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At the end of your tether or not, such comments are wrong.
The only way to control flights of fantasy in macro is to tether macro to micro.
The engineers decided they had to replace the entire tether.
Knowing how far the tether of your expertise extends is part of being a responsible scientist.
The geekiest users can tether their phone with little more than a free app and some complex coding know-how.
But there are a lot of operations where you run out of tether.
The safety administration will also require that auto makers equip new cars with anchor points for the top tether straps.
We were having tether problems, because of the severe whipping action of the seas.
Ranged about the stage alone or in small groups, they seem to tether that open space as if it were the billowing folds of a tent.
Could use another security flap over the organizer pocket, and a key tether.
The other option is to tether using a mobile, but that can get expensive.
He's attached to the craft by both umbilical and tether lines.
All the tether rover needs to do is reel it back in when it's done.
His tether was in plain sight, neither evidently taut nor slack.
That's why the people who work in computer factories often tether themselves to a safe conductor, such.
At the chosen spot they tether the beast to a stone, and make it a target for their bullets and arrows.
Instead of planting the base of a turbine in the seabed, researchers need only plant an anchor for the tether.
The tether will act as a lift via which equipment can be sent down to the seabed, and then recovered when it needs to be examined.
Many locals were already at the end of their tether.
The balloon escaped its tether and the pig floated away, eventually landing in a distant pasture and badly frightening some cows.
The big giveaway is the buoyancy of the tether lines and the way the flag moves.
Inside, the sailor plugs into an air valve to start inflating the suit while an instructor attaches a safety tether.
Medics, holed up in a nearby bunker, grab a tether attached to the stretcher and pull it to safety.
On the labels, the tether is shown but not labeled with each mode of installation.

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