretical notion that pathological material may be removed through the intestines.
For he had no theoretical objection to corporal punishment.
The measure of vis viva in theoretical mechanics is half the product of the weight into the square of the velocity.
Theoretical walker struts its energy-efficient stuff.
The new results lend further theoretical support to such observations.
But developments in theoretical physics, especially the rise of string theory, have changed their perspective.
It's not easy for such a device to cross any serious border, but the theoretical threat remains.
Not all physicists regard dark matter as an elegant theoretical solution to the mysteries of the universe.
Implausible though this may sound, the theoretical mechanism behind such an effect is pretty well understood.
The theoretical appeal of solar energy is glaring: it is clean and ubiquitous.
But overall economists find as big a range of multipliers from empirical estimates as they do from theoretical models.
If something else is actually causing those effects, the whole theoretical edifice would come crashing down.
Using high-level mathematics, the language of theoretical physics, he revealed findings that contradict his earlier work.
Unfortunately, there is little empirical or theoretical justification for this argument.
The production cycle he sees is the opposite of the theoretical model of continuous improvement.
Others blame theoretical misjudgments, particularly the belief that higher inflation could buy a lasting drop in unemployment.
When this database was compared with the theoretical optima, nature appeared important.
It creates a theoretical accountability that could help punish perpetrators.
The central bank retained theoretical responsibility for the stability of the financial sector, but few tools to secure it.
But both theoretical and simulation results suggest no obvious decline in volatility.
They are no more interchangeable than theoretical physicists and civil engineers.
There are prolonged periods when prices are moving away from any theoretical equilibrium.
Decisions of this kind should be made not so much on theoretical grounds as on the basis of experience.
Of recently renewed theoretical interest to a variety of scholars is the public sphere itself.
But the conjuring of such horrors reflects theoretical possibilities, not political realities.
Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate broad conceptual and theoretical contributions to the field.
Denying the political dimensions of higher education is impossible, on both a practical and theoretical level.
Most are adequate at doing high school physics, say, but have no real meaningful understanding of the theoretical underpinnings.
Some papers explored the history of theoretical ideas, whereas others advocated for the use of theory in history.
They write a theoretical paper which also has to be of publication quality.
Theoretical physicists are the shooting stars of science.
Yet you essentially accuse string theorists of being the jocks of theoretical physics.
Entanglement is important but difficult to study, both in terms of a theoretical understanding and doing experiments.
Certain types of gene circuits can store information over many cell generations, according to a theoretical study.
Writers are both consumers and popularizers of theoretical debates.
No renewable power source has as much theoretical potential as solar energy.
But since then, scientists have run into tough practical and theoretical barriers.
He worked with theoretical chemists to come up with a list of polymers with the right electrical properties for the job.
But it's always interesting to have theoretical predictions confirmed.
They need a better theoretical understanding of the processes that generate telluric waves.
We worked one on one about how you could apply that theoretical knowledge to actual sailing.
There's a theoretical possibility that mouse viruses could have jumped from the mouse cell into the human cell.
Worse, even the theoretical efficiency isn't good enough for commercial applications.
That's not entirely unexpected but it is a step beyond the standard theoretical description of city commuting.
Of course, it's a big step from this theoretical work to actually baking a cake that computes.
The work they publish today is a detailed theoretical account of the improvements that such a system would produce.
These predictions stem from a new theoretical model that provides the best look yet at how and when the cosmic pile-up will occur.
More fossil finds could someday clear these muddied theoretical waters.
It is cited by a leading theoretical physicist who proposes that evolution helped shape the laws governing the cosmos.
Those virtual quantum particles are more than a theoretical abstraction.
The theoretical underpinnings of cold fusion have yet to be adequately explained.
But it crops up in more theoretical biology as well.
They also form through processes that do not clearly fit into any of the standard theoretical models.
Among theoretical and experimental physicists, parallel universes are not science fiction.
His strength was in theoretical physics, but he was being forced to sit in a laboratory making thin films of beryllium.
Now there are two theoretical avenues of promise for them.
Theoretical lobby with putative elevator leads to five notional floor-thru lofts.
If we're going to argue via prohibitively improbable theoretical scenarios, here's another.
The social sciences are therefore littered with theoretical rubbish which ought long ago to have been carted away.
But none of these logical and theoretical complaints changes my basic judgment.
In the development of a psychosis this basic theoretical proposition for order in life is the first loss.
Still the value of safer neighborhoods is immediate, while the costs of excessive imprisonment are theoretical and vague.
He was instead looking forward to working on the theoretical aspects of the movement.
Second, a theoretical claim that empiricist learning theory cannot account for the acquisition of language.
It means that he refuses to allow theoretical and methodological grounds to the fault-finding he is forcing on the public.
With the dying wiggle of the final snake dance, football becomes largely a matter of theoretical bitterness.
The goal of modern theoretical physics is to reveal the universe's lost elegance.
It occurs to one that this is a story that requires more thoughtful, even theoretical, probing.
And this website doesn't specify whether these theoretical nachos come with the toppings you want.
There's a difference between the theoretical discussion of the law and its practice.
The major theme in the theoretical chemistry effort during this period is change.

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