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The birds, scratching new terrain, grabbing low-hanging fruit from tomato plants.
The terrain is too lava-choked to handle singletrack, but there are a number of dirt roads to ride.
The catfish has successfully adapted to life in swampy patches of forest terrain, the researchers say.
Big, thick footpads help them navigate the rough rocky terrain and shifting desert sands.
Many will do whatever it takes, often risking their lives by crossing treacherous terrain.
They are adapted to the extremes of weather and terrain of this region, making them valuable forms of transportation.
When he did this, he found that many seemingly random terrain features matched up.
Then, create a poster based on the animals and terrain that you have seen.
Rugged mountains dominate the terrain and make the building of roads and other infrastructure difficult and expensive.
They cannot, for example, cross rocky terrain or ravines.
The terrain and the weather conspired to make technology useless.
Subsequent trips to rougher terrain will last for a week to ten days.
Beneath the helicopter's blades, the woods thicken and the terrain rises to a seam of limestone crag, dripping with trees.
And its shaky standing on this new terrain leaves it open to criticism both for doing too much and for doing too little, too late.
Focus on the timeline and the seasons for that terrain.
It doesn't interfere because of the distance and terrain.
Foreign investment in diamond exploration and mines is up, but the terrain is tricky and infrastructure poor.
Most were subsequently found alive after having become hopelessly lost in dense underbrush and rugged volcanic terrain.
Geologists offer a more prosaic explanation: ice age glaciers gouged the terrain as they advanced and retreated millennia ago.
Almost certainly they would have occasionally raised their heads high to scan the terrain for prey.
The northern side's mountainous terrain is rich in lush vegetation, while the southern area is flat and features sandy beaches.
All three of us are experienced climbers, but the terrain was as difficult as any of us dared tackle without ropes and hardware.
For centuries, logging and farming had pushed pandas to steeper and higher terrain.
Six beginner and four intermediate runs round out the terrain.
Guests at these parks explore all varieties of ecosystems, including mountainous terrain, lakefront beaches and forested areas.
Help is often far away, and big swaths of remote, rugged terrain present many opportunities for disorientation.
What happens above us can alter the terrain under us.
The terrain is one of valleys, hills, and long delays.
Even when verse can't guide you through life's tricky terrain, it can comfort you on your way.
Direct-to-consumer genetic testing, to which this project is tied, was begun on hotly contested terrain.
How rugged the pioneers must have been to conquer this gorgeous but inhospitable terrain.
Article and comments covered this terrain pretty well and thoroughly.
Now take away roadways and the rule of law and add terrain better suited to a post-apocalyptic revelation.
But it's in the highly politicized terrain of the presidential caucuses in her home state that she's best known.
Being concise allowed them to cover a vast amount of musical terrain while appealing to short attention spans.
He often checks his cows on horseback, but that day his steed was a mud-splattered all-terrain vehicle.
Located in difficult and remote terrain, it is likely to be a difficult undertaking.
As directed, the robot will move in any chosen direction, rotate its television head to survey the rugged lunar terrain.
And yet this represents a vast amount of terrain that had been only cursorily explored.
First, the terrain is difficult for a robot to navigate autonomously.
Riders can use poles in a motion similar to either cross-country or downhill skiing, depending on terrain.
The terrain images had been previously captured with aerial photography and digitally stored.
Learners need experienced leadership when they encounter rough terrain.
In a pedestal crater, the surrounding terrain is covered by pulverised rock thrown out of the crater.
The perspective views have been calculated from the digital terrain model derived from the stereo channels.
Rugged terrain and heavy rainfall mean that the power produced will be low.
But as alpine areas rapidly warm, beetles have moved to higher terrain.
The presence of super anti-oxidants goes with the terrain and is expected to have enormous impact on medical research.
They braved the ice and stiff winds as they climbed into unknown terrain.
The terrain includes towns, farms, roads and monasteries.
The damp terrain and omnipresent mist provided the perfect environment for the moisture-loving epiphytes.
In the driveway were two cars, a late-model truck, and an all-terrain vehicle.
These were maps more of terrain than of roads through it.
Earlier biographers have mapped the terrain in multiple volumes.
Bleeding heavily, she had to be rushed to the nearest hospital, a drive of more than four hours over rough terrain.
Most important are those months spent learning to navigate, to find your way across stretches of alien terrain.
Overwhelming feelings of anxiety colonized more and more of his life's terrain.
The ocean floor isn't, it turns out, the weirdest terrain a lobster has to navigate.
It covers a lot of scientific ground terrain for lunar studies.
In this computer generated sequence, the universe evolves, inflating and expanding its terrain.
The underside of the mantle-the boundary between it and the liquid outer core-is probably rugged terrain.
In this closeup view, younger terrain on the left is yellower, while older features appear blue.
But the static mechanical pumps could not chase after groundwater that continually changed course through the complex terrain.
Seismologists believe the sudden change in the seafloor terrain is what triggers a tsunami.
To cover still more terrain, engineers want to mimic birds, nature's quintessential long-range travelers.
Human knees adapt to changes in speed and terrain by bending at varying rates and stopping at different angles.
The terrain they ride-the hills and valleys and mountains-is sculpted by the planets and moons and stars.
Use your abilities to navigate any tricky terrain, and let any emotions out for freedom.
In places sheltered by terrain, local air movements are significantly different from winds in exposed localities.
Rough terrain fork trucks have become a common piece of equipment in all aspects of the construction industry.

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