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Drama allows them to distance themselves from painful situations.
The incidents themselves are not what generates the debate on my blog.
Many animals seem able to treat their illnesses themselves.
Dolphins have an ability to recognize and examine themselves in mirrors, scientists say.
Billions of years ago, organic chemicals in the primordial soup somehow organized themselves into the first organisms.
Various types of boxwood lend themselves to different uses.
Snarling relief pitchers see themselves as baseball's meanest breed.
Universities are serving themselves here as well, so that they can trumpet how diverse they are.
But his followers' desire to segregate themselves is not unusual.
Elephants can recognize themselves in mirrors, according to a new study.
And that includes the way they choose to express themselves through language.
And the location of the wounds themselves has begun to change as medical knowledge has advanced.
Most biennial foxgloves reseed themselves in the garden.
They can't take multiple years' worth of beer with them, so clearly they will have to brew it themselves.
Houghton replied that he had given thought to selecting playwrights who had yet to establish themselves.
Science bloggers gather to wrestle down myths about research and themselves.
Birds produce chemicals that they spread over their feathers to protect themselves from pathogens.
As the world has grown more specialized, countless such experts have made themselves similarly indispensable.
Instead, they domesticated themselves and chose their own mates without human interference.
Academic medical centers have found themselves to be ill-fitted for the tightened belts of modern medicine.
Many people prefer to keep their essences to themselves.
Students will conclude by drawing pictures of themselves using this equipment to study the topic they've selected.
Standing now, he wobbles a bit as the trio arrange themselves so mom can slide into the seat.
Greenlanders themselves seem torn about climate change.
Keeping the plant too wet makes it easier for bacteria or fungi to establish themselves.
More specifically, you are reviewing their ability to represent themselves online.
Its executives may yet rue the day they let themselves be sold down the river by their investment bankers.
When students drop out of college, they lose many opportunities to better themselves.
As it happens, the social networks have partly brought this on themselves.
But the deeper layers of skin, called the dermis, do not go through this cellular turnover and so do not replace themselves.
Most museum goers confine themselves to murmurs of appreciation or the occasional reverent flip of a program page.
In cool-summer gardens, they can seed themselves and become pests.
Android allows for third party programmers to keep the profits to themselves.
Twenty three world-renowned psychologists write about what they still don't understand about themselves.
The consultants themselves often seem a little vague about what they're selling.
Even though the proportion of students who declare themselves teetotalers is slightly larger, the effects.
Take a look at the calculations they themselves put out to journalists.
The toads make the toxins to protect themselves against predators, which learn not to eat the deadly amphibians.
The brain region was not larger in absolute terms, nor were the brains themselves larger.
Where guests serve themselves while you enjoy the conversation.
The fault is not in the stars but in themselves if you ask me.
They bestride the top of the food chain and are well equipped to defend themselves in nature.
For all, the search is as wondrous as the discoveries themselves.
The homeowners did much of the work themselves but had a contractor build the deck.
Foreigners were happy to accept, because foreigners themselves ran the custom house.
The animals may align themselves that way to keep warm by exposing more surface area to the sun.
Often, they are coached to recruit more investors to enrich themselves further.
They ruffle their feathers in it to rid themselves of parasites.
Some coral reef fish starve themselves to avoid getting into fights with their larger, dominant neighbors, researchers have found.
And the array of condiments gathered on a tray are party decorations in themselves.
In a world of big data the correlations surface almost by themselves.
Elephants are fond of water and enjoy showering by sucking water into their trunks and spraying it all over themselves.
And the supposedly respected scientific journals have compromised themselves past any belief in their published results.
They set their mobile home on fire and apparently shot themselves as the police closed in.
These huge members of the weasel family swim by propelling themselves with their powerful tails and flexing their long bodies.
They do not recognize friends or family members or even themselves in a mirror.
They have until tomorrow to gorge themselves on cornmeal.
Pups at this stage have been recently abandoned by their mothers and must fend for themselves.
Inside, design mimics the desert in the theaters themselves.
Have students list the slang they themselves use, identifying the origins when possible.
Some people have invented complete imaginary worlds for themselves with many inhabitants.
Naturally low in fat and compatible with a world of flavors, noodles lend themselves to healthy eating.
There the cells multiplied and developed, arranging themselves into tooth germs-clumps of cells that give rise to teeth.
Handfuls make beautiful small bouquets all by themselves.
Highly aquatic, grebes can swim with only their heads above water, concealing themselves in low pond vegetation.
If people know that their neighbors are using less energy than they are, they will themselves try to stop wasting energy.
From earrings and necklaces to lipstick and tattoos, humans across cultures decorate themselves.
DC--are made by customers willing to pump for themselves.
Every morning our chicks look as if they've been replaced by larger versions of themselves.
The survivors were so stunned with the appalling disaster that few could do anything for themselves or others.
The key ingredient of the superglue that mussels use to attach themselves to rocks, boats and piers is iron, scientists say.
And it offers a lesson about the ways in which buildings, people, and towns can reinvent themselves.
Humans aren't the only creatures with a penchant for tidying themselves up.
Individuals facing a medical dilemma are more likely to choose a riskier course for themselves than for others.
Many bees make themselves at home in holes drilled in wood blocks.
