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With the warming of ground temperatures, the surface layer of ground above permafrost that is thawed in the summer time thickens.
Salt oozed upward, splitting the rocks, and then water cracked them open further as it froze and thawed.
The thawed butter can then be used on fish or chicken, in pasta, on vegetables or as a spread.
The fruit also has a peculiar color, and the taste resembles that of an apple that has been frozen and thawed out rapidly.
It may have thawed at moments, but deep down he hated him.
To be of use, it would have to be collected, thawed and purified.
As the body thawed they removed some hair and preformed a heat test, it melted.
When the ice thawed, it was dangerous, particularly because the majority of the hunters couldn't swim.
If thawed completely, the food must be cooked immediately.
Frozen foods that have thawed should be discarded if not consumed immediately or kept refrigerated.
Once thawed in the refrigerator, it can remain refrigerated for a day or two before cooking.
Frozen raw meat and poultry should never be thawed by leaving them on the counter at room temperature.
If it's never been thawed, bacteria have had no chance to grow.
Refreezing of thawed extremities can cause more severe damage.
The body is taken to base headquarters, where it is inadvertently thawed out by an electric blanket.
The pantry needs stocking, credit cards are paid off and spring cleaning begins well before the last frost has thawed.
After the patient completes the pre-transplant therapy, the frozen cells are thawed and then infused into the patient.

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