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We should conceive of poetry worthily, and more highly than it has been the custom to conceive of it.
They are shorter and narrower than those of the trachea, but have the same shape and arrangement.
The sentiment they instill is of more value than any thought they may contain.
The plexuses are often in two layers: a superficial and a deep, the superficial being of smaller caliber than the deep.
Growth too weak to generate net employment increases isn't meaningfully better than slow contraction.
Copper is less sensitive to the ups and downs of rich-world economies than it was, however.
And there was, in fact, less success than advertised.
Most sales are through independent retailers rather than subscriptions, so papers do not know who their readers are.
Rather, he's hoping the winners will learn more than they would by staying in school.
One could cite other examples of how the new technology is reinforcing old modes of communication rather than undermining them.
We are more than our jobs, and education is more than a major.
But there is a downside to this convenience, and it's deeper than bleary eyes.
It's simple, effective, and more important than it might seem.
Older appliances often use more water and energy than newer models.
They bear over a longer season than seed-grown tomatoes, and produce more heavily.
For heading, you cut farther back on the shoot than you would for pinching.
But more important than all these, you'll not lose your mind in the process.
Fieldstones have a more rustic look than flagstones, with rougher surfaces and more variation in shape and color.
With a little know-how, you can recycle more than you think.
In total, more than a hundred metric tons of space junk have been destroyed in the past year.
For many developed nations, environmental groups challenge the notion that water is healthier from a bottle than a tap.
The legendary great white shark is far more fearsome in our imaginations than in reality.
Most however are significantly smaller, often less than a foot.
Wild giant pandas may be much more common than previously thought, scientists announced this week.
Such traits have served sharks well for eons, but today we're eliminating the animals faster than they can reproduce.
Maybe you're pleased that it cost less than a bottle of shampoo.
Humans have searched for extraterrestrial life for more than a century.
But more than that, they will be competing for a place in tennis history.
Straight hair may seem easy to brush but it actually tangles more often than curly locks.
Highly creative people often seem weirder than the rest of us.
Even when effects are genuine, their true magnitude is often smaller than originally claimed.
Psychologists are now better equipped than ever to explain how you came to choose your belongings in the first place.
Information technology is reducing the need for certain jobs faster than new ones are being created.
Physicists have come up with a way to process information faster than the speed of light.
For more than a century, psychologists have used reaction time as a window into the brain.
And that's a philosophical point of view rather than a physical argument.
The composites conduct electricity and can withstand much higher temperatures than the polymers alone.
The study of social networks has thrown up more than a few surprises over the years.
Worse than the fear has been the east's degradation.
Several scenes expose the deplorable physical condition of the building, which is falling apart after little more than a decade.
And, even worse than that, it's almost inevitable that all of our constructs will have some kind of a flaw in them.
As for company, he stood to gain more from garrulous oldsters with gnarled hands and long memories than from effete littérateurs.
Heart disease kills two-thirds fewer people now than it did fifty years ago.
Prevention is more important than prosecuting individuals for past actions.
Soft wheat has less protein, therefore less gluten, than the wheat used for all-purpose flour and a lot less than bread flour.
There are more than four ways a chemical can react with a receptor.
Using a whole bird is much more economical than buying pre-cut pieces, but breaking down the parts can be intimidating.
There's hardly a meal more satisfying than a perfect pizza, a crisp salad, and good wine.
By doing this, she's compressing the flour, which means that she's using more than the recipe developer intended.
Most people think farmers' markets are more expensive than supermarkets-but studies don't always support that conclusion.
Again and again, carefully controlled studies have shown alternative medicine to work no better than a placebo.
The typical elected representative is nine-times wealthier than the typical voters.
There is more to happiness than raw economic growth.
But that griminess lends the film a mood that-despite the triumphant climax-infiltrates you, rather than pumps you up.
The only twist is that his version tastes better than the real thing, because he has taken out everything that would make it sour.
Binge drinking is bigger problem than previously thought.
Elementary school counselors do less vocational and academic counseling than high school counselors do.
Ultimately, editing turns out to be even more nerve-racking than recording.
The monkeys grew up sturdy, disease-free, and larger than those from the wild.
But those remedies now include more than six thousand drugs and four thousand medical and surgical procedures.
By featuring our inner demons, rather than the better angels of our nature, humor helps those demons remain inside.
He and his company have been more highly valued for keeping things in the dark than for the occasional, client-approved exposé.
In many cases, there's more than ten things that you should know, or fewer than ten things that you should know.
Tough as steel, sturdier than concrete, full-size in a year.
Also, there are alternatives that are better than placebos and not deceptive at all.
Smell must be triggered, he concluded, by some criteria other than an odorant's shape alone.
There is nothing more humbling or more perception-changing than holding a human brain in your hands.

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