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Example sentences for terraced

The blue garage door in a street of two-storey terraced houses gives no indication that people rather than cars are housed within.
Miners cut the hills down in rings, each smaller in diameter than the last, leaving a terraced depression in the ground.
The angle of sunlight casts deep shadows that help show the crater's terraced walls and smooth floor.
It was adorned with gleaming white limestone buildings, terraced gardens, and ritual baths.
Wherever the encroaching precipices permitted it, the land between them and the river was terraced.
It's also getting a new pool with terraced decks and two hot tubs.
The sitting room overlooks flowering terraced gardens in summer and provides a fireplace in the winter.
It features a large parquet dance floor, terraced banked seating and a sunken bar.
Visitors and office workers frequent the terraced city plaza at noontime as an impromptu outdoor lunch spot.
The terraced hillsides incorporate formal gardens and water features.
There were terraced gardens for the cultivation of vegetables, and an earthen ditch that would have provided the water supply.
Detail of the terraced reduced-to-pole aeromagnetic map with horizontal gradient contact locations superimposed.
Behind the house are stables and a terraced garden extending back to a small arbor.
Rehabilitation of the terraced structure that that leads to the vegetated area.
Abalone shells and wine bottles form borders along terraced garden walkways and planters.
Enveloped by sheer and terraced canyon walls, this perennial stream is surrounded by riparian vegetation.
Bank failures in two areas were terraced with bank logs and revegetated with native plant species.
The plan accommodated burials through double tiers of lots terraced on the hilltops and terraced hillsides of the site.
The campsites are surrounded by and terraced with rockwork.
It is complete with terraced limestone stonework to provide you a natural elevated seating area.
Terraced slopes on the lower portion of the area mark where rows of fruit trees once grew.
The stone terraced amphitheater is a great place for weddings, small concerts and other special outdoor events.

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