As you mention, early polar explorers prepared themselves for subzero temperatures by taking frigid showers.
Early whales plied the shallows but still hauled themselves onto shore, probably to rest and to give birth.
Most democracies hand over this job to independent commissions, which content themselves with tinkering with existing boundaries.
Above this depth, sufficient light exists to make it difficult for animals to conceal themselves.
Sometimes finding the old photographs themselves is an adventure.
Those in colder climates frequently have to risk freezing themselves to warm up their cars.
Most full-time professors leave campus during the summer to renew themselves for the fall semester.
The military is scrambling to identify disgruntled or radicalized troops who pose a threat to themselves or their buddies.
They also fear that livestock will injure themselves by stepping into the entrances of prairie dog burrows.
They have already begun to prove themselves worthy as the next resourceful and innovative successors.
The nation and its church were ashamed of themselves.
Millions of people have flocked to social networking sites to post information about themselves and share it with friends.
Moreover, many firms see virtue in tying themselves to a particular cause.
Others have been programmed to teach themselves how to control their own bodies.
So big, highly indebted, companies are having no problems refinancing themselves.
These buy up patents and then license them or sue for infringement, rather than using the patents themselves.
The stem cells can renew themselves indefinitely and transform themselves into many different types of cell.
People are more likely to believe misinformation about someone they see as different from themselves.
Understanding ways in which viruses protect themselves could help scientists better understand--and fight--viral infections.
Grazing animals are known to orient themselves to minimize heat loss by wind or maximize their exposure to sunlight.
Plants have more than thorns and thistles to protect themselves-they can cry for help.
Dogs can help themselves by deciphering humans' social interactions.
The experiment revealed that nerve cells, or neurons, possess a tremendous capacity for wiring themselves.
But now the scientific facts themselves are adding to the legends.
But genes themselves need instructions for what to do, and where and when to do it.
They decided to do for themselves what their teachers and textbooks had not.
By pretending to be sick, people can convince themselves they really are.
Scientists find themselves choosing between animals as explosions of some populations endanger others.
Those with plates that matched the color of their food helped themselves to much more than those who had plates of another color.
These unnatural fires don't put themselves out and the lands don't rehabilitate themselves.
And in some planetary systems, the moons of an extrasolar planet could themselves be favorable habitats for extraterrestrial life.
They were asked to do some busywork, then told that during the break they should help themselves to some adult beverages.
But in the past few years, a large segment of both these countries' populations have found themselves utterly perplexed.
And so ethylene monomers begin attaching themselves in a chain, creating new radicals each time and lengthening the chain.
Persuasion may be potent, but it is not helpful to allow people to excuse themselves for not making a better decision.
The market is more consolidated, which makes it easier for those images to perpetuate themselves.
Youths hurled themselves into the river to keep from being shot.
Princes of the blood and dukes visited among themselves in the highly visible first-row boxes.
Bizarre oddities, which complicate the puzzle but are meaningless in themselves, flash by in an instant.
With abounding enthusiasm, they incorporated themselves into our family.
Instead, the four friends found themselves identifying with the four television characters.
But automobiles need gas, whereas the truest mechanisms run on nothing but themselves.
The bill says a student must present a clear and immediate danger to themselves or to others to be physically restrained.
The treadmills have special handrails that participants can use to steady themselves.
Customers want the opportunity to convince themselves that new products are indispensable.
Technology companies and venture capitalists are bracing themselves for tougher times.
Some companies could find themselves scrambling to roll with the new order.
Bioengineers seed cells onto the outside of polymer scaffolds in the hopes that they will migrate inside and organize themselves.
If he succeeds, biological and chemical nano sensors will be able to power themselves.
Researchers have made materials that repel oil and are able to clean themselves without the help of soap and water.
But these gatekeepers of the technology business are now being challenged themselves.
Such people may not have the skill or time to optimize their site's performance themselves.
Traditional media supported themselves for decades by acting as brokers between advertisers and audiences.
Most augmented-reality systems must be able to orient themselves accurately in order to function reliably.
The systems can pay for themselves in less than two years, but the upfront cost is still too steep for many people.
Already, some cars can park themselves or brake automatically to avoid accidents.
The images themselves are smaller and less detailed than those from a full-size ultrasound.
For preventive care, the patient must present themselves at the doctor's office.
After all, democracy is built on the principle that large groups know how to govern themselves.
And though they desperately try to define a niche for themselves, many will find their days numbered.
These inks can be printed using cheap techniques but the inks themselves are expensive.
Ideally they'd be taken from the patients themselves to avoid an immune rejection.
But a crucial factor is the network of links between rich club members themselves.
They prized such things even though in the picture they themselves might only have a head the size of a pea.
To me situations and people are always specific, always of themselves.
The stories are well told and are allowed to speak for themselves.
Philosophers interest themselves in ontological questions-questions about what kind of being something has.
Social changes, however, manifest themselves also at the psychological level.
We are happy to let our scholarly lives speak for themselves.
Others divided themselves, not knowing which group was the better one.
And no matter how spiritual or disinterested our ends may be, taken by themselves, our relation to them is typically economic.
In this instance, key officials appear to have deceived themselves.
Biologists often find themselves confronted by a structure and ask themselves what function it was selected to perform.
People who tolerate one sort of crime when done by others will not do it themselves.

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