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They perform in a temporary theater made of bamboo, and at night they retire to the crawl spaces under the stage.
HE is an actor, he is a director and he is a musical theater star.
We moved to the theater at noon and prepared the theatrical lighting for the upcoming performance.
It isn't often that you can enjoy a movie long after you have left the theater.
Free theater is a tradition in many cities-and the trend is growing.
He sat in the theater and watched it over and over again.
And it does so without making you want to run out of the theater clutching your stomach.
After years of false starts, theater owners remain skeptical of the digital revolution.
But when the lights went out, the theater was flooded, not with applause but with silence.
It is distressing how much of our political theater is farce.
Experience the thrills for yourself at a specialty theater near you.
Quietly revolutionizing the theater community with her exploration of concepts of plagiarism in modern drama.
Digital cinema that's all but indistinguishable from film is finally coming to a theater near you.
Three or four more were killed in an attempt to take over a movie theater.
It's an ideal and affordable fit for any budget-minded home theater.
End this theater and stop propping up little dictators.
The screen resolution is about half what it would be in a theater.
There will be no progress of any kind, only political theater.
They are also designed to anchor surround-sound systems if you want to set up a home theater.
Music is still enjoyable, and theater has suddenly become interesting again.
Lastly, there are movies derived from books and theater.
The type of theater they have reveals a lot about expectations.
It's a triple-X theater in your pocket, even if it's only for slide shows.
So marching band and theater had to have their budgets approved by college juniors.
Put them together, and it makes for compelling theater.
Remember, good teaching is largely performance theater.
Your article missed one important aspect of movie viewing: going to the theater.
Until, then, this is still merely political theater.
Click here to see if the film is screening in a theater near you.
The theater district is lined with finds guaranteed to entice last-minute shoppers.
But of course not only are all weddings spectacle at this point, but they are also political theater.
Local colleges help support the rest of the town's cultural life through theater, athletics, or an arts center.
Check our theater listings to find out where you can see it.
They set up a temporary theater under a bridge with bamboo sticks.
Check our theater listings to see where it's playing in your area.
Theory is theater: it is setting and symbolic process.
Regardless of any theater, light emitting energies cannot be measured really.
My family mostly had to do with theater, art, language and literature.
Aware that the theater's tough audience could make or break her career, she froze.
When you decide on a silent film, try to see it in a movie theater.
However, the joint environment of the theater of operation makes it difficult for efficient information dissemination.
And much of the hardware in theater due to the active wars.
Today, at a fraction what these families were spending to watch movies in theater, they have access to cable tv.
Those in pursuit of the ultimate home theater face a dilemma in choosing a large-screen display.
Dad is watching football on the flat-panel screen in his home theater, but he isn't satisfied with standard broadcasts.
In a movie theater, loudspeakers surround us with sound and transport us into illusion.
Employees pulled chairs into a makeshift theater, opened microbrews, drank wine.
To some extent his career has been devoted to bringing their peculiar charms to the modern theater.
That's the number organizers believe will walk willingly into the operating theater.
Freedom to expand, and now it has a chance at the entire globe for its theater.
He threatened to sue the theater and have the play stopped.
Perhaps the biggest news of all in trauma medicine, however, does not relate to heroics in the operating theater.
The collaborative process doesn't seem odd to anyone familiar with the history of musical theater.
It was sci-fi theater starring people who actually believed in it all.
Still, seeing the results in action is worth the trip to the theater.
Throughout the night, the booing intensified, and people began streaming out of the theater.
It takes a lot to get people to go into the theater.
They go to see live concerts, live theater, everything is live.
As you enter the theater, you discover that you have lost the ticket.
He also founded a theater company, where many of his plays-productions that he directed and acted in as well-were performed.
He continued to write, while also involving himself in the theater and the cinema.

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