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Her cogent testimony challenged the committee members, providing solid evidence contrary to their accusations.
Jurors look at testimony and judge whether a defendant is guilty or not guilty.
His parade of witnesses has failed to develop any testimony on spying.
We are only beginning to realize how unreliable eyewitness testimony can sometimes be.
However, you might venture to rely upon his testimony, even though you had the character of a faithful historian to support.
But academics want the historical record enriched, eventually, with as much first-hand testimony as possible.
Equally unclear is why the chancellor who presided over the hearing permitted such wide-ranging testimony.
Officials falsified statements that he gave them and then insisted that he sign the erroneous testimony, he says.
The bill proposes a new land registry based on testimony by the displaced and their neighbours.
As conspiracies are by their nature secret, prosecutors often rely on the testimony of co-operating conspirators.
His testimony makes clear that he sees the cause elsewhere.
Courts have historically been impressed with the legal testimony of experts simply because of their credentials.
In the slanting light of late afternoon, the waterway is testimony to a placid, amphibious way of life.
But only then could congressmen quickly locate testimony in which they were interested.
And that is why witness testimony is so unreliable and subject to the emotions and other input while the memory is being created.
Perez declared that bogus arrests, perjured testimony, and the planting of drop guns on unarmed civilians were commonplace.
Testimony abounds that during the first year of her life she never smiled.
In drug cases, in particular, prospective jurors seem increasingly unwilling to trust the testimony of the police.
There could have been no grander testimony to the power of systematic scientific research to transform life through invention.
Eyewitness testimony is another form of anecdotal account, as is the bulk of recorded history.
Most of it begins with a tradition, or personal testimony and people's beliefs, even as a fad.
Also consider their typically dismissive reaction to the evidence of the testimony of eyewitnesses or reliable sources.
And the number of distance-education investigations has increased since her testimony.
And thank you for your testimony that, indeed, administrations do not always choose that path.
Reaction was predictably outraged, but almost lost in the outcry was the testimony of survivors.
Because many of them feared for their safety, presenting their testimony was a huge effort carried out at enormous expense.
During the first week of deliberations, jurors sought the testimony of all the trial's witnesses.
It was a matter of testimony at the trial that he sold his blood four times in one month before he died.
Also, they may fear that their testimony may be reported back to the authorities.
As deduced from the testimony of these witnesses, the other world comes into clear focus.
Even allowing for some overlap, that's a lot of testimony, much of whose value is not easy to estimate.
Every policy recommendation will be supported and, so far as possible, clinched by the testimony of a panel of experts.
But that failure can be taken as testimony to the demand for such a mega-library.

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