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It is also a voice that can be as rude and crude as that of any football fan on the terrace.
Formal wood-panel interior and more casual garden terrace.
The glistening celadon green urn creates a cool, eye-catching fountain on a rear terrace.
Each terrace is roughly sixty feet wide and dead level.
The garden terrace looks out onto a lush wooded area where birds chirp in the trees.
Each of the third-floor guest rooms has a private terrace.
Make an individual terrace for each plant and create a basin or low spot behind each one to catch water.
Entrance to the garden is free, as is access to the roof-top terrace with its stunning view.
Sit inside at angular stainless steel tables, or outside on a shady terrace.
Breakfast and lunch are served on a charming terrace.
At night, a high-energy bar and palm terrace make it a great place to meet up with friends.
Each house had rooms for receiving guests and for sitting and sleeping, a kitchen, and a shaded roof terrace.
He leads the way out to a terrace with a view of the deep, bowl-shaped valley carpeted with thick pine forests.
When it arrived, he had taken it out on his terrace so he could be photographed holding it.
Drawing room, bar, south-facing conservatory restaurant with terrace for al fresco dining.
Space several urns along the edge of a patio, terrace, or walkway.
It is pretty, looks right down on the sea, has a pleasant sunny terrace.
Four families and their friends had got together on a big terrace balcony.
Sunsets on the terrace and beef tartare overlooking the sea.
He told me fire hoses had been dragged through the lobby of the hotel and out to the terrace to combat the flames.
She plunged her elegant fingers into a blue hydrangea on the terrace, to see if it needed watering.
The hotel had a bar and a club on an outdoor terrace.
After a moment he walked out onto an adjoining terrace and began to cry.
M, the guests went out to a pair of long tables on the terrace.
There was a terrace out back, with a rotting wooden balcony.
Lemons and limes and oranges hung over our heads at the round terrace table.
Guests of the hotel may choose from a variety of room types ranging from studios to a sky terrace penthouse.
Over the garage would be a furnished rooftop terrace with reflecting pool and display platform for one showcase automobile.
Wrought-iron structures dot the terrace and patios, and the villa provides an intimate, elegant setting for romantic retreat.
Each of the guest rooms has a private terrace, and some have a private rooftop terrace.
The hotel serves a complimentary breakfast buffet in the palace salon or garden terrace.
There are some excellent photo opportunities from the upper terrace.
Book a single or double occupancy room with a private balcony or veranda with views of the beach or garden terrace.
Each house has a large, wrap-around outdoor terrace with a hammock and comfortable chairs perfect for a lazy afternoon.
Breakfast is served daily on the garden roof terrace.
On the terrace, a few parents chatted beside an alluring spread of bagels, coffee and fruit.
The surging ocean then planes smooth the sea floor at the base of the cliff, forming the flat step of the submerged terrace.
Another necessary ingredient for terrace growth is the mineral calcium carbonate.
Each room with a hammock-slung terrace, where breakfasts are served.
Lot of summer things going on here parades, outdoor concerts, and for me eating on the terrace.
And the restaurant features a lovely terrace to boot.
Anywhere water could be manipulated to fill a terrace, there was rice.

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