theatrics in a sentence

Example sentences for theatrics

Rocket mail, which has a whiff of theatrics to it, still exists and still has advocates around the world.
Races such as running, cycling or motor sports offer little scope for theatrics.
Suddenly, the legal arcana, courtroom theatrics and judicial niceties are bathed in a political veneer.
Others have tried to duplicate the approach, but over the long haul, theatrics don't matter unless you deliver.
The theatrics of the plaintiff's attorney should be disregarded.
The practice allowed those so inclined to shun painful truths and lose themselves in theatrics.
Expect lots of audience participation and some on-stage theatrics to boot.
So please, drop the cheap theatrics and take the train.
Then again, this is to be expected from an organization that specializes in theatrics.
Traveling between foreign countries you won't find these extra security theatrics.
We did not have time to go to a couple of friends' farms, but you do what you can do for theatrics.
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