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The earliest electronic textbooks simply offered the text of the printed book on a computer.
It should adhere to e-book standards, so that electronic text is readable centuries from now.
In my era, there was the ubiquitous comic book hidden in a boring text.
The group gets its own phone number, and a text sent to that number goes to everyone in the group.
Rewriting text is ok as long as the truth is included.
The appendix includes many of the equations and graphs discussed in the text.
Many colleges have adopted text alerts as part of their emergency notification plans.
There has to be a better way of typing text messages on cell phones.
One example would be to teach a neural network to convert printed text to speech.
Regulators and mobile-phone carriers scramble to prevent unwanted text messages from becoming as overwhelming as junk e-mail.
There's a simple idea about productivity and writing: almost anything you need to do, you can do in a plain text file.
Even more important, however, is familiarity of the text.
The small, flat buttons make it difficult to crank out text.
Clues in the text hint that the poet knew his astronomy.
True, the text was a bit sparse, but the numerous pop-ups and side panels kept me well entertained.
The full text of the preprint could then be retrieved by querying the computer.
Thank goodness there are text panels to explain who's who.
Computers and other electronic devices that display text use power continuously.
Now you can have the latest news sent to your mobile phone via text message.
It is not appropriate to put any text in bold or italics.
Practically every word spoken, every scene, every situation comes straight from the text.
Most computers can speak whatever text is on the screen.
The galleries are undeniably simple, with tranquil, muted sage walls and almost no text to be found.
The writer got it wrong in the text and the caption writer may not have known better.
With a pen stylus, students are able to highlight text and make annotations as they read.
Coaches handed out cash and sent text messages telling players how to spin their stories to the police.
Or: rhyme and rhythm help bits of text get remembered.
Clues came via text message or also on paper slips hidden throughout the museum.
And third, the president had every reason to believe that the text presented to him was sound.
Folks might fib more frequently when text messaging, a new study suggests.
The keypad no longer functions, and it cannot make or receive calls or text messages.
The squid and rat tail fish text need to be switched.
Or drag the cursor through some text that has embedded links.
There are many reasons why you might not want to use the keyboard for composing text.
It robs us of ever finding out what an author or text is saying.
Your text messages may be worth more than you think.
Indeed, that's why you should have a works cited page with in-text citations.
Normal practice is to drop note callouts from quoted text without comment.
EndNote, on the other hand, has a built-in tool for finding full text versions of your sources.
When text gets moved around, new transitions are sometimes needed to connect the dots.
They can train a monkey to read out of a concepts text.
But the audio and video sampling technology is not nearly as good as the technology that allows you to spot infringing text.
Every care has been given to the preparation of the text and the notes.
But the impulse to respond to and engage with a text will hardly be a casualty of the e-reader.
He wouldn't take off the jacket the whole day, wearing a serious face the whole time he composed his text.
Since street art is ephemeral, he occasionally issues books filled with photographs of his work, accompanied by his own text.
The text is the absurd writing of one determined to write all the same, to produce text, to sign whatever texts come his way.
She won't discuss it, though she will send a text saying she's sorry.
Warping photos could help text-based communications become more expressive.
We did really well with text and speech because there's lots of data in the wild.
It responds in a conversational style in both text and synthesized speech.
Throughout the article, readers can mouse over the bold text to see what early readers contributed.
In other words, paying attention to tags came at the cost of paying attention to the text.
For example, earlier cellphones only had monochrome displays and the maximum you could do was text messages or call someone.
The idea is to develop software to translate sign language into text, easing communication between the hearing and the deaf.
The sample shown in the glare of over head lights had no glare and the text underneath it was perfectly readable.
What isn't noted, however, in the text is that the costs here are the costs of manufacture.
What follows is the unaltered text of what each said-the sound of two machines talking.
It's easy to change the size of the text on any web page.
The few verbal changes in the text were agreed without difficulty within the space of ten days.
The text of that statement follows, together with a partial listing of those who have signed it.
Someday there may be optical character recognition software that turns those scribbles into manipulable text.
It was much easier to correct errors in plain text than in cipher.

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