terracotta in a sentence

Example sentences for terracotta

Tiny farms with gray terracotta roofs sat between neat square rows of rice and organized gardens.
You'll find everything from a flexible rubber ice tray to a sleek sleeper sofa, both available in a warm shade of terracotta.
Admire the saffron- and terracotta-toned architecture along the way.
The collection includes engraved terracotta pots, small bronze statues and religious objects.
His practice was to model a sculpture in clay, which was fired to make a terracotta.
The columns are fluted and sheathed with glazed terracotta tiles.
The arched entryway is composed of terracotta tiles with a keystone.
It is a large terracotta-colored building on the right.
Major interior finishes include perforated stainless steel wall panels, terracotta wall systems and terrazzo floors.
The deep blue-greens of the foreground bushes similarly balance and contrast with the red-oranges of the terracotta roofs.
They did this using laser scanning, allowing them to capture elaborate terracotta detail and brickwork.
The second story has an open balcony, with terracotta faced pillars.
If vandalized, the planters would be replaced with faux terracotta.
Brownstones and larger brick and terracotta apartment buildings were constructed for the neighborhood's many prosperous residents.
Terracotta window coverings are used to visually soften the window openings, as well as provide an element of sun-control.
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