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Water and plants carry the mountain theme throughout the garden.
His reluctance to make definitive public statements on the secession crisis was an ongoing theme in his remarks on this journey.
Even culture, symbols-metamorphosis, this transcendent theme in literature around the world.
Well, if today's prizes have a theme it's that of good, old fashioned fun.
There are variations on the drawing theme, with connect-the-dots games and coloring-in pages.
Only digital photographs related to our specified monthly theme will be accepted.
The theme of the conference is how companies can use this power for good.
For all its importance, the theme is only one ingredient of the finale, itself only one of four movements.
Though it comes in many forms, their common theme is inflammation of the tissues around a joint in the skeleton.
The theme of this year's conference was the information economy.
Globalisation will be a defining theme for the industry in the coming years, and a critical source of growth.
With plentiful variety of movement, a stateliness appropriate to the theme is maintained throughout the whole of the poem.
The theme is of the same nature as in the preceding poem.
Drummond's originality consists in conveying his theme through the medium of a speech not native to the speakers.
They are occupied with a theme concerning which the jocosity of the peasant was inveterate.
In all his words on this theme there is a fire not to be found elsewhere.
One theme repeated often and in different ways was that there needed to be more stringent standards for place-of-origin labeling.
Branding with a sustainable theme is becoming more common.
Every two years the project's theme will change, as will the lab's design.
Natural selection serves as the theme of an incoherent reality show.
Are engaged in monitoring and conversations on a theme of protection of an environment.
But the management teams behind the theme parks have a good track record at satisfying customers.
They were also more likely to choose to watch a movie with a theme of hostility over other options.
What does the understanding in science have to do with the solar eclipse and the whole theme of the article.
The theme of change is woven into science programs from anthropology to geophysics.
Ah, that last line opens up some questions that reach far beyond the obesity theme.
As in any good detective story, the theme rests in the clues.
The result, six months in, has a whiff of theme-park elegant.
And there's not a social, moral, or spiritual theme in sight.
Books that do not explicitly concern themselves with the theme of religion cannot altogether stay away from it.
To get everything in, the filmmakers use a theme-and-variations structure.
And science will function as an organizing theme, with a reading program focussed on science-related texts.
One theme many had in common: huge indoor grow areas, with almost no employees other than family.
Then users can form groups of friends around a common theme, and post messages to each other.
Over years, this has been a recurring theme for faculty members.
The students interviewed for this article raised that theme more than once.
Developing links with community colleges was also a theme of the meeting.
The host chooses the theme, makes the main dish, and the rest bring additional dishes.
The theme of the book is that humans are uniquely resourceful because they have several ways to do everything.
The trend toward unification and simplification is a major theme of modern physics.
If challenging problems are solved, it could be let loose in theme parks to roam on its own.
What these many variations on the hemoglobin theme show once again is how busy evolution is at the molecular level.
There was a theme each week and the group answered questions on topic.
The same theme continues in other behaviors as well.
Each became almost a national theme in that culture.
The potential for time-travel paradoxes helps illuminate issues of free will vs predestination, a central theme of the show.
It has a time travel theme, but is not really a time travel story.
One theme that emerged from the panel was that skillful use of science could make stories better.
The satisfying darkness-into-light theme of early hominid development held up, albeit with a little less wattage.
We have our own theme song and enjoy pink flamingoes.
The theme of the movie is about how fluid relationships are.
Large marine creatures are the stars of several new attractions that autumn visitors will encounter at the region's theme parks.
Avoiding prosecution is literally a theme of the memoranda.
But the words also suggest that it is not the artist's theme that is the point but how it is brought off.
Yet the main theme of both authors is not these undoubted successes.
Aside from his main theme, he raises another important question.

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