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Still, his axiom covers a lot of territory on the human condition, including our somewhat smelly natures.
But what puts this hotel firmly in awards territory is its food.
Tragedy comes with the territory when you're a campus chaplain.
The allure of territory can be baffling and perhaps should be diagnosed as a form of madness.
Tiger cubs remain with their mothers for two to three years before dispersing to find their own territory.
In many animals, relatives tend to stay close, either sharing the same territory or living in neighboring ones.
In my view, neither approach is worthy of your attention or money yet, but it is an interesting push into new territory.
The afterlife is hazardous territory for scholarly conjecture.
There is a difference between a natural object and a bit of territory.
But now it faces a new threat-another, bigger owl moving into its territory.
Be prepared to hold and transfer territory if you take it.
Even arguments for academic freedom, he said, risk straying into illogical territory.
And certainly one walks into dangerous territory when designing tax policies to explicitly redistribute wealth from rich to poor.
Wolves tend to go walkabout when their home pack's territory starts to get packed.
Let's take a look beyond guitar, piano, and clarinet to uncharted territory.
And the government needs to establish firm control over territory where this is lacking.
The longer legs are allowing the toxic toads to spread even faster to new territory.
In general, it is them and people who build their homes way up into wild territory that are intruding into wildlife.
Its economy, which continued to grow last year, is heading into negative territory this year and next.
Meerkats take on a dangerous puff adder that encroaches on their territory.
Wolverines are busy animals, roving over their broad and rugged territory to acquire food and mates.
Mistaking them for berries, birds pluck the seeds from fruit and excrete them over a wide territory.
The fun, and worry, of naming newly discovered celestial objects goes with the territory.
We predict that there will be polar bears around to repopulate their territory if sea ice comes back.
When you try to get your territory back, it won't be one fisherman, it will be ten fishermen who cut your lines.
The urine scent marks would be used in the same way the dogs use urine to demarcate their territory.
And don't sweat making questions--if the makeups are harder, that is part of the territory.
These range from the way they mate to the way they defend-or fail to defend-their territory.
They wanted to see if you were going to be a threat to anyone's territory.
The main job of males in the pride is defending the pride's territory.
Packed tightly together, the penguins pecked at neighbors that infringed upon their territory.
The shrimp use the sound to communicate with one another and to defend their territory.
In many ways, this is much more interesting territory to explore.
Females and pups are rather tame and harmless, but males may fight for their territory.
But it comes with the territory when you have a culture of iterative innovation, they say.
Neighboring tribes might have taken his head if he had stumbled into their territory.
The advantages of producing your own fuel on-site when troops are stationed on foreign territory has obvious advantages.
But another way to get at this subterranean territory is by looking at our imaginative lives.
But this cold, gray ice already makes clear that humans have steered the atmosphere into unusual territory.
Build your own remote-controlled rover to explore new territory.
In a new territory there's only one gene set regardless of the size of the area so the individuals recognize each other as mates.
Color is also used in contests between males over mates or resources such as territory.
Having taken heavy casualties, your reconnaissance team is cut off deep within enemy territory.
Weaker birds, with less-desirable territory, used less.
Soon, it'll be occupying virtual territory in a bid to win recruits.
To help the territory catch up, they have paid for infrastructure and a huge leap in education levels.
Tomorrow, perhaps, countries could be responsible only for the local activities of any global firm active in their territory.
About half live in a compact territory in the north, the rest in enclaves scattered across the rest of the territory.
Most are unhealthy, and some push the conceptual boundaries of food into new territory.
The railway was built late, and only after the territory threatened to secede.
Travel is required for this position, approximately one day per week within the regional recruitment territory.
But as art moved increasingly toward art for art's sake, it trampled on nature's territory.
As a species, humans have encroached on territory once inhabited by wildlife.
They've been given a little piece of territory all their own, consisting of their family and neighborhood.
The old interwar national state based on territory and political sovereignty looks to be a mere transitional development.
Citizens no longer feel comfortable trying to protect their own territory, and the police are indifferent.
Its territory is mostly rural and its population comprises an uneven, sparsely concentrated spread of gun-loving citizen-farmers.
The military waded into this territory a long time ago.
On the reverse side is a geographic map, in which the territory the lines cross is the actual landscape of the city.
Neither side wears uniforms, but it is an all-out war for valuable territory.
He started out as a photojournalist and with each project has pushed himself further into new territory.
But, as the nurse-visiting idea has expanded, the nature of the evangels has diversified with the territory.
It dwindled until there wasn't enough to call a hunting territory.
With each book, we've strayed slightly farther into territory increasingly exotic-one might even say alien.
Two guides escort up to eight participants-including beginners-into grizzly territory, searching for scat and tracks.
Experience uncharted territory in space exploration and cutting-edge discoveries.
His people once controlled land on both sides of the river, but an enemy tribe has gradually encroached on their territory.
Centuries of defending their territory and their herds has made them fierce.
He was searching for the foreign territory within himself.
Ninety-three percent of its territory is mountainous and difficult to access.
Such self- reinforcing processes may carry markets into far-from-equilibrium territory.
Though they were not gaining territory, they were not losing much either.
Now they are shouting it, turning it into a kind of grotesque carousel around their territory.
As before, location matters: monkeys were almost twice as likely to flee at the edge of their territory as at its centre.
The territory of the adult brain is as fractured as a map of the countries of the world.
Much of an ice grain's surface is open territory for stray matter.
She spent her days crisscrossing remote backcountry, territory closed to visitors and rarely traveled even by locals.
Unlike many other carnivorous species, spotted hyenas do not mark their territory by lifting their legs and peeing.
We were sensitized to the fact that stem cells were going to be touchy territory.
As you swim through tropical waters, you notice that a strange creature has entered your territory.
Camp was erected every night without fail when in enemy territory.
Bonobos have to control territory and exclude others through violence because otherwise they'll starve.
Brace yourself for the time of your life, for discovering uncharted territory.
There was no threat to our national security, no threat of terrorism and certainly no threat to our sovereign territory.

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