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Spotlights are on them as they begin testing batches of all kinds of cheeses.
He discusses the various types of poetry, testing their capacities for teaching and moving the reader.
Testing shows that these dreams have suffered by distortion to an exceptionally high degree.
Experience is the best guide for testing temperature of oven.
Scientists are testing drugs that can sharpen our brains.
Yet when the time of testing came for him and his contemporaries, they did not flinch.
We're working to commercialize a system for testing water for potability.
He has spent a good part of his life collecting bird droppings and testing them for signs of influenza.
She and her colleagues have been testing the bonobos' ability to express their thoughts vocally, rather than by pushing buttons.
My favorite part of magazines had always been the smelling and testing of perfumes.
The key to food safety is to control the pathogens at their source rather than rely on inspection and more testing.
Tool manufacturer product testing: not as sophisticated as you think.
Flat is good, so long as you prefer scenery and long, crab-centric meals to endurance-testing workouts.
Testing for this type of doping would be easy, though, since the athlete's body would still carry too much of the hormone.
The website will reference the different stages of completion during the testing process.
We've now been through several phases of research, as well as user testing with educators.
The containers were covered and transported to testing sites via circuitous routes by truck and boat.
For people outside the industry, such rigorous product-testing might sound over the top for a potted plant.
Extensive testing found no evidence for life, past or present, on the moon.
The idea of underground tourism might seem crazy, but she plans to give it a thorough testing.
Lung diffusion testing measures how well the lungs exchange gases.
Part of the testing for a new engine includes ingesting pieces of ice to simulate what is likely to happen during flight.
Testing gravity is simple: walk out of a second-floor window and see what happens.
Californians' genetic testing options are shrinking.
The new millennium is proving to be a testing time for academic publishers.
Unit testing is far more straightforward-it is easier to test if a brick will crumble than if an entire structure is sound.
With a testing year ahead, world leaders must step up to the plate.
He and his colleagues have therefore created a way of testing security systems with computer programs called cognitive agents.
Some early drug testing remains tricky, and there is far too much red tape.
Another approach is to integrate testing tools more closely with existing programming tools.
It is possible, then, that both pathogen reduction and testing will operate simultaneously.
Labs from around the world send the runners-whatever sort of mammalian cell they think will do well-to one of six testing sites.
It would also make it easier to persuade people to come in once a year for testing at their local clinic, even if they felt well.
Genetic testing will expand quickly and soon, adding highly targeted data to people's medical records.
The standard method currently requires several pinpricks a day to obtain small blood samples for testing.
Unless otherwise noted, the compounds mentioned below are in the early stages of human testing.
First-generation drugs are now in the final phase of human testing.
For the first time in a decade, a worldwide ban on nuclear testing could be within reach.
Most scientists sought a solution by first creating a thin film from vaporized metals and then testing the films for conductivity.
Using animal models is the first stage of testing but it can't provide conclusive results in people suffering from depression.
Hobbyists and tinkerers are testing out the future with a technology that you're probably going to have sooner than you think.
The law of unintended consequences is about to catch up with the genetic-testing industry.
Given the challenges, standard procedure dictates first building and testing the battery, and only then designing a car around it.
When he started, the prevailing excuse was that the testing wasn't fair.
The game could eventually serve as a testing ground for new characters or stories to be incorporated into the actual show.
They will have to test the experience of play produced by their design, a practice called play-testing.
It was home to labor camps and used for nuclear-weapons testing.
They're the work of a photographer testing his eye, yet there's nothing tentative and nothing tossed off.
At the moment, genetic testing for disease is still relatively crude and uncommon.
For example, dating sites typically do more than twice the amount of market testing to improve their paywall sales results.
He is constantly on the phone with friends, testing out his ideas.
It's a testing ground where a musician shows off the fruits of his homework.
No honking or construction work within a hundred metres of a testing site-by local ordinance.
Leon demonstrated his apparatus for testing the circuitry.
They led me to an elevator to the main section of the testing area.
His hands and fingers flexed on her waist, as though testing its pliability.
Drug store health testing is about to take a big step beyond pregnancy tests.
Startup aims for routine preconception genetic testing.
Green aims to begin animal tests of the technology this year, and clinical testing within five years.
Still, the researchers have a long way to go before the sensor is ready for human testing.
West's group is now looking at developing chips for testing other types of cells, including stem cells.
In the following three years, the company manufactured and installed thousands of solar panels using the technology for testing.
Testing for a genetic variation could predict the likelihood that a patient will respond well to certain statins.
Something unique was going on here, and the proof came in the testing.
It was the first beauty line to publicize its policy of not testing on animals.
Mailer seemed to be testing the limits of evil in himself.
Its critics insist this is because its equipment is too insensitive and its testing methods are hopelessly flawed.
The rodents charged with testing environmental chemicals may be too tough for their jobs.
The company's testing fee would be based on the information the consumer wants.
After a few more years of animal testing, the new drugs should be ready for safety testing in humans.
The testing is done to find the disorder's genetic basis, typically involving mutations, deletions or duplications.
They set the liquid aside for further study, testing the liquid on wounds in various parts of hamsters and rats.
But none of these hypotheses have been tested, because no genetic material has yet been released for testing.
Whether either of these new drugs-or several others currently in testing-will be as effective in humans is an open question.
The team concocted a clever solution to the problem of testing this question.
Functional testing of variant alleles has begun to connect phenotype correlations with biological differences.
They do take tests, but the tests are drawn up by their own teachers, not by a multinational testing corporation.
They may adjust and readjust in testing and eventually they might feel sure that they have eliminated the bias.
They had to spend long months designing and testing their own equipment.
We only see him testing its strength on his own palm.
It surprises them because they do as little measuring and testing as they can get away with.

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