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The idea that this site was built to placate terrifying gods doesn't seem right here.
The footsteps are terrifying, all coming towards you and none going back again.
The sound of the wind blowing in trees was terrifying.
How heartbreaking for the parents and students and faculty, how terrifying for the community.
And survived to write about a terrifying experience.
Imaginary traumas are as terrifying as the real thing.
For sufferers this condition is understandably terrifying.
It's a terrifying experience to try and talk someone determined to die out of committing suicide.
And it gives me some enjoyable and terrifying food for thought.
Some describe the experience as life altering, others as terrifying.
To loose that promise along with our demise is terrifying.
It is brutal and almost exhaustingly terrifying, as any respectable zombie movie should be.
Under an electron microscope, however, they balloon into terrifying yet beautiful spectacles.
Soon, computer users were besieged by terrifying alerts from all kinds of purported antivirus software vendors.
Only the last, though, is at the same time both awesome and terrifying.
The cast gleefully plays up their terrifying onscreen characters.
One was handsome and brooding, the other downright terrifying.
The author joins in this ancient ritual and finds the worlds within more terrifying-and enlightening-than ever imagined.
Pour a river into light-swallowing limestone tunnels and it becomes terrifying.
Though terrifying currents rolled over the divers and rock formations, they all were unharmed.
They charge and perform other displays that are terrifying by design.
Sharks have an image as terrifying, mindless feeding machines.
It's terrifying, but it's also the way to get close.
Their terrifying size and bat shape fed an aura of mystery and menace, and mantas were vilified as ferocious monsters.
The brilliant weather at the wedding, the terrifying storm at the reception-this is weather on the scale that matters to us.
And here, out of the fog, was a ship with a terrifying reputation.
Such cells can instantly brand their bearers as terrifying, invisible, or irresistible.
Moreover, the unknown is often more terrifying than the known.
When you go many years without driving, it becomes terrifying.
Overtaking is terrifying but also increasingly necessary, given the swelling number of leisurely lorries that cross the country.
For he believed that capitalism was possible without terrifying the party's critics into silence.
Only by a concerted effort to free the world of nuclear weapons could the terrifying trend be reversed.
At intervals on the terrifying voyage he spread the word to his colleagues.
If he is right the world is teetering on the edge of a terrifying crisis.
The events of the morning were remarkably terrifying.
Forcing someone to confess to a crime that everyone knows he could not possibly have committed, on the other hand, is terrifying.
Also, some activities were physically challenging and terrifying.
The physical wrenching alone must have been terrifying.
During the cold war space was largely thought of as part of the rarefied but terrifying domain of nuclear warfare.
Using technology to enhance our brains sounds terrifying, but using tools to make ourselves smarter may be part of humans' nature.
Their captivity was at times terrifying, at times darkly and absurdly comedic, and often uncertain.
But that doesn't mean the cost of education isn't on a terrifying tangent.
The terrifying implication is that it could happen to you--to anyone who leads with their heart and not their head.
At others, they come in a terrifying, sickening flood.
The terrifying sensation of dream-fall becomes the slipping away of her protection, the center of her world.
Knives flash, splitting chickens and filleting fish at a terrifying speed.
But these meetings can be terrifying when he uses them to cajole, upbraid, or interrogate his subordinates.
It is terrifying to imagine the thought that went into that plate.
Depending on how you look at things, this is either a heartening prospect or a terrifying one.
Yet their argument rests on an account of global trends that is nothing short of terrifying.
What he gives us is terrifying enough: people get sweaty and swell up and go into convulsions.
What would happen then is not entirely clear, which in itself is rather terrifying.
It's a terrific moment, shrewdly conceived and terrifying to watch.
First-hand and reliable reports from the scene present a terrifying picture.
The music is at once terrifying and enrapturing, alien and intimate.
Getting married is an enormous commitment, a terrifying commitment.
The videos people took of the tornadoes are absolutely terrifying.
Their sensory details are often striking and terrifying in their clarity.
But there is a terrifying downside: should you fail to create an airway in a paralyzed patient, he suffocates in four minutes.
It is known that amnesia often accompanies extremely terrifying experiences.
We're talking about desperate people faced with a terrifying illness, and probably knowing nothing of medicine or science.
Clearly life on an orbiting planet would be terrifying if not impossible.
Neither realized how terrifying the results would be.
Polio was a pervasive, terrifying disease that had the potential to disable anyone without immunity.
Seconds later, they felt the terrifying tug of decompression in their ears.
There's a surprise ending, but the convoluted path by which you get there has a terrifying internal logic.
It was terrifying--she went into a coma and nobody could bring her out of it.
Humans have trashed them unwittingly but with a terrifying thoroughness.
It is quite terrifying to ask people for letters and not to know precisely what's said in them.
He's more reticent, more sneaky, and in his own way more terrifying.
Even expressways have collapsed, turning a drive that once took several hours into a terrifying ordeal that can last days.
These things spread in this geometric way that's really terrifying.
From a distance, they appeared terrifying to anyone who entered.
His evil is too bizarre and terrifying to understand.
And then there are the drug gangs, who have been waging a terrifying war that has a way of spilling across the border.
The terrifying cliff-edge road that snakes through the valley is now scheduled to get graded and paved.
Art is all about giving yourself these terrifying challenges, these peaks to climb.
One night there was a fire at the hotel, and the alarms rang at five in the morning-a terrifying sound.
The ecstatic highs that writing gave him were followed by precipitous drops into terrifying numbness.
There are only a few cancer diagnoses more terrifying than lung cancer.
At moments of great and terrifying import, the mind takes indelible snapshots.
That's the terrifying mayoral persona that often reveals itself when he's angry.
The possibility of losing your home to foreclosure can be terrifying.
Ordinary events can begin to cause flashbacks or terrifying thoughts.

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