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Example sentences for terrific

They're terrific and her voice is wonderful and sort of from another era.
Leftover marmalade is also terrific on pork chops and roast beef.
The rain is terrific for the weeds, which continue to pop up all over the test garden at a tremendous pace.
Now it's time to meet these terrific people-five teams today and five tomorrow.
Joe makes a terrific nitrate-free chicken-liver pâté too.
The terrific noise it emitted was an explosion which made it erupt several fragments of volcanic materials.
It has been an amazing time meeting these terrific people.
Thanks for wonderfully useful information and for the terrific insights into what sight and sound mean in movies.
It was terrific to find this article up after all the intervening years.
Wow, this was a terrific demonstration, especially the time line.
The shots from the dynamite gun made a terrific explosion, but they did not seem to go accurately.
There came continually more and more of these cats and their howling mingled with that of those roasting on the spit was terrific.
He followed the herd when it stampeded during a terrific thunderstorm.
He had talent, imagination, wit and terrific contacts.
Here, one could adduce terrific foreign language teaching.
Yet the facts show that these police officers are doing a terrific job.
Lobbyists have unique expertise and terrific networks.
She is a spikily partisan figure, in fact, and a terrific political speaker.
SA: thanks for a really terrific piece by these great artists imagining these places using the available science.
Better yet, he does it all with a terrific sense of humor.
Picking this low hanging fruit would make a terrific difference, without any coercion.
It would be terrific if there were more oversight of pharmaceuticals, if they weren't so politically connected.
The only thing significant is the terrific increase in food prices that has resulted from using corn to make ethanol.
And of course, social media are terrific for keeping up with people.
There are some terrific leadership prospects on the horizon.
Or maybe there is a great conference in a terrific location, so you need to imagine a paper to get you there.
One wants to encourage the terrific drawers, of course, but not at the expense of those who are struggling with their drawings.
Community colleges do a terrific job of improving students educationally.
And yes, he was always rated a top professor and got terrific evaluations, but it took too much of a toll on him.
More details will come with time but this will be a terrific boost to space exploration.
There are ten terrific adventures for you to watch and vote for over at the voting page.
Luckily, they correspond with three terrific articles well worth reading.
It's a terrific choice for an easy family dinner or casual entertaining.
Its organic, sustainable bento recipes are terrific, but what's really stunning are the vibrant illustrations of bento.
It's also a terrific source of protein, providing more than any grain.
When cooked down and almost caramelized, they pack a terrific wallop of flavor on their own.
The idea was to pinpoint how the milk, a terrific germ-fighter, blocks bacteria from infecting other cells.
It's funny and cool, sarcastic yet has this terrific undertone of sincerity.
Certainly, it's a terrific antidote to the plodding predictability of radio stations.
We have precious few closeup images of comets, so this is bound to be a terrific event.
To their credit, they had done a terrific job in anticipating what may arise.
Even terrific plants are useless, however, if there isn't somewhere to grow them.
Thanks for the terrific images, the links, and your report.
Have been reading your terrific blog for a year or so.
Of course, you already know what to expect: great photography and terrific stories.
Scrapbooks are a terrific way to preserve a vacation, and there are some things you will need before you get started.
The swim bladders of the fish had burst and their kidneys had suffered terrific damage.
The musicians are terrific, and it always buoys me to see these youngsters playing so brilliantly.
The quality is terrific-a clear leap ahead-and the camera itself is smaller.
If you can catch them and break them, they make terrific riding horses.
And because he is a terrific dog in all other respects, they are willing to live with this behavior.
They come alive at night, throwing terrific parties in the spare bedroom, making thumps and crashes.
Some terrific candidates were excluded solely because they didn't have a new piece of fiction available by our deadline.
It's a terrific show for the same reason, rewarding our attention with a blizzard of provocative ideas.
It's a terrific moment, shrewdly conceived and terrifying to watch.
The terrific thing about postcards was their immense variety.
To ensure the survival of all three of them, he kills various creatures with terrific violence.
Another kids' song given a terrific arrangement and performance.
We've got terrific writers for the show, and they know the characters so well.
It was a terrific career move, even if she did not mean it to be.
We're thinking about producing a terrific television show.
And it granted a prominent stage to a group of terrific performers.
He had a terrific memory for lines, his and others', and he was unusual in his overview.
She also happens to be a terrific, well-rounded character.
But this collective weirdness happens to sit on one terrific piece of real estate.
Fruits and vegetables come in terrific colors and flavors, but their real beauty lies in what's inside.
Over the past fifty years, scuba-diving archaeologists have made terrific discoveries by excavating shipwrecks in shallow water.
There are no terrific infrastructure projects sitting around, waiting to break ground next week.
First, he gave a terrific caucus-night speech that served to introduce him to a curious national public as a serious contender.
They are a terrific resource for anyone interested in the human right to food.
There are some terrific books out there now that help us closely examine talent and success.
Likewise, a sloppily produced resume is a terrific way to get yourself taken out of the running before it even starts.
He was particularly terrific in run support, and a playmaker on the ball.

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