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Example sentences for testament

It is a testament to the historical divisiveness and prejudice that higher education is trying so desperately to overcome.
The result is a testament to economic irrationality.
The tomb stands as a testament to a living family, separated by history, now struggling to resolve its historic stalemate.
The detailed resolution of the current images is a testament to the success of the program.
The ongoing debate about how the pyramids were built is a testament to the brilliance of its makers.
It really was a testament to the healing power in plants.
It's a fascinating testament to the power of terrestrial radio.
It was a point of pride for members of the university's board, a testament to their prudence.
Apple's stellar rise is a testament to the growing influence of the digital world in the global economy.
The fourth pit is empty, a testament to the original unfinished construction.
Even the scenic beauty of the surrounding hills and valleys is a testament to being untouched by time.
The two features are complementary, a testament to the exquisite piece of evolutionary engineering that is the brain.
They are the feelings good soldiers bear, in part as testament to their moral humanity.
It's a testament to the last paragraph of your comment.
Why you do not understand this is a testament your idiocy.
Both are a testament to human ingenuity and creativity.
Your gift is a testament to your commitment to inspire people to care about the planet.
They are merely a testament of your aristocratic genes.
Modern medicine is a testament to the genius of methodological materialism and a mechanical approach to the human being.
Yet the country is also testament to the sheer heterogeneity of bank failures.
Their bleached bones remained arrayed on the pasture for years as a testament to ill fortune.
It's a testament to the timelessness of these works from such a distinct time.
It's a bit of a contradiction in demands and a testament to how well a good paper airplane really flies.
But philanthropists say it is also a testament to savvy college leaders and smart fund raisers.
The name is a testament to where the dinosaur lived.
To me these boxes sitting on the dock were a testament to the extraordinary precision of modern engineering.
There is something suggested by it that is a newer testament,-the gospel according to this moment.
It's also an eternal testament to the artistic and scientific accomplishments of a wealthy empire.
It's home to numerous well-tolerated legal brothels, more testament to that libertarian spirit.
There is something suggested by it that is a newer testament-the gospel according to this moment.
It's a testament to the mystique of its products and to the ardent loyalty they have inspired over many decades.
The results are a testament to the creative virtues of grogginess.
While some people may view this as a weakness or some sort of failing, it is a validation and testament to the process.
The overwhelming complexity of the operation is a testament to the progress medicine has made.
Committed is at a testament to the power of marriage, and an honest appraisal of it.
The rumble of journalists heading out of the door to file the news is testament to the remarkable turn of events.
It's really a testament of his faith, and at the same time, it's real life.
He's a testament to the adage that everything happens for a reason.
The calutrons' staying power has been a testament to their versatility and technically solid design.
Its astonishing popularity is a testament to the potential of gaming on social networks.
The best toys transcend, their survival a testament to their purpose and power.
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