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In the theatre to do so is often the height of folly.
If only every theatre held its patrons to this standard.
Understandably, many in conventional theatre didn't much care for her either.
They set up a temporary theatre under a bridge with bamboo sticks.
The festival will feature three stages that will incorporate music, folklore, theatre and other performing arts.
Because of this, the theatre was often examined by the government.
Our art center is wonderful, having many local artists including our live theatre downtown.
These log mansions come complete with home theatre and lakeside exercise room.
Generals from rich countries know that their treatment of civilians in the theatre of war comes under ever closer scrutiny.
Symphony, opera, theatre are all extremely high quality.
Instead of producing success theatre, take that energy and put it into actually delivering something good for your customers.
The words are meant to be spoken, not read, and they aren't the exclusive property of a few good actors in the theatre department.
Such attractions as these had definitely degraded the scope and province of the theatre.
Both, in the main, may be described as efforts made by amateurs to bring the theatre into their own halls or parks.
To-day, many who will not attend the theatre do attend the moving-picture show.
For he has refined his theatre into something that parallels the elusiveness and overtones of music.
Degree and length of hold are the key measures: the theatre is important here, not the actual regret.
Performance artists notoriously disdain the theatre.
Meetings of its non-executive supervisory board are, says one veteran director, little more than time-wasting theatre.
The political theatre of grand declarations has something to be said for it too.
He was a percussionist, working first in theatre, and it showed.
There is nothing to be gained from tolerating defects on the production line or mistakes in the operating theatre.
The theatre, cinema and music industries are all focused on this level.
Please call the phone number listed with the theatre for timetables and ticket information.
The directors have trashed their own work in pursuit of a dwindling theatre audience.

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