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Computing technologies enabled us to crave for feats and deeds never imagined in theological and religious books ever before.
Perhaps this theological seminary is an option after all.
But between the two groups there is a theological overlap that translates into a tough brand of politics.
Theological experts can dispute points of doctrine, or proverbially count how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
They suddenly felt threatened by this theological monster nudging his way into their own back-yards.
He/she clearly doesn't want the facts to get in the way of his emotional or theological beliefs.
He devoted his later years to theological questions.
From this perspective, computation seems almost a theological process.
And therefore, for theological reasons, totally unacceptable.
The theological arguments regarding what life is or isn't aren't going away because of this.
Suddenly you are in a theological discussion with a nine year old about the universal theories of right vs wrong.
Even still, his theological position is quite clear about our agency in the matter.
All the theological debate on multiplier and calculations on them are so much vapour.
Both countries have large and growing factions pulling their countries towards theological government.
The province also has three private universities, five private colleges, and six theological colleges.
It became more theological than based on empirical evidence.
These couples often don't understand the theological basis for not living together.
Goodness answers to the theological virtue charity, and admits no excess, but error.
The first two have an ecclesiastical or theological motif.
They quickly raise theological issues normally settled in church councils, not the courtroom.
He is interested in the technical, ethical and theological aspects of mineral resources and their use, especially nuclear power.
But theological differences certainly exist, and have to be managed.
The theological basis for this doctrine is pretty tenuous at best, and it certainly isn't compelling to the faithful.
Scientific evidence has no bearing on theological questions.
Is it not possible to look at images from space without entering into theological mud-slinging.
The real offense is the church's theological sophistry.
But those were ideas put forward as part of a theological discussion.
But on the deficit, the disagreement is not a theological one.
Three years later their leadership is split along generational and theological lines.

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