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Test your knowledge of the rapper, producer, and businessman with this week's quiz.
Everything you do in a meritocratic society is some kind of test, and there is never a final exam.
The next time, build a fire as directed for cooking to test how the oven holds heat.
Or explore the wine sensory garden and vegetable test garden on your own.
Test a few for ripeness by softening them in a paper bag and then tasting them.
We test all our baking recipes in both regular and convection ovens.
Spotting our stash of pots in a nearby corner of the test garden, he fills those too.
Before planting, test out possible outlines for your border with a rope or hose.
The test of posture had nothing to do with ergonomics.
Link payments to test results or graduation rates, the argument goes, and test scores should increase and drop-out rates decline.
Late last year it was discovered that thousands of fasteners on the early test aircraft had been installed incorrectly.
It will later be dropped from the plane to test its ability to glide and land.
Whether these test are indicators of the true abilities of the test-takers, who knows.
More students attempted to test out of college courses last year than in the past, perhaps to avoid rising tuition costs.
Whatever you think of standardized tests, going test-optional is not a piece of cake.
They also perform better on the test at the end of the week.
In addition, doctors will need guidelines to help them counsel test takers properly.
The pressure in your eyes will be measured at some visits to test for glaucoma.
The blood test is, when you think about it, a remarkable thing.
His view is that the simple idea is the test and standard of reality.
He has long outlived his century, the term commonly fixed as the test of literary merit.
Such a life has its trials, and often a severer martyrdom than that which stands the test of the flames.
After thinking the matter over for some time you then offer the following suggestion with which to test simultaneity.
Still the final test of poems, or any character or work, remains.
Ofttimes the test of courage becomes rather to live than to die.
The little points that come up in your reading try to test for yourselves.
Differences showed up in the second test, a hot version of the first, where the faces had happy or frightened expressions.
Frankly, it never would have occurred to me to test flying squirrels in a wind tunnel.
Rubbing a carpet with a piece of wet tissue to test its colorfastness is akin to licking a shirt before you buy it.
She went on to test hundreds of volunteers with a host of chemicals found in food.
But when put to the test, there has been little evidence that he was right.
He'd failed a drug test, and wasn't inclined to wait out his punishment.
Comment on a pocket calculating machine by which writers may test their writing to see whether is is intelligible.
To test the basics of quantum theory, physicists recently pulled out an antique.
When put to the test, your brain remembers images with astonishing accuracy.
Test your knowledge of the people behind the physics by matching their names with their achievements.
About a week later the patient dropped by with the test results.
Recall, there is no test to become a parent, no minimum qualification or form of licensing.
Wave tanks are where engineering is put to the test and theory can take a beating.
The crushed test battery showed no signs of overheating.
Researchers use a running rodent to test their device.
The test tube has remained the same shape for centuries.
If one looks only at test scores, teachers in affluent suburbs get higher ones.
Their trial will be a crucial test of the right of the people to know about illegal actions of government officials.
In another test, candidates must submit sketches of anatomically correct human figures.
As in the case of the virtues, the psychologists test for simple answers that can be easily coded.
To these critics, it was unethical to test an experimental drug orally in the midst of an epidemic.
In the test kitchen, the samples would always disappear in two seconds.
And we've laced the recipe pages with insider tips from our test kitchen.
Problem is, the good old knife test doesn't really work with bison.
When you start using test audiences, it becomes more scientific than it is about the work itself, and that's boring.
The test tube holder obviously is designed to hold test tubes.

